Jonathan and Martha Kent

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Real Identity: Jonathan and Martha Kent
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Comics): Free Comic Book Day 2016 Edition and Halloween ComicFest 2016 Edition (Jonathan only)
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis and Hits and Myths
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Shorts): Nevermore Part 4 (Martha only)
Powers/Skills: Farming
Voiced By: Dean Cain and Helen Slater

Jonathan and Martha Kent are the adoptive parents of Superman and later uncle and aunt to Supergirl. Despite her many accidents, the Kents remained supportive of Kara. Along the way, Jonathan's antique ceramic railroad lantern collection and Martha's ceramic owl collection met their end. On her first day of school, Supergirl said her goodbyes to the Kents. Jonathan was sure she could like Super Hero High School as much as Superman did. Martha chimed in that Superman was a star super student. Supergirl worried about causing accidents with her powers, which she only had for four weeks, but Martha assured her Super Hero High would help her learn to control them and told her to study hard. Supergirl and Martha hugged then Jonathan advised her to avoid Kryptonite. Martha reminded her about her good luck charm necklace. As Supergirl flew off, the Kents waived goodbye to her then she flew into a flock of geese. After Granny Goodness' betrayal and defeat, a ceremony was held to honor Supergirl and the other students who helped save the school. Jonathan and Martha were in attendance.

Throughout the semester, Supergirl kept contact with the Kents through the school's Internet. They called everyday. Martha also sent weekly cookie care packages. They attended Parents' Night and caught everyone up on Superman. Jonathan got sick around Thanksgiving but Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Katana, Harley Quinn, Beast Boy, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg helped out with chores and cooking. On the day before her first semester final exams, Supergirl flew back to Smallville. Pa Kent emerged from the barn with buckets full of milk and spooked Supergirl. She crashed into the barn. Pa and Ma Kent rushed inside. Pa thought for a second another space ship came. Supergirl told them she was quitting school. They settled down in the kitchen at 2:00. She told them about a bad experience she had with bullies and finals at Krypton High School. Pa Kent reckoned he would give the bullies a piece of his mind. Ma Kent implored Supergirl to take give those finals everything she got or the bullies would win. Supergirl was filled with confidence again and flew back to school.

The Kents planned to attend the Hero of the Year gala and host a dinner afterwards back at the farm. Before departing with Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Batgirl to Themyscria to get the Wonder Shield fixed, Supergirl had a quick call with Martha. Bumblebee chimed in she was looking forward to Martha's famous mashed potatoes. Martha thanked her then reminded Supergirl Kent Farm was always open for her to stay at over the school break. Supergirl wasn't so sure she wanted to. The next night, Supergirl told them about the Mnemosyne Crystal and her theory her parents were still alive. The Kents, along with Hippolyta and Commissioner Gordon, were kidnapped by Eclipso and Dark Opal. They were held hostage and demanded the Mnemosyne Crystal for their freedom. Jonathan pleaded with Supergirl not to do it and was blasted for his effort. Supergirl gave her crystal but to Eclipso's surprise, the parents broke from the Black Diamond's power with their love for their children. Batgirl took the parents aboard the Batjet and flew back to campus.

Martha cheered on the students to kick some villain keister. Jonathan scolded her for use of language. Martha apologized but she was still mad about the Black Diamond. Martha got out her pocket flashlight and attacked Shadow Demons with light. They returned home and hosted the post-gala dinner. Jonathan declared everyone present was Hero of the Year in his book. Big Barda was an instant fan of Martha's mashed potatoes. Jonathan reckoned she should come during the holidays when Martha went all out. Martha got an idea and invited Barda and Lady Shiva to stay with them over the holiday break. Supergirl seconded the invite and recalled there was an extra bunk bed in the attic. Barda and Shiva accepted.

In Wonder Woman's daydream about "The Odyssey," the hero and her friends encountered a local farmer near her home. He came to their aid. Several hours later, the Kents were surprised to see several teenage supers outside the farm after the Batjet crashed through a section of fence before Supergirl completely stopped it. They wondered what was going on but Black Canary unleashed her ultrasonic cry and caught everyone off guard. Supergirl checked to see if the Kents were okay then the Super Hero High supers captured Canary, Magpie, and Black Condor. After the Smallville Special Crimes Unit took them away, the girls departed for their slumber party on Themyscira. The Kents wished them well. Martha asked Supergirl to call her when they landed. Martha Kent attended a PTA wrapping paper fundraiser after Trigon was assigned to head it. She was startled when a roll vaporized in his hand. Jonathan & Martha Kent went to Corn Con, an agricultural convention, during the Christmas season but decided to blow it off to be with Supergirl at Super Hero High's tree light ceremonty. Supergirl had left for the North Pole unannounced to see if it was like Krypton. Martha Kent worried. Batgirl, Mera, Frost, and Wonder Woman traced her location through her communication bracelet. Jonathan & Martha Kent were unable to attend the talent show and see Supergirl perform, adding to her woes that week.