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Real Identity: Zor-El
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Comics): Stay Calm, Krypton, Breaking Out, and Light The Way Home
Powers/Skills: Scientific Genius
Voiced By: Tom Kenny

Zor-El was a Kryptonian scientist, father of Kara Zor-El, and husband of Alura. After the government realized that Krypton was nearing its end, they started a colonizer program to rebuild civilization on other planets. For some reason, the program's selection committee - General Zod and Faora - thought Zor-El and Alura were mad scientists and didn't choose Kara for the program. Zor-El and Alura constructed a spacecraft on their own. He and his wife Alura agreed the person to man it would be their daughter. They also created the Groundbreaker, a very powerful terraforming device that could transform a barren planet in moments to a planet resembling Krypton.

On that fateful day, Zor-El paced outside the ship until Alura returned with Kara. All three embraced one last time. Zor-El admitted he wished it didn't have to be this way and Kara was launched into space but without the Groundbreaker. Krypto was launched with a crystal designed to blow up the Groundbreaker in case it was misused by someone like Zod. Kara later discovered Alura programmed her Mnemosyne Crystal so she would never forget her family and could hear from them whenever she needed to.

(Novels only) Kara and Alura worked on a costume together. Red was Alura's favorite color, blue was Zor-El's and yellow was Kara's. They incorporated all three into the costume. The cape was modeled after one Zor-El had when he was a child. Zor-El was also famous for his sugar cookies that he dusted with star light. He always set aside a batch and hand lettered a fancy "K" in blue frosting for Kara.