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Real Identity: June Moone
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Comics): Halloween ComicFest 2016 Edition, State of the Martial Art, Every Trick in the Book, Painting the Town Red, The Write Stuff, Paper Trail, The Switcheroo-Witcheroo, On the Same Page, Final Draft, and Two Sides to Every Story
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Hits and Myths
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Appearances (Webisodes): For Art's Sake, It's a Superful Life, and Ha-Ha Horticulture
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic, Artistic Aptitude, and Musical Aptitude
Voiced By: April Stewart

Years ago, one night, June Moone tried to finish up an art piece for her first gallery opening - set for the following week. She received a visit from her boyfriend, Alan Dell, who said they were going to be late for his friend Thomas' party. Moone needed to finish the piece and declined. Dell snatched her brush away and declared she needed a night out. Moone was more concerned with her art. Dell chided her and told her not to be such a fuddy-duddy. As they drove to the front gate, Dell told Moone about how the Rothschilds bought the scary looking property three years ago and it's been a renovation nightmare ever since. Moone found it ominous but Dale continued and said Thomas was dying to meet her. Dell had promised to introduce them as soon as he returned from Brazil. Moone was a wallflower during the party while Dell told bad jokes. She eventually noticed some weird portraits of monsters and creatures then heard a voice calling her name. Moone started looking around but found no one. She suspected Dell was pranking her.

Moone fell through the floor into a secret chamber where she encountered a mysterious being known as Dzamor. He somehow guessed she didn't want to be there. Moone insisted she was just looking for the bathroom. Dzamor stated she didn't want to be at the party then asked why she was there and where she wanted to be. Moone stated Alan insisted even though she should have been working. She believed her art gallery opening was going to change her life. Dzamor keyed in on "change" and in his benevolence, offered her a gift. He proclaimed if she had his magic power, no one would ever "insist" anything of her again. He revealed all she had say was "Enchantress". A hand reached out from Dzamor's crystal ball and Moone was bonded to Enchantress. She returned to the party. Dell was upset she missed Thomas. Moone declared she didn't want to meet Thomas in the first place and she found his friends selfish, dull, and ill-informed about current events. She used her newfound power and sent him flying into a table then walked out on the party.

It soon became clear that Dzamor's gift was a curse. Enchantress declared she would have sweet revenge on the night the stars aligned. She found Dell, still bandaged up and in a wheelchair, in the city. Dell panicked and told her to stay away. Enchantress extended her arms and lifted Dell up into the air. She admitted she couldn't believe she pretended to laugh at his awful jokes. Moone didn't want to hurt anyone but when she got upset, Enchantress took over. Moone locked herself away, intent on keeping Enchantress under control by feeling nothing. She tried a Heart Hardener potion and even read "The Art of Apathy". Enchantress knew Moone was weak and would lose control again. She vowed Metropolis would bow to her when Moone did. Enchantress fed on everything Moone repressed and bottled up over the years. She fostered seeds of anger and watered them with tears she wouldn't cry then fed it joy when she refused to smile. Enchantress waited and nurtured the emotions kept deep inside.

June Moone became Super Hero High's hip art teacher who enchanted all her students. Moone believed that unleashing your creative side is as potent as any superpower. With a knowledge of the dark arts, she is Super Hero High's resident expert on magic, though she currently only dabbles in the magic arts. Moone came to believe the best magic is sharing with the ones you love and only makes potions that could be helpful little gifts for friends like a gem that scrubs the dishes for you, Grow Powder, Bad Breath Banisher, Armpit Stink Sprinkler, or her favorite, the Ultimate Unlocker (mostly because she always forgets her keys). During Wonder Woman's day dream about "The Odyssey," Moone appeared as a powerful witch who the heroes met. Her potions, however, would help or hurt their plight. The following semester, Moone was on the birthday committee and kept track of faculty members' birthdays then threw them parties.

On a Monday, she realized Etrigan's birthday came after Liberty Belle and Coach Wildcat and decided to throw a surprise party after school on Friday. However, she had no idea who his friends outside of school were. Crazy Quilt and Commissioner Gordon were unable to help either. Moone sent an email invitation across the galaxy but didn't get a single R.S.V.P. but was unaware Etrigan was in hiding and just gave away his location to his former master, Trigon. That Friday, Moone gave Etrigan an Ultimate Unlocker as a birthday present and mentioned the email in passing. Etrigan panicked and ran off. Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn paid a visit to Moone in her classroom. She offered them a love potion but they "declined." She mentioned being out of the Unlocker. They inquired about it. Moone told them about how strange Etrigan acted. Moone checked on her students and their work on their comic book project. She intended to lock her classroom up and proceed with her dinner plans but some of the girls had a lot of work left to do like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.

She found Wonder Woman's work 'very artistic' but learned she was looking at it upside down. Harley suggested an extension on the deadline but Moone informed her the system insists on regular deadlines. She decided to cancel her plans and eat dinner in the cafeteria instead. Before she left, Moone reminded them her magic potions were off-limits. She returned to find the girls tied up in a lasso and realized Harley used magic paint despite her rules. She resorted to counting in her head to calm down. The girls inquired how the paint made their art so evil. Moone informed them they lacked humanity that allowed them to be good as well as hearts that care for others. Moone wanted to stop them before Principal Waller found out what happened (and before the artwork hurt anyone). Before she followed the girls into the city, Moone took up a meditation pose and repeated everything was fine and she was in control. She wished the students luck as they departed to take on the artwork.

Moone later hid in an alley and watched the action while continuing her mantra. Principal Waller found Moone and exclaimed she knew her magic was to blame. Moone tried to explain how her students found the Magic Paint but Waller cited Super Hero High's no tolerance policy for out of control magic and to make sure students would not face danger in the classroom. Moone lost her composure and quit then ran away before Waller could stop her. Moone knew it was going to happen and being in control was never going to make a difference. She vowed to show Waller what 'out of control' looked like. Enchantress took over and declared the night belonged to her. She returned to Super Hero High and searched Moone's room after using her magic to drop Harley on a painting. She was disappointed with the potions Moone made. Looking at a piece from Moone's Peace-n-Love series, Enchantress was disgusted at the waste of talent. Supergirl, Batgirl, Frost, and Ivy returned to give Harley a new batch of Magic Paint, unaware of what happened.

Enchantress snatched the paint with a hand construct then sealed the supers in a bubble and locked them in a closet. Enchantress then painted herself an army to take over the school and get revenge on Waller. Paintings of Doomsday, Starro, Animal Vegetable Mineral Man, Creature Commandos, and Stanley's Monster emerged. Batgirl, Harley, Supergirl, Frost, and Ivy discovered a comic book made by Moone and learned the truth behind Enchantress. Frost believed they could try to get through to Moone. Enchantress broadcast herself throughout the city. She introduced herself then declared Super Hero High belonged to her. The supers and animated art agreed to a truce and tried to battle Enchantress' army together but were defeated. Harley created and animated a red pen she named Li'l Red. It swiftly crossed out Enchantress' army and they vanished in puffs of smoke. Harley then destroyed the other animated art. The girls surrounded Enchantress and called for her surrender. Enchantress, instead, drew on the rage she harvested through all the years of Moone's repression and set off an explosion.

Wonder Woman directed Supergirl to create a tornado around her and siphon off the blast. It worked and Enchantress lost her breath. The girls were uneasy about calling the Special Crimes Unit and just wanted Moone back. Batgirl brought up Moone's comic and she knew the Enchantress would take over her one day. Harley didn't believe the comic and thought it was an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy, Moone kept telling herself she couldn't fight back and that allowed Enchantress to take control. Harley addressed Moone but Enchantress claimed she consumed her. Harley didn't believe her and asked Wonder Woman to lasso her. Harley pointed out the Moone in the comic was nothing like the Moone she came to know. Wonder Woman added she was strong. Supergirl stated she was talented. Katana added she wouldn't let some rage monster take over her life. Moone started to reemerge and asked if she could really beat her. Supergirl told her to believe in her super self. Moone believed and returned to normal.

Principal Waller found them in Centennial Park and asked Moone if she was trying to take over her school. Moone denied it then realized she technically did then asked if an apology would rectify things. Waller told her it wouldn't but the girls interrupted and asked for Moone to keep her job. Waller continued and said she wanted Moone to resume her duties the next day and be the best she could be. Waller didn't want her to bottle up her feelings anymore and told her she expected her to see the school counselor, Dr. Arkham, every week to learn how to deal with her emotions. Moone agreed to and Waller welcomed her back to the faculty. After waiting for several hours, Katana was still working on finishing her painting for the Super Hero High Student Art Show Fundraiser. Moone checked in on Katana just as the charity event was starting. Katana stated she was almost done.

(Novels only) Enchantress is an ultra famous superstar performing artist known for her unique smilin' 'n' stylin.' For the 100th Annual Superhero Triathlon, Enchantress performed during the half time show with her 777 back up dancers. As she cast her spell on the crowd, the teams retired to their respective locker rooms to get ready for the A/P test. Moone volunteered for a Save the Day drill. Beast Boy and Raven saved her from a giant snake.