Alan Dell

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Real Identity: Alan Dell
Appearances (Comics): The Switcheroo-Witcheroo
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Alan Dell is the ex-boyfriend of June Moone. Dell brought flowers to Moone's apartment in Metropolis and insisted she should come with him to a party even though she needed to finish a piece for her first gallery opening next week. Dell believed she needed a night out. They drove to the estate and Dell couldn't wait to introduce her to his friend Thomas. While he told a manatee joke, Moone noticed the rather creepy nature of the mansion and wandered off. Dell finally found her and admonished her for missing Thomas. Now bonded with Enchantress, Moone lashed out at Dell and sent him flying into a table. She declared she didn't even want to meet Thomas in the first place and all his friends were selfish, dull, and ill-informed about current events then left the party. Some time later, they located Dell, bandaged up and in a wheelchair. He told her to stay away from him. Enchantress extended her arms and lifted Dell into the air. She couldn't believe she spent so much time fake laughing at his terrible jokes. Dell called out for help.