Green Team

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Real Identity: Murphy, J.P. Houston, Cecil Sunbeam, and Abdul Smith
Affiliations: Pedigree Prep Hall
Appearances (Novels): Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Green Team are famous thrill seekers and adventurers. The Green Team first met in kindergarten and stayed together since. They attended Pedigree Prep Hall for high school. Just after they graduated, they applied for Harley Quinn's Dance-O-Rama. They wore chic matching designer suits and Calder Melino shoes. Their main dance style was Celtic Fusion Funk but they incorporated all styles of dance displayed by the competitors. During auditioning for Harley's Battle of the Bands, they sent a poster and $20. Green Team was disqualified for sending a bribe. The Green Team attended the Krazy Karnival in Metropolis but put on "Krazy" Hats. Under the influence of Mad Hatter's mind control technology, they began to pillage Metropolis - robbing every house and business. Mirror Master's technology was used to create mirror clones of the team in triplicate. Harley saved the day when she destroyed Mad Hatter's hat and directed everyone to get loud as possible to destroy the Krazy Karnival's barrier. Once they were exonerated, the Green Team took over the Krazy Karnival and pledged to donate all profits to charity.