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Real Identity: Kara Kent
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Supergirl at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Webisodes): New Beginnings, Hero of the Month: Supergirl, Batgirl vs. Supergirl, Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn, License to Fly, Hero of the Month: Batgirl, Doubles Trouble, Hero of the Month: Katana, Dude, Where's My Invisible Jet?, Hero of the Month: Frost, The Blunder Games, Hawkgirl's Day Off, Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl, The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf, Ring of Mire, Roomies Return: Frost's Bite, Batnapped, Hero of the Month: Beast Boy, Tales From the Kryptomites Part 1, Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2, Seeing Red, Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds, For Art's Sake, The Ares Up There, Body Electric, Fresh Ares Part 1, Fresh Ares Part 2, Fresh Ares Part 3, Fight Flub, Jetsetters, Dog Day After School, It's a Superful Life, Ring Me Maybe Part 1, Ring Me Maybe Part 2, Ring Me Maybe Part 3, Ring Me Maybe Part 4, Fish Out of Water Part 2, Gone to the Dogs Part 1, Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Pets Peeved Part 1, Pets Peeved Part 2, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Truth of the Lasso Part 3, Truth of the Lasso Part 4, Nevermore Part 1, Nevermore Part 2, Nevermore Part 3, Nevermore Part 4, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2, By the Yearbook, Spell-shocked Part 1, Spell-shocked Part 2, Bottle Episode, Career Day, Mood Ring, My New Best Fiend, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 1, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 2, Haunted Harley, All Pets Are Off Part 1, All Pets Are Off Part 2, The Wobble, Target Practice, For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 1, For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 2, Missing Martian, Fortress of Solidarity Part 1, Fortress of Solidarity Part 2, My So-Called Anti-Life Part 1, My So-Called Anti-Life Part 2, and My So-Called Anti-Life Part 3
Appearances (Comics): Free Comic Book Day Edition 2016, Intro to Prehistory Part 1, Intro to Prehistory Part 2, Halloween ComicFest 2016 Edition, Intro to Prehistory Part 3, The Dino Egg Effect Part 1, Savage High Part 1, Savage High Part 2, Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 2, Egging On Part 1, Egging On Part 2, Deja Vu Part 1, Deja Vu Part 2, State of the Martial Art, Friends in High Places, Gimme a Summer Break, One-Hit Wonder Woman, A Punch of Color, Summertime Madness, Every Trick in the Book, Painting the Town Red, The Write Stuff, Paper Trail, The Switcheroo-Witcheroo, On the Same Page, Final Draft, Two Sides to Every Story, Oa Snap, Stay Calm, Krypton, Barry-foot in the Bark, Space Walk With Me, Planet of the Bots, Zone In, Breaking Out, Light The Way Home, Moon Doggie, Fight and Space Flight, The Final Frontier, and Teenage Crisis
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis, Hits and Myths, and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO): Need for Speed, Trading Places, Crazed & Confused, and Wonder Waitress
Powers/Skills: Flight, Enhanced Vision, Enhanced Strength, Cold Breath, and Invulnerability
Voiced By: Anais Fairweather

Supergirl is heating things up! Literally. Her heat vision can melt steel or vaporize an iceberg, if only she could learn how to control it. The kind one is super strong but also clumsy. If something heavy needs to be moved (like a car or a bus), Supergirl is your go-to girl. She's got super strength and she's not afraid to use it. For Supergirl, the sky's the limit! Ever the positive one, she's always ready to dish out a compliment, or offer words of encouragement to her friends while saving the day.

Born and raised on Krypton, Kara is the only child of Alura-In Ze and Zor-El. Kara and Alura shared a love for the arts. They often drew together and did passes on each other's art. Kara and Alura made a costume together incorporating the family's favorite colors. Red was Alura's, Royal Blue was Zor-El's and Kara's was yellow. The trim on the cape was made to match one Zor-El had when he was a child. She succeeded with tripling the size of a crystal with a new solution for her science class final. After her mother, Alura In-Ze, wished her luck, Kara left for Krypton High School on her pet horse Comet. Kara was immediately teased by three bullies for riding a horse to school instead of hovering and wearing a backpack with her house name on it. They shoved Kara into a mud pool. She hurried to science class and was chosen first to present. The solution worked but one of the bullies freed Comet outside. Kara dropped her solution and ran after Comet. A giant crystal generated and burst through the roof of the science building. Although nobody was hurt, Kara was flunked for being careless and neglectful.

While out riding Comet, with Krypto following along, Kara discovered a Mnemosyne Crystal and brought it back to Alura. Alura polished it and had it fitted on a necklace. During an outing in Argo City to the Science Council, Kara tried to finish a Slurp-o-Swap Ice Cream before they went in line for the geology exhibit. An earthquake suddenly manifested. The Kryptonian Council later realized the planet was doomed. A colonizer program was started to choose young people to send to new planets and rebuild civilization. Kara made it to the semi-finals but the selection committee, General Zod and Faora, was prejudiced against her parents. She was not chosen. Kara's parents instead built a space ship for her and launched her in space to Earth. While she was making a birthday card for her mother, Kara heard the emergency alarms. Alura burst into the room and yelled to come with her. Kara followed Alura to Zor-El's lab where he was pacing. Alura placed her crystal necklace on Kara so she would have something to remember them by and the family hugged one last time.

Kara didn't realize she would be leaving Krypton alone until the last second. The ship was launched and Krypton imploded soon after. She was knocked unconscious by the blast wave. The ship was sucked into a wormhole and drifted in the Phantom Zone, a prison in another dimension, while she was in hypersleep. She fell almost two decades behind on the estimated Earth arrival time. Kara had little memory of the journey to Earth 21.7 light years away. Superman sensed Kara's spacecraft crashing into the atmosphere and rescued her. Superman decided it would for the better if she got used to life on Earth before he told her everything he knew. At 0900 hours, it was reported a Kryptonian ship landed near Smallville on Earth. A female occupant was also reported but was initially unidentified. Super Hero High's Metropolis Junior Detectives Society attempted to solve the mystery. While flying around Smallville, she crashed into grain silo. A video was taken of her trying to set it back on its foundation and posted online.

Some people started calling her Superman's cousin and Kara was dubbed Supergirl. She drew her super powers from the Sun. Supergirl considered attending Super Hero High School, Elite Prep, Skartaris High School, Apokolips Magnet, and Korugar Academy. Principal Waller wanted her at Super Hero High and recruited Wonder Woman to convince her to enroll. Unknown to both, Supergirl was already a big fan of Wonder Woman. After plugging in her speaker cable into her computer, Supergirl was startled by Wonder Woman's greeting and broke her bookshelf in half. She caught all but one book that landed on her head. Wonder Woman couldn't wait to see her amazing powers but the Save the Day Alarm sounded. Wonder Woman opted to take the video conference with her. She first showed Superman's statue off and mused the school would probably make one of Supergirl someday. While she pictured it, Supergirl accidentally lit her curtains on fire.

Supergirl was impressed with Wonder Woman's skills in the battle against Giganta. Wonder Woman reiterated she couldn't wait to see Supergirl's powers in action and signed off. Supergirl surveyed the damage in her bedroom and looked through the high school brochures again. Thinking of Wonder Woman, she made her choice and started typing up a response to Principle Waller. Supergirl was understandably nervous on her first day. She practiced what she would say to Wonder Woman but decided not to admit she refreshed her page 50 times a day to check for new videos. The Kent's assured her she would love Super Hero High just like her cousin. Supergirl reminded them he had his whole life to get used to his powers. She only had them for four weeks. Martha assured her Super Hero High would help her learn to control her powers and reminded her of her good luck charm, a Kryptonian crystal on a necklace. Supergirl departed and bumped into a flock of geese. The faculty and student body waited in anticipation for her to arrive.

Supergirl finally arrived but she crashed into the cafeteria. Somehow, she managed to break super proof steel. While the students and faculty did damage control, Harley Quinn escorted Supergirl to the dorms and admitted she admired her for starting off with a "real bang." Principal Waller asked Wonder Woman to keep an eye on Supergirl and keep her safe. She wasn't pleased to hear Waller also refer to her as one-of-a-kind catch. Harley talked to Supergirl for the next six hours. She confirmed her only weakness was Kryptonite but really wanted to figure out how to get online. Harley obliged her and yelled out for Barbara Gordon. Gordon ran to Supergirl's room and got things started. She was surprised to see Supergirl was looking at Korugar Academy's website. Supergirl admitted she wanted someplace far away to run off to if her next day was as disastrous as her first. Gordon took a look at her schedule. It included Weaponomics, Intro to Super Suits, Combatistics and Physical Education. Gordon assured her P.E. was easy as long as she knew the three Pows.

Supergirl was clueless. She asked if Gordon knew any websites on how to be super. She didn't but took Supergirl down to the library and introduced her to the head librarian Granny Goodness. To get her up to speed on superheroing, Granny checked her out a ton of books including the "Unabridged History of Heroes." Supergirl got lost on the way back to the dorms and accidentally triggered the alarm trying to get into the Boom Tube room. Principal Waller was nearby and decided to giver her a tour since she missed the Freshman Tour. Waller told her about Darkseid of Apokolips and how he almost conquered Earth years ago. Waller had the Metropolis Junior Detective Society show Supergirl the way to the dorms. They told Supergirl about their big case: security breaches, encrypted messages being sent of Earth and suspicious attempts to break into the Boom Tubes. The next day, Harley caught up to Supergirl and quizzed her on the three pows but they bumped into Vice Principal Grodd. Naturally, he was brusque with them.

In P.E. class, Wonder Woman got top marks as usual on the strength test by lifting Beast Boy in the form of an elephant. Supergirl was next. She asked him to change into a Brontosaurus. Everyone was impressed but Supergirl didn't know Beast Boy got wobbly at that size and he almost fell on everyone. Wildcat scolded her and advised her to learn to control her powers or someone would get hurt next time. Wonder Woman mistakenly thought Supergirl was trying to compete with her. Supergirl was embarrassed and ate lunch at the bell tower. Gordon noticed her and went to talk. She marveled at the resident bats and how they made the best of what they had. Supergirl nicknamed her 'Batgirl' but thought what it would be like to be a non-super. Gordon assured her Earth would be safer with Supergirl around but she just needed practice. For her last week as the school's tech support, Gordon also helped Supergirl train. Gordon told her the first step to being super was to believe in her super self.

Barbara Gordon returned Wonder Woman's newly repaired and modified Wonder Shield and took the chance to ask her to be Supergirl's sparring partner. Wonder Woman was surprised to learn she was Supergirl's idol. Supergirl improved her score of 14 on the Flight Track to a 95. On her last day, Gordon presented a friendship bracelet to Supergirl. While they could still hang out on weekends, the bracelet was also a two way communicator. Supergirl gave her own gift to Gordon, a super suit made by Katana. Later that day, the Save the Day alarm sounded off. Wildcat told Supergirl she was ready. A group of supers confronted Giganta downtown while she tried to rob Eclipso Jewels. Cheetah reminded Supergirl of the P.E. class mishap. As a result, she lost her focus and accidentally grazed Bumblebee in the leg. Supergirl was overwhelmed by everyone talking at the same time and let out a super scream, sending everyone flying. Supergirl decided they were all safer without her and flew back to school intent on taking the next ship to Korugar.

Supergirl first returned her books to the library and mentioned her problems to Granny. Granny seized the chance and proposed she could get to Korugar faster by breaking into the Boom Tube room with her super strength. Supergirl was heistant. Granny introduced Supergirl to her secret pet Perry the Parademon. Granny promised to secure the room for Supergirl if she promised not to tell anyone about Perry since there was a "No Pets" rule. Supergirl fell for it and pulled the doors off. Granny opened a tube to Apokolips and her Female Furies arrived. Big Barda took her out with a Kryptonite blast from her Mega Rod. Barda was about to apply the finishing blow but Granny stopped her. Granny believed Supergirl would make a fine addition to their ranks. Barda left the chunk of Kryptonite with Supergirl. Gordon saw the news report about Giganta and hailed Supergirl on their bracelet. Gordon found her and threw the Kryptonite into the Boom Tube to Florida. She took Supergirl back to her office and worked on a De-Trancer to neutralize Granny's brainwashing frequency.

Supergirl handed over her good luck charm necklace to provide a conductor. Gordon instructed Supergirl on using the De-Trancer and equipped her with frequency shield earrings. Supergirl, however, wanted Gordon to come along with her. Gordon put on her super suit gift and declared she was Batgirl. Supergirl lured Big Barda away while Batgirl made her way to the Amethyst. It amplified the De-Trancer and freed everyone from Granny's hold. Supergirl tricked Barda into following her into the Flight Track. Supergirl emerged with a perfect score while Barda was covered in paint. Batgirl arrived and tied Barda up in grapple wire. Wonder Woman joined them. They went after Granny Goodness. Supergirl was reminded Granny wasn't strong like her. Supergirl grabbed a super proof steel pole and wrapped Granny around a tree. Wonder Woman scrambled after Granny's powerful Granny Grenade. However, it was still on and threatened to level the entire school. Supergirl took the grenade and flew it up into the sky where it detonated. Supergirl landed with only a few scratches.

A special ceremony was held the next day. Principal Waller commended Supergirl for her vital role in the victory. The Kents were in attendance and cheered her on. Supergirl later got a Hero of the Month accolade. She joined the Vehicles Club, Model United Planets, Track Team, and Citizens Helping Extraterrestrials Succeed Society (CHESS). Her CHESS buddy was Batgirl. While they studied, Wonder Woman called up Batgirl and asked if she or Supergirl wanted anything from the cafeteria before it closed. She quickly showed what baked goods were left. Both zeroed in on the superfood cake but there was one piece left. They raced off only to crash into each other. They laughed and agreed to split it but Harley Quinn took it for herself. Supergirl and Katana teamed up for a tennis doubles match against Cyborg and Flash. She didn't know much about tennis and her super strength proved too much. During the game, she heard a robbery in progress and flew away without warning. She found Double Dare, who stole the purse from an old woman. Supergirl used her tennis skills to create a giant hole in the tennis court and trap the Double Dare twins.

The day before semester final exams, Supergirl became nervous. Before Intro to Super Suits, she made up an excuse that her stealth suit was still in her locker. She flew back home to Smallville. Startled by Pa Kent, she crashed into the barn and startled Belle, a cow. At 2:00, Supergirl settled down in the kitchen and told Pa and Ma Kent about a bad experience she had with finals on Krypton. Ma Kent implored her to give the final exams everything she got or those bullies from Krypton High would win. Brimming with newfound confidence, Supergirl returned to Metropolis. Just outside the campus, she was ambushed and rendered unconscious with an arrow fashioned from Kryptonite. Luthor placed her in a Kryptonite-powered prison beneath the Lexcorp Garden Supply store. The next morning, she escaped with Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana, Bumblebee, and Harley Quinn then teamed up to defeat Luthor. They raced back to campus but they were late and Waller refused to allow them entry. Batgirl showed her Luthor's video blog of them fighting as a team. Waller passed them but gave them 3 weeks detention for breaking various rules.

With a holiday break coming up, Supergirl was undecided about where she was going to stay - Kent Farm or with one of her friends like Wonder Woman. On the Wednesday night before the Hero of the Year ceremony, Supergirl was one of the supers woken up by Batgirl because of an intruder alert. Supergirl utilized her X-Ray vision and tackled a model skeleton by accident. The girls eventually found Big Barda in Crazy Quilt's class room and attacked. Principal Waller explained Barda reformed and was now a student. Supergirl was unable to go back to sleep and started sketching her parents so she wouldn't forget what they looked like. Batgirl was also still up and got an idea. She fed the drawing into her state of the art police sketch program and it generated an incredibly accurate image of Supergirl's parents. Supergirl pinned it above her bed and went back to sleep. Suddenly, the Mnemosyne Crystal on her necklace activated. The next day, Supergirl was eager to join Wonder Woman's trip to Themyscira to get her Wonder Shield repaired.

Upon landing on Themyscira, Supergirl thought of home and triggered the Mnemosyne Crystal. It showed her a memory of life on Krypton when she first found the crystal. When they returned the next day, Commissioner Gordon told them a super villain came out of the Amethyst and attacked Hawkgirl. She identified him as Dark Opal from Gemworld. Batgirl suspected a connection to Supergirl's crystal and found her at Capes & Cowls. She discovered the double spinach, sardine, and pickleberry smoothie tasted like her favorite Kryptonian dessert. Back at Batgirl's annex, Supergirl told them she got the crystal from her mother and was shown another memory - when her parents launched her off Krypton the day it exploded. Batgirl detected a repeating pattern like a signal from the crystal. Supergirl jumped to conclusions and thought it was a sign her parents survived and were looking for her. She told the Kents about the developments on their nightly chat. A Shadow Demon attempted to steal the crystal as Supergirl slept but it was repelled by a powerful protection aura.

The activation of the crystal was detected by Dark Opal and concluded to be the gem from an extinct world he needed to complete a legendary Scepter of ultimate power he and Eclipso would use to rule the universe. On the day of Hero of Year, Supergirl flew around looking for Katana to relieve her shift for campus guard duty and ran into Starfire, who had a messy encounter with a seagull. Ivy and Harley pointed Supergirl to the forest. She believed she saw Alura and ran after her. "Alura" asked for the crystal and called her "Supergirl" instead of "Kara" and side stepped her. It turned out to be Dark Opal. Big Barda heard the battle and came to Supergirl's rescue then summoned help by yelling. Katana, Ivy, and Harley responded. They found out by accident that light could destroy the shadows, forcing Opal to call for a retreat. Supergirl and Wonder Woman searched the city for Opal but found nothing and met up with Batgirl and Bumblebee at Capes & Cowls. They went to Batgirl's secret Batcave in the cafe and converged on a suspect in Centennial Park but it turned out to be a steampunk cosplayer so they split up again.

They met up on the roof of the Daily Planet. No one found a lead but Supergirl found a "buy one, get one free" smoothie coupon at Capes & Cowls. As Wonder Woman mused there had to be a better battery for Bumblebee's suit, Supergirl's crystal activated again. Alura told Supergirl they were sending her to Earth and programmed the crystal so that she could always remember them. She instructed Supergirl it would activate when she was old enough to understand. Suddenly, Dark Opal's face appeared. Somehow, he hacked Batgirl's comm bracelet and issued an ultimatum. He wanted Supergirl's crystal in exchange for Hippolyta, Commissioner Gordon, and the Kents' freedom. Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman went to Booster's Gold Mine for the hand off. Eclipso freed the parents but trapped the girls. She left behind an Eclipso Explosive but Bumblebee managed to steal her Black Diamond as she went through a portal to Super Hero High. Bumblebee used the last of her battery power to shoot a sonic blast through the Black Diamond and free the girls. They fled the mine and returned to Super Hero High.

While Eclipso and Opal squabbled over their plans and the Scepter, Supergirl used her heat vision to overload the Mnemosyne Crystal and thus, blowing up the Scepter. Supergirl pursued Eclipso to her palace on the Moon. Wonder Woman arrived later and Eclipso cloned herself. Supergirl used her X-Ray vision to track the real Eclipso to the throne room. Eclipso fired a massive beam from a crystal. Supergirl took the full brunt of the blast. Wonder Woman bounced the second blast off her bracelet and weakened the palace's structure. Supergirl instructed Wonder Woman to throw her Lasso 23 degrees to her left. Eclipso was captured and reappeared. They returned to Earth. Bumblebee discovered a piece of the Mnemosyne Crystal in the lawn and gave it to Supergirl. Supergirl said goodbye to Alura and shed a tear. The tear fell on the crystal and activated it. Alura told her the crystal could never be destroyed because nothing could destroy her love for her. She then asked Supergirl to take that love and share it with her new family.

Supergirl told the Kents she loved them and hugged them. She overheard Bumblebee speculating the crystal could have been enough to power her suit. Rather than them trying to make a synthetic version, Supergirl used her heat vision to slice off a sliver of the crystal. Batgirl carefully placed it in Bumblebee's pack and it worked. She was restored back to normal size. At the Kent Farm post-gala dinner, Supergirl seconded Martha's invite to Big Barda and Lady Shiva to stay with them over the holiday break. While working on her shop project, modifying her rocketship, Supergirl met the new I.T. girl, Lena Luthor but got Batgirl's emergency signal. She took off in the ship and tracked the signal straight to Killer Moth's hideout. She blasted a hole in the side of the building and freed Batgirl from a cocoon with her heat vision. Batgirl tied Moth up and was about to leave when he asked what her answer about being partners was. Batgirl declared she already had the World's Finest partner, Supergirl and they did their secret handshake to his dismay.

On a Saturday, Supergirl put the final touches on her rocket ship for her Vehicle project. While connecting an aquamarine and fuschia wire, a defense missile was fired. Supergirl flew after it and tried to redirect it away from Metropolis. Instead, it targeted Super Hero High School. She gave it a nudge but it blew up the I.T. office. Wonder Woman suggested she tell Lena Luthor in-person. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl flew to Luthor's place at the docks. Luthor wasn't angry and blew it off as something that happens all the time. As they walked to the Batjet, Supergirl felt weak and fell to the ground. They were followed by a Kryptomite, the first of its kind. Wonder Woman smashed it with a pole. They took Supergirl to the jet. Wonder Woman and Supergirl got wrapped up in a competitive streak and raced each other in the Flight Track but kept tying. Frost suggested a street race with no super powers. Naturally, the race was interrupted by a bank robbery. Wonder Woman and Supergirl broke off to capture Double Dare then raced to the finish line and learned Harley won.

Supergirl battled Lion Mane at the Metropolis Docks with Batgirl and Wonder Woman on a Friday morning before classes. Supergirl was excited to go to her first Earth slumber party but Batgirl's Batjet went missing as they gathered to leave for Themyscira. Supergirl eliminated the theories that Batgirl activated the remote flying capabilities and Miss Martian turned the jet invisible. Wonder Woman declared a divide and conquer strategy. Supergirl elected herself and Miss Martian to search Metropolis. Supergirl decided they should head to Capes & Cowls and ask around. They didn't get any leads but Beast Boy volunteered to help them. Supergirl used her X-Ray vision on the Lexcorp building but found nothing. Beast Boy directed them to the Portal Coffee Shop. The bouncer mistook them as contestants in the Battle of the Bands! and showed them the band entrance. The battle between the Bad Banshees and Birds of Prey got intense so Supergirl called in for reinforcements.

Wonder Woman, Harley, Ivy, Batgirl, Katana, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Bumblebee arrived. A portal to the Underworld was discovered but Black Canary, Black Condor, and Magpie took off in the Batjet. Batgirl, Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Ivy followed the Batjet to Smallville. After it ran out of fuel, the Batjet threatened to crash into the Kent Farm. Supergirl put herself between the jet and farm and slowed its approach, leaving handprints on the hood and breaking a section of fence. Black Canary let out a scream. Angered she would attack the Kents, Supergirl went after Canary. Batgirl supplied her Soundproof Headphones. Supergirl was then able to fly in close enough, take away Canary's wooden plank and tied her up in fence wire. Supergirl and Wonder Woman carried the Batjet, with the other girls inside, to Themyscira for the slumber party. Supergirl was voted "World's Finest Team" with Batgirl in the Super Hero High School Yearbook. Supergirl helped with cleaning up crime in Metropolis before summer break.

Supergirl checked in with Arkham Asylum, Belle Reve Juvenile Detention, and the Special Crimes Unit to make sure all villains were accounted for. She was looking forward to her first Earth summer break. A speedster zoomed past the girls. They chased him throughout the city but Supergirl caught up to him. Wonder Woman was surprised to see it was her half-brother and messenger of the Greek gods, Hermes. Supergirl prepared to return to Smallville to help the Kents at the farm. Barda and Shiva accepted her invite to join them for the summer. They departed from school in her spaceship. Supergirl schooled Shiva and Barda about moving bales of hay, treating chickens gently, riding horses with respect, leading sheep, and hoisting ornery goats. Wonder Woman tried to call but Barda dropped Supergirl's phone in milk and she had too many chores to do at the time. Halfway through summer, Supergirl was surprised when Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Katana, Batgirl, and Beast Boy suddenly teleported to her with Hermes. They confronted Ares and Strife but Supergirl was set against Wonder Woman by Strife's spell of discord. Just as she was about to toss Flash, Wonder Woman broke the spell.

Supergirl was one of Wonder Woman's guests to Themyscira to celebrate the Party of Plenty but ended up fighting Ares, who was mad Zeus didn't come to his feast. Supergirl used her heat vision to thaw out the Invisible Jet after Frost froze it to prevent it from sinking into the harbor during a battle with Killer Moth. Supergirl flew around the city in her rocket ship and was surprised the Kryptonian Proximity Alert was triggered. She was so distracted she nearly flew into the Wayne Enterprises building. Supergirl had Batgirl check her ship out but the Save the Day Alarm was triggered. She and Hawkgirl headed into the city and found Beast Boy who clued them into a row of broken fire hydrants spouting water. They continued on and ran into many scared cats. Batgirl and Catwoman arrived in the Mobile HQ. Supergirl heard screaming from Capes & Cowls. Steve Trevor didn't see much but pointed them to the back door. They saw something with red eyes by the dumpster. Supergirl went closer and realized the Kryptonian was her old pet Krypto. They were elated to see each other and hugged.

Supergirl attended Hal Jordan's going away party and protected the fresh Super Food Cake from Solomon Grundy by firing heat vision at the counter. She took to her ship and escorted Hal Jordan off world. When she was near Neptune, Supergirl got a call from Batgirl warning of Sinestro, who wanted her for a Korugar Academy dream team. Reception was terrible and Supergirl thought Batgirl was telling her she was needed on Earth. She landed her ship near Capes & Cowls and was greeted by Sinestro as the captain of his new team. She refused to be on his team and charged. Sinestro formed a black portal with his ring and she was trapped inside. Sinestro told her she should have went to Korugar Academy in the first place and they would have won the Intergalactic Games together then stored her onboard. She was released after Jessica Cruz, the new Green Lantern, defeated him and took his ring. Krypto loved living at the Kent Farm but Supergirl wished he could be with her all the time.

Supergirl and Batgirl set up a playdate for their dogs in Centennial Park. Supergirl was sure they would hit it off. They played frisbee while they waited for Batgirl and Ace to arrive. She was amused when Krypto flew after and caught the frisbee but crunched it to pieces. The playdate was interrupted by a report of a break-in. Batgirl and Supergirl investigated the scene of the crime, Eclipso Jewels. Supergirl found it strange only one thing was stolen, the Sphinx Ruby, and there were no fingerprints. She tried her X-Ray vision but saw a mouse and was startled. She crashed into a display case and broke it. Batgirl grabbed it and noticed it was a toy mouse much like the M.O. of Catwoman but had to clue Supergirl in. Batgirl and Supergirl went to Catwoman's dorm and asked to do a search. Supergirl thought she found evidence under her bed but it was just cat toys and supplies. Catwoman begged them not to tell Principal Waller since the No Pets policy was still in effect. Batgirl promised.

They returned to Eclipso Jewels where Waller was waiting. They told Waller they didn't find the perp. Waller told them they did all they could. Ace and Krypto arrived with a bag of stolen jewelry, including the Sphinx Ruby. Waller realized they were heroes, too, and super pets should be allowed at Super Hero High. She changed the No Pets policy. While Supergirl and Krypto slept, Roz, the real thief and Catwoman's pet, stole Krypto's dog tag. Supergirl and Krypto were present on the first day of Grodd's Super Pets class. That night, she notified Bumblebee of a Save the Day alarm triggered by the Centennial Park Zoo. They were attacked by a super villain team called the Animilitia. Supergirl came to Harley's aid and spun Killer Croc across the zoo. The supers chased after Killer Moth's robot red herring into a cage and were trapped. Kryptonite prison bars activated and neutralized Supergirl. The Super Pets came to their rescue.

Supergirl met Raven while she evacuated citizens with Bumblebee amid city-wide eruptions and asked her to help. Raven replied she couldn't but she flew to a tilting building and tried to stop it. Supergirl flew to her side and helped stop it in place. She told Raven in Metropolis, heroes work together. Batgirl declared she saved 10 people and challenged Supergirl to top it. Supergirl and Raven picked up more citizens and took them to Super Hero High to take shelter in the cafeteria bunker. Waller dispatched Supergirl to sector 7. Trigon grounded Raven for an eternity. Supergirl returned and tried to talk on her behalf, insisting she was just trying to be a hero. Trigon got angrier and doubled the sentence. Batgirl later returned and tied his legs together then Supergirl put him on his back. They called a super save tie but Trigon grabbed Batgirl. Supergirl tried to pry his hand open but he grabbed her. Raven tried to promise to return to the Underworld but he demanded retribution for the insult first.

Trigon declared they were bad influences on his daughter. Supergirl retorted and blasted Batgirl free with heat vision then muscled her way free. She found Raven and told her to use her magic to send Trigon back to the Underworld. Raven was unsure because her magic was from her father's side and was pure evil. Supergirl stated Super Hero High taught powers weren't good or evil and it was a choice. She told Raven to either be like her dad or forge her own path. Raven understood and was about to cast when Batgirl arrived with a plan. Trigon and Supergirl were fooled by Raven's hologram on Batgirl's Batcycle. The real Raven created a portal and it pulled Trigon back to the Underworld. Raven credited her new friends, Supergirl and Batgirl, with helping her make her first underworld portal. Trigon admitted she mastered more at Super Hero High than all those years of home school and let her stay. Supergirl hugged her from behind but Raven made it clear she didn't do hugs.

Supergirl helped stop Aliki by blasting the light fixture she perched on. Starfire sadly declared they stopped the twins from stealing Lena Luthor's property. Katana decided to organize a dance for her but Supergirl and Wonder Woman had never been to a dance before. Katana made them dresses and Crazy Quilt taught them how to dance. During the first lesson, Supergirl accidentally spun Flash into the stage. During the dance, Supergirl charged Mongal after she threw a punch at her. On Wonder Woman's cue, Supergirl kicked then uppercutted Bleez into her classmates and they were bound with the Lasso of Truth. Starfire, Supergirl, Katana, and Wonder Woman ate at Capes & Cowls afterwards.

Supergirl was chosen to accompany Jessica Cruz on trip to Oa to be formally inducted as a Green Lantern because of her experience in space travel. Her rocket ship was also selected as its hyper-jump drive would get them to Oa the quickest. At first, she asked Batgirl to watch Krypto for her but after Ace gave her the slip, Supergirl changed her mind and asked Wonder Woman. After the girls discovered Beast Boy stowing away in the rocket ship, they made the last hyper-jump to Oa. Supergirl forgot to adjust calculations for Beast Boy's added weight after he turned back from being a turtle. They ended up in the middle of an asteroid belt. Once Sapphire and Lantern cleared a way, they landed on Oa but no one was around. Supergirl scanned a building with her x-ray vision but it was just some sort of battery. She overheard a noise and investigated. She was elated to see Kryptonian Terraformer Robots but they perceived the others as hostile aliens and attacked. General Zod introduced himself to them and suspected they were Supergirl's captors.

Meanwhile, Faora put on an act and pretended to be happy to see Supergirl. She informed her only see, Zod, and Non made it off Krypton then lied about how they were happy to learn she was alive, she was always at the top of their list, and her parents refused to let her participate in the colonizer program. Supergirl was confused when Faora referred to Oa as "New Krypton." She saw the others in manacules and rushed over to free them. Supergirl explained they were her friends. Zod apologized and deemed them their friends as well then explained the Green Lantern Corps let them have Oa to serve as New Krypton, their new home. Supergirl declined Barda's offer to stay with her and spoke with Zod and Faora alone. Supergirl couldn't wait to have slurp-o-swap ice cream again as well as mashed horkensnorks. She asked them if they had any recorded episodes of her favorite show "Argo High." Zod promised New Krypton would have everything she loved about home but to make that a reality, they needed her help. Supergirl was eager to help. Zod held out a device and revealed she had the key to it.

Supergirl recognized it as the Groundbreaker, a very powerful terraforming device invented by her late parents. Zod asked where the key was but Supergirl didn't know anything about it. Faora suggested a Kryptonian feast to jog her memories. Non wheeled in a cart of dishes, including Mashed Horkensnorks and Slurp-O-Swap Ice Cream. She couldn't believe it at first but Non assured her they were real. She wished Krypto could be with her to share this with but assumed he was having so much fun back on Earth. She wanted to bring her friends and share dinner but Zod lied and said they were brought Earth food in their chambers. Supergirl insisted but Zod forbid her. He reminded her she was the last daughter of Krypton and must believe in their "Krypton First" creed. Supergirl didn't agree they were better than everyone else. Zod stated she was subject to Kryptonian laws then commanded her to forget about her time on Earth and dedicate herself to them. Faora lied and added it was what Supergirl's parents would have wanted.

Supergirl declared she was a true Kryptonian, refused to obey, and demanded her friends. Zod had her imprisoned in Kryptonite. Supergirl remembered her parents' words and realized her Mnemosyne Crystal might be the key they were talking about. Non opened the prison to see what she was looking at but Supergirl tripped him and tried to run. He cut off her escape but she slugged him. He admired her wallop then raised her over his head and threw her back into the prison. Non took the crystal away. She pleaded with him not to use it or the Groundbreaker would destroy everything. She was surprised and happy to see Krypto but she was sure the lock required a retina scan. Krypto destroyed the lock with heat vision. They hugged then took off to confront Zod and Faora atop the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. Zod couldn't believe she sided with the inferiors but Supergirl stated they were all the same. He decided she would perish with them and drop kicked her. Supergirl told Krypto they had to destroy the Groundbreaker.

Zod and Supergirl ran for the Groundbreaker but he fired his heat vision at her. At the last second, Krypto took the blast and fell off the edge. Supergirl teared up as she comforted Krypto. Zod berated her and called her parents cowards as he admitted to stealing the Groundbreaker from them. Supergirl noticed a crystal on Krypto's dog tag and realized her parents sent him to find her and give it to her someday to destroy the Groundbreaker. Supergirl tried to stop Zod from inserting the crystal but Faora grabbed her. Zod activated the Groundbreaker and told Supergirl she should have stayed with her own kind. Supergirl sighted Cruz and remarked having all sorts of friends was how she was going to win. Suddenly, Cruz' giant dinosaur construct snatched up Zod in its mouth and flung him then Faora. Supergirl took out her crystal and placed Krypto's into the Groundbreaker. It worked and the device blew up. She picked up Krypto and thanked Cruz for the help. Batgirl offered to try and rebuild the Groundbreaker but Supergirl declined. Her new home was wherever her friends were.

While the supers gathered, skated, and decorated Super Hero High School's Christmas Tree, Supergirl put a crystal ornament on a branch and mentioned how the Winter Fest on Krypton was celebrated with families exchanging gifts and watching the crystals glitter in the night rainbow sky. Batgirl sensed a similarity with the Aurora Borealis and explained to Supergirl that at the poles, the atmosphere could create colors in the sky. As the festivities began, Supergirl felt lonely and went to her dorm and spoke aloud to the picture of her parents. Longing for Krypton, Supergirl flew to the North Pole. She observed the Aurora and felt like she was back home. Captain Cold interrupted her moment and claimed she was trespassing on his home then fired his Cold Gun at her. Supergirl knew he was supposed to be at Belle Reve Penitentiary and tackled him off the hill. Cold recognized her Mnemosyne Crystal as Kryptonian in origin and declared he could crystallize the oceans and create a new Ice Age.

Supergirl denied him and threw a punch but Cold hopped backwards and Supergirl was stuck in the ice. Cold changed the setting on his gun and blasted Supergirl with Kryptonite. The Kents arrived at the tree lighting ceremony and Martha worried about Supergirl's absence. Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Frost, and Mera tracked Supergirl's communication bracelet and intervened. While the others engaged Cold, Batgirl went to check on Supergirl. She told her about using the bracelet, the Kents' surprise arrival, and showed empathy for her holiday blues. Mera waived a finger behind her back and raised a wave of water onto Cold then Frost froze it. Cold was confined in a giant ice block. A Metropolis Special Crimes Unit helicopter arrived and airlifted him back to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Supergirl remembered what Cold said about her crystal but didn't think her mother would ever make something dangerous. She clutched it then put it on the ground. It glowed and generated a crystalline building.

The supers congratulated her on creating a Krypton away from Krypton but Supergirl remembered her mother said the best gifts were the ones that were shared and proclaimed it a Fortress of Solidarity for them all. They shared a group hug. On Earth Day, Supergirl discovered Superman found the Bottled City of Kandor in Brainiac's lair and left it in her locker for safe keeping. She recognized it as the last Kryptonian city in the galaxy and became very protective of it. Harley mistook it for a soda spritzer and shook it. Supergirl put the city down then flew Harley to the end of the hall. She made up a lie that the city was a very fragile special class project and the glue was still drying. Wonder Woman notified Grodd and he offered to store the city in the vault. Wonder Woman told her the news but she noticed the city was gone. Parasite tossed it into the trash compactor. Supergirl flew in and destroyed the various mechanisms then froze the furnace. It fell down the bottle procurement mechanism Ivy had installed in anticipation of Earth Day.

Supergirl assumed it was destroyed and she was devastated. Wonder Woman informed Supergirl Ivy had the city. Supergirl was relieved and promised to go green for the rest of her life. Harley asked if the glue was dry. Wonder Woman told her it was going someplace safe. Harley asked where. Wonder Woman and Supergirl both replied "safe." Supergirl was hit by the rage of red light when Star Sapphire's ring was cracked. She attacked everyone with her heat vision. Sapphire forced her into close contact with Principal Waller and Gorilla Grodd, who were hit by love of violet light, and restored them to normal. Supergirl wanted to help get a perfect score on a diorama project so she made one of Krypton by herself. Harley, her partner in the project, was upset. Moreso when Grodd gave it a C. To make matters worse, Supergirl learned the Kents couldn't attend the school talent show on Friday. As she sulked at her locker, a Save the Day Alarm was triggered. She flew to the Mechanics, Robotics, and Automotive Workshop and realized Green Kryptomites were breaking into the vehicles.

Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and Harley dealt with them. Supergirl was taken to her dorm to rest and was unaware Ivy mistook a plant removed from her ship as a Kryptonian species and cultivated it in an attempt to cheer her up. The plant was a Black Mercy. It attached itself to Supergirl's chest and placed her in a dream-like state. Supergirl thought she woke up at 8 am and rushed to class. Instead of being reprimanded for being late, she learned she getting an A for her diorama instead of a C. She then learned Super Hero High School was renamed after her when it was discovered she became immune to Kryptonite and rendered all other superheroes useless. Supergirl began to suspect things were not right after easily beating some Kryptomites and battled Grodd, who was a manifestation of the Black Mercy. Meanwhile, Harley, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy wrestled with the Black Mercy, still attached to Supergirl's chest. On Ivy's signal, Katana used her blade to sever the Mercy. The remains tried to lunge at Supergirl but Chompy rose up from the floor and ate it. Supergirl hugged them all at once.

Dr. Seid selected his top students - Bumblebee, Supergirl, Raven, Batgirl, Katana, Wonder Woman, Starfire, and Beast Boy - to compete in the Tri-Matholon for the Math Club. Harley heard about the Pi Trophy from Bumblebee and Supergirl and decided to give it a try. They did a mock multiple choice exam to practice for the first leg of the competition. Everyone except Harley fell into an odd trance and focused on completing the exam. Seid realized Harley solved the Anti-Life Equation with the highest test score. All he had to do was carry the one. He revealed his true form and the supers snapped out of the trance. Darkseid declared Earth was his. He introduced himself and his plans but Harley kept interrupting him. Wonder Woman and Supergirl protected her from the Omega Effect. Darkseid flew to the roof and used the Amethyst to transmit the Equation. Supergirl was one of many to be transformed into another Darkseid.

Thanks to Batgirl's quick thinking, Harley, Raven, and Bumblebee were spared and they strategized in the Anti-Hall Monitor's pocket universe. Keying on Harley's words, Batgirl realized they could change the solution to the Equation by adding new variables, namely making the other supers remember who they were. Bumblebee, in her miniaturized form, distracted Supergirl with her blasts while Harley put her cape back on. It worked and she was restored to normal. After the Amethyst reverted to normal and changed everyone back, Supergirl delivered the first blow and punched Darkseid into the air then Wonder Woman slammed him into the pavement with her Lasso of Truth. The supers attacked him until he retreated through a Boom Tube.