Abuela Munoz

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Real Identity: Abuela Munoz
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High and Supergirl at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Cooking
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Abuela Munoz is the grandmother of Hawkgirl. Originally a hero, Abuela put her heroing duties aside and raised Hawkgirl in Venezuela since she was a baby when her parents died in the line of duty. Hawkgirl grew up cooking by Abuela's side. In her old age, Abuela developed a heart ailment. Abuela sends a weekly care package to Hawkgirl at Super Hero High School that includes chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Abuela recorded a message for Hawkgirl when she was awarded Hero of the Month. Wonder Woman noticed she and Hawkgirl both had the same nose and no-fuss look about them. Abuela admitted she was proud of her and her parents would be, too, because they had the same sense of justice as her. They would be proud of how strong and brave their daughter became. Hawkgirl and half the students watching teared up. For the final challenge in the 100th Annual Superhero Triathlon, Wonder Woman faked an injury and requested Hawkgirl, the team alternate, to compete in her place. In her heart, she felt this was Hawkgirl's chance to show herself and Abuela what she was made of.

Super Hero High took first place and won the Triathlon. Abuela was thrilled and considered the experience to be the highlight of her life. For Parents' Night at Super Hero High, Abuela attended by video conferencing. Supergirl observed she looked like "an older, elegant version of Hawkgirl." She was worried out of her mind when she learned classes were suspended in anticipation of an invasion of Earth by a super villain.