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Real Identity: Hermes
Affiliations: Greek Gods
Appearances (Comics): Gimme a Summer Break and Summertime Madness
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Summer Olympus
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed and Teleportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Hermes is the messenger of the Greek gods, son of Zeus, and half-brother of Wonder Woman. Being fleet of feet, Hermes suffered from chronic earliness. He remained steadfast with his father's motto, "If you're not five minutes early, you're late." Around the start of summer break at Super Hero High School, Hermes was dispatched to deliver a message to Wonder Woman. It was due for delivery at noon but he arrived a few minutes early. He opted to run around town but Supergirl caught up to him. Wonder Woman introduced him to the other supers. As the bell struck noon, Hermes handed Wonder Woman the message. She was surprised to learn Zeus extended an invitation to spend the summer at Mount Olympus. Hermes asked what her reply was but she asked for some time to think about it. Instructed to await her reply, Hermes remained in Metropolis. He discovered Capes & Cowls Cafe and took a drink without paying. He found it exquisite. He arrived outside Wonder Woman's dorm window and overheard her talking about missing her friends if she accepted.

Hermes knocked and informed her Zeus had given permission for her to bring whatever friends she wished. Wonder Woman informed her the people who worked at Capes & Cowls weren't servants like at Mount Olympus and asked if he paid for his drink. Hermes sped off to Capes & Cowls. Wonder Woman yelled out for him to leave a tip, too. She and Bumblebee walked to the Invisible Jet but Hermes revealed his sandals had the power to take them to Olympus. After jesting with them, he explained he was bound to the messages he was summoned to deliver. He could teleport people where the message sent him. They touched the invites and teleported instantly to Olympus. Hermes excused himself to tend to some business and promised to see them at dinner. At dinner, he ate to his heart's content but announced he was stuffed. Zeus couldn't resist and joked he thought his name was Hermes. Everyone grimmaced at his dad joke. For family game day, Hermes ran around calling out for Zeus' Chimera in vain. He was one of the gods that fell under Strife's power and joined Ares' side.

Bumblebee got an idea and wrote a message for Supergirl then asked Hermes to deliver it. Hermes was compelled to deliver it. Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Katana, Beast Boy, and Batgirl grabbed Hermes and they were also teleported to Smallville. Away from Strife, Hermes returned to normal. They briefed Supergirl, Big Barda, and Lady Shiva on the situation. Shiva mistook Hermes as Ares but Bumblebee stopped her from hitting him.