Star Sapphire

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Real Identity: Carol Ferris
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Webisodes): Welcome to Super Hero High, All About Super Hero High, Crazy Quiltin', Power Outage, Fall Into Super Hero High, Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy, Clubbing, Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman, New Beginnings, Batgirl vs. Supergirl, Doubles Trouble, Franken-Ivy, Hero of the Month: Katana, Hero of the Month: Frost, Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl, Ring of Mire, Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire, Roomies Return: Frost's Bite, Surprise!, Hero of the Month: Beast Boy, Body Electric, and Fresh Ares Part 1
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Supergirl at Super Hero High, and Batgirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis, Hits and Myths
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Comics): Savage High Part 1, Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 1, Egging On Part 2, and Every Trick in the Book
Appearances (LEGO Webisode): Trading Places
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Hard Light Construct Generation, Force Field Generation, Violet Energy Blasts, and Flight
Voiced By: Jessica DiCicco

Star Sapphire always looks good (if she does say so herself). The resident diva, Star's a bit misunderstood, and though she doesn't always show it, she just wants to be loved. But hey, who doesn't? Sapphire comes from an affluent family in Coast City who owns Ferris Aircraft. She received her power ring from the Violet Lanterns as a gift. When used, it makes others like her. Overall, it can influence emotions, harmony or heartbreak, depending on her mood. She is roommates with Frost, Miss Martian, and Lady Shiva but considers herself as her own best friend. Star Sapphire is a member of the Science Club, gives relationship advice on the School Internet Radio Station, and has a crush on Hal Jordan. Rumor had it she tried to convince her family that she belonged on the cover of Super Hero Super Model Magazine and had been begging them to buy the company. Star Sapphire and Golden Glider were assigned by Crazy Quilt to provide input and constructive criticism for Wonder Woman's super suit project.

As Harley Quinn's HQTV rose in popularity, Sapphire informed Harley her parents might be interested in buying part of it. Star Sapphire got an A+ in Intro to Super Suits and was placed in charge of the Super Triathlon team's uniforms. Working with Crazy Quilt and the Super Sewing Club, she took each member's suit and modified them with the team logo and other embellishments to create a cohesive look. She attended the party celebrating Wonder Woman's first supervillain defeat. Star Sapphire participated in a park clean up but as soon as Lois Lane finished recording a segment, she threw the trash down and took off her gloves. She rushed to a restroom and washed her hands. Her ring fell down the pipe into the sewers. Star steeled herself and went down into the sewers.

However, Killer Croc rose up from the sludge and tried to eat her. Star dodged Croc's attacks and with no other choice, took a breath and dove into the muck. She put her ring back on, shunting the muck off, and wore Croc down with various constructs, a boot, a giant teddy bear, an anvil, a closet, and a cube, until he begged her to stop using the ring. Star humored him and knocked him out with one punch. He sunk into the muck. Star returned to school and took a shower. Afterwards, she walked through the hall but Harley accidentally dropped her stack of pies on her. Surprisingly, she wasn't irritated as usual. After what she went through, pies were a piece of cake. Soon after the fiasco, Star Sapphire won Hero of the Month. She was elated but realized the photo used in the announcement was not one of her preapproved publicity photos. She flew out of Capes & Cowls Cafe back to school and had the photo exchanged. Carl Ferris, her father, soon arrived outside Super Hero High in his private jet. Sapphire was there to greet him and share the good news then asked for $1 million to rescue homeless puppies. He agreed to the request without hesitation. Just as Waller closed out the announcement, Sapphire ran up to her and asked the camera crew to end on her good side.

The day before semester finals, she "reminded" Hal Jordan about asking her to Harley Quinn's party. When he asked her, Sapphire said she would think about it. They both went to the party after school. During Hero of the Year, Sapphire helped decorate campus on the Thursday before the ceremony. One of Eclipso and Dark Opal's Shadow Demons stole Sapphire's power ring to serve as a component for the legendary Scepter. The night of the gala, she recovered the ring after Supergirl destroyed the weapon. Sapphire fashioned herself an angelic visage and fired arrow constructs at the shadows. The following semester, on a Friday, Sapphire participated in a closed rehearsal with Mammoth and Ravager. Sapphire wanted to know why Ravager always got to be the queen but Ravager stated she had seniority and talent. The Metropolis Junior Detective Society interrupted them. Eventually, Sapphire threw down a cage construct on them. Batgirl revealed someone stole a wig from the costume room. Star was voted "Most Dramatic" and "Room That Only Star Sapphire Could Love" in the Super Hero High School Yearbook.