Mr. Luna

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Real Identity: Mr. Luna
Affiliations: Mr. Luna's Auto Village and Car Wash
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Business
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mr. Luna is the proprietor of Mr. Luna's Auto Village and Car Wash in Metropolis. He was famous for his TV commercial and slogan, "Mr. Luna moves cars--and cleans them, too!" He kept an oversized bouncy castle under a canopy of colorful helium balloons to attract customers and their children. One day, the dealership was terrorized by Killer Moth. He started to wrap cars, with their oweners inside, in cocoons. Mr. Luna's usually pale moon shaped face turned red and he yelled out for everyone to run. Barbara Gordon intervened and reprogrammed the car wash so it could be accessed through her phone then took down Moth with it. Luna and the others broke into applause. He informed Commissioner Gordon that she could take care of herself and saved them all.