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Real Identity: Hippolyta
Affiliations: Amazons and Themyscira Academy
Appearances (Webisodes): Roomies (Portrait only), Crazy Quiltin' (Portrait only), Designing Disaster (Portrait only), Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn (Portrait only), The Ares Up There, and Truth of the Lasso Part 2
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High and Supergirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (Comics): Halloween ComicFest 2016 Edition and Gimme a Summer Break
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Hits and Myths and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Flight
Voiced By: Julianne Grossman

Hippolyta is the mother of Wonder Woman and queen of the Amazons. Hippolyta hired the highly recommended Professor Minerva to locate the three missing relics known as the Amulet of Harmonia, Lasso of Truth, and Claw of Deceit. Hippolyta called her "Mrs." to which Minerva sharply clarified "Professor" then asked about the artifacts. Hippolyta opened a scroll and introduced Minerva to her query but her daughter, Barbara Ann, interrupted. Hippolyta promised Diana would keep her safe but Minerva stated her daughter was her assistant. Hippolyta continued and warned Minerva the relics were protected by magic and only she could touch them. Eventually, Minerva found them in a cavern near the shore. She left to alert Hippolyta but Barbara Ann ignored her orders and activated the curse. Diana came to her rescue and used the Lasso of Truth to force the illusion of Cerberus to disappear. Hippolyta and Minerva returned. Hippolyta and Diana hugged while Barbara Ann lied to her mother about touching anything.

Diana confessed to touching the Lasso. Hippolyta declared her honesty and true heart proved she was meant to use the Lasso of Truth. Diana promised to honor it and use it for good. Minerva walked into the jungle alone and touched the Claw to gain to power to transform into Cheetah. Near the end of Wonder Woman's first semester at Super Hero High, Hippolyta invited Wonder Woman and her friends to Themyscira for the Feast of the Five. On the week of the annual Hero of the Year ceremony, Hippolyta was paid a visit by Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Bumblebee. Wonder Woman needed her Wonder Shield repaired after an incident with Big Barda. Hippolyta examined the shield and confirmed only the Amazonian known as the Master Alchemist could fix it. Alchemist considered it her honor and went to work. As Wonder Woman gave a tour of the palace, Hippolyta was eager to show them Wonder Woman's trophy room. She admitted they were only for the past year and a whole wing had to be built on the other side for Wonder Woman's elementary school honors.

Hippolyta even had a case built for the Hero of the Year trophy even though she hadn't won it yet. Hippolyta declared it was time to feast. After the Master Alchemist presented the finished Wonder Shield, Hippolyta decided to give Wonder Woman a present ahead of the ceremony. She presented the Tiara of Triumph. Suddenly, a Shadow Demon stole the ruby on the Tiara and fled the palace. Hippolyta saw the girls off and declared the Amazons would find the creature. She reiterated her heart was full of pride for Wonder Woman's impending Hero of the Year triumph. Hippolyta, along with Commissioner Gordon and the Kents, were kidnapped by Eclipso and Dark Opal then held hostage for Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal. Hippolyta yelled out it was a trap but the girls saw they had no other choice. Batgirl took the parents back to campus and joined the battle with the villains' Shadow Demons. The Kents hosted their post-gala dinner at their home, where Bumblebee was announced to be Hero of the Year. Hippolyta admitted it was just a trophy and Diana would always be her hero. She noticed an olive in her salad and picked it out.

Wonder Woman was glad her mother finally remembered she didn't like olives. On the day of a planned slumber party at Themyscira, Hipployta called Wonder Woman in the morning before classes. Wonder Woman informed her they would be taking Batgirl's Batjet. Hippolyta was elated and declared they would have a feast. She noticed Wonder Woman had a copy of "The Odyssey" and stated there was no truer celebration of their Greek heritage. Wonder Woman remembered Professor Etrigan said the same thing and said her goodbyes. Several hours later, Hippolyta welcomed Wonder Woman home. At the start of summer break, Wonder Woman told Hippolyta about her invite to spend the summer at Mount Olympus with her father Zeus. Hippolyta remarked it was rather like Zeus to wait until the last minute to extend an invite. Halfway through summer, Wonder Woman spoke with Hippolyta again. Both missed each other. Strife arrived on Themyscira in search of the Amulet of Harmonia. Hippolyta and the Amazons resisted at first and made it clear she wasn't welcome.

Strife used her powers and set the Amazons against each other. While Hippolyta tried to break them up, Strife stole the Amulet. Wonder Woman returned it after she defeated Ares and Strife. Hippolyta decided to open up the palace for a few refugees, including Siracca, one of Wonder Woman's half-god siblings, and her mother, until it was safe again to return home. Hippolyta hosted a feast for the Party of Plenty but Ares arrived unannounced enraged Zeus didn't come to his feast. Hippolyta tried to tell him he wasn't invited but Harley Quinn spoke in her place. After causing a scene and wrecking part of the palace, Ares went back home to meditate. Hippolyta wasn't pleased.

(Novels only) Unlike the other legendary superheroes of Earth, Hippolyta did not attend Super Hero High School and instead graduated from Themyscira Academy. When she was a teenager, Hippolyta's nickname was "Lyta." During the Super Summit CLXXVII conference called "Flight 'n' Flight", in Florida, Red Tornado and Hippolyta met once. He gave her red roses. Libert Belle was also a big fan of Hippolyta and read every myth and legend written about her. One of the known villains Hippolyta defeated was Airstryke. She conveyed her many platitudes to Wonder Woman like always be silent before going into battle, to take fame in stride, not to feel sorry for yourself, and the element of surprise was best for battle. Hippolyta understood the depth of Wonder Woman's desire to explore the outside world and gave her permission to attend Super Hero High School. She promised to check on her often and reminded her she would be the Amazons' ambassador, and thus should behave accordingly. She even subscribed to Harley Quinn's HQTV channel to keep an eye out and sent emails.

A few weeks later, out of concern, Hippolyta paid a visit to Super Hero High. The news of her arrival spread quickly. Red Tornado asked Wonder Woman to put in a good word for him and mention getting coffee or something later on. Footage like the HQTV Tribute Video convinced Hippolyta that her daughter was not behaving in accordance to her upbringing as a princess and warrior. She wanted to pull Wonder Woman from Super Hero High. After hearing from Wonder Woman about learning about the world she was raised to save and Principal Waller about Wonder Woman's strides, Hippolyta decided to give her a second chance and apologized for doubting her but needed an assurance. Waller proposed sessions with Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, the school counselor, to keep her on track. Hippolyta stated to Wonder Woman she was her heart and soul and only wanted her to be happy and asked for her word she would try her best to represent Themyscira and follow Waller's guidance.

Weeks later, Hippolyta attended the 100th Annual Super Triathlon and was interviewed by Harley Quinn. She stated she would be cheering for Super Hero High and declared she was proud of Wonder Woman and she was doing a great job living her own life. She ended saying her daughter was her role model. In the finale, Wonder Woman faked an injury so that Hawkgirl, the team alternate, could perform in front of her Abuela. From the audience, Hippolyta understood and gave Wonder Woman a barely perceptible nod. She attended Super Hero High's Parents' Night. To everyone's embarassment, Red Tornado babbled then knelt before her.