Poison Ivy

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Real Identity: Pamela Isley
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Webisodes): Welcome to Super Hero High, All About Super Hero High, Crazy Quiltin', Fall Into Super Hero High, Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy, Designing Disaster, Weaponomics, Clubbing, Hero of the Month: Bumblebee, Saving the Day, Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman, New Beginnings, Hero of the Month: Supergirl, Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn, Franken-Ivy, Hero of the Month: Katana, Hero of the Month: Frost, The Blunder Games, Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl, The Ultimate Accessory, Cold Blooded, Hero of the Month: Beast Boy, Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2, Seeing Red, Stealth 101 Part 1, Stealth 101 Part 2, Body Electric, Techless Tuesday, Fresh Ares Part 1, Fresh Ares Part 2, Fresh Ares Part 3, Fight Flub, It's a Superful Life, Fish Out of Water Part 2, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Nevermore Part 3, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2, By the Yearbook, Spell-shocked Part 2, Bottle Episode, Mood Ring, My New Best Fiend, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 2, Haunted Harley, For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 1, For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 2, Missing Martian, Water Water Nowhere, Fortress of Solidarity Part 1, Super Gift Swap, My So-Called Anti-Life Part 2, and My So-Called Anti-Life Part 3
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Supergirl at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Comics): Free Comic Book Day Edition 2016, Intro to Prehistory Part 1, Intro to Prehistory Part 2, Halloween ComicFest 2016 Edition, Intro to Prehistory Part 3, The Dino Egg Effect Part 1, Savage High Part 1, Savage High Part 2, Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 2, Egging On Part 1, Egging On Part 2, Deja Vu Part 1, Deja Vu Part 2, Gimme a Summer Break, A Punch of Color, The Write Stuff, Paper Trail, The Switcheroo-Witcheroo, On the Same Page, Final Draft, Stay Calm, Krypton, Barry-foot in the Bark, and Teenage Crisis
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis, Hits and Myths, and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO Webisode): Wonder Waitress
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Plant Manipulation, Plant Growth, and Biology Genius
Voiced By: Tara Strong

When a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to control plants, her life changed forever. Now, she's finally blossoming into her new life, and doing the best she can to adapt to her amazing new super powers. The garden variety misfit is a scientific genius but shy and idealistic. Watch out! Ivy's green thumb has a thorny side. Sure, she makes the plants do her bidding, but she also nurtures them, which helps her stay connected to them. When she's not outdoors, Ivy is planted in her lab. That's where she figured out how to make plants grow from acorn to giant oak in the blink of an eye. If you don't think plants have feelings, you need to wake up and smell the roses. Ivy treates all the plants as equals, and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

While attending Super Hero High, Ivy, a native of Gotham City, began to quietly search for new ways to increase her superpowers. She also secretly grew dangerous and forbidden plants in the school greenhouse. After opening the doors to Super Hero High for Principal Waller, Poison Ivy went to a science lab. A cactus came to life. Katana drew her sword and tried to attack it but Ivy stood in her way. Poison Ivy once won the "Hero of the Month" award in part for saving her classmates Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, and faculty member Barbara Gordon from three plant creatures... Waller commended Ivy for exceptional grades and meeting her community service requirements but advised her to join a social club. She settled on the Science Club and joined. Ivy used her powers to fix a bed of dead roses in Centennial Park. The Metropolis Family Farm was grateful for her help in providing wholesome fresh food to those in need.

During finals, Ivy worked with Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Bumblebee to save Lucius Fox and the Amethyst. Ivy summoned several vines to restabilize the Amethyst and its perch atop the school. She attended the party celebrating Wonder Woman's first supervillain defeat. Ivy took part in a Save the Day involving Killer Croc. In the finale, she wrapped Croc up in vines. She helped out the Metropolis Junior Detective Society with identifying flora found near the Boom Tube rooms. The next day, at lunch, Ivy confirmed to them it was bamboo. About a week later, Ivy participated in another Save the Day and wrapped up Giganta in vines - allowing Wonder Woman to knock her out with a shield blast. Ivy helped defend the school from Granny Goodness and her Female Furies. She saved Lady Shiva after Stompa tossed her. Annoyed with all the ruined grass, Ivy wrapped Stompa up in vines. Ivy put on a show featuring two flowers dancing across a pond but Frost froze them by accident by sneezing.

Batgirl, Bumblebee, and Ivy overheard Frost's sneezes and investigated her dorm room. It was totally frozen. They spent the rest of the day and the entire night tending to Frost with treatments. Ivy tried giving her kale juice. By the next morning, Frost was back to normal and in good spirits again. Batgirl, Ivy, and Bumblebee, however, caught her cold. Ivy used too much fertilizer on Chompy and it grew into a giant and rampaged, breaking through a wall and spooking Beast Boy and Starfire. The next afternoon, on the day before semester finals, Ivy served out her detention. She admitted she couldn't wait to graduate so she could do whatever she wanted and not wilt away in detention. Cheetah goaded her into making the biggest wildest plant ever for finals to prove her powers had improved. She chose a potted plant from Waller's office, liberated it, and named it Mister Greenburg.

Ivy noticed an advertisement, left on the greenhouse door, for a mega sale of 50% off all radioactively enhanced super-grow fertilizer at Lexcorp Garden Supply. She walked through downtown past Capes & Cowls Cafe as Bumblebee left, past Metropolis Bank where some plants grew, and past some fences to the supply store. Lex Luthor attacked her inside. With no plants to summon, Ivy tried to improvise and threw a cash register at him in vain. He swatted it aside and captured her with a rope. Wonder Woman, Katana, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Harley were also caught. Starting at 11:52 pm, Batgirl began work on a power amplifier to boost Ivy's powers. Hours later, it was completed. Katana got an idea to call upon a stealthy plant. Ivy brought a vine to their location and took away the chunk of Kryptonite powering their prison cell. The girls defeated Luthor together then raced back to campus for finals but they were too late.

Batgirl showed Waller a video blog of them fighting Luthor as a team and they were passed. During the build up to Hero of the Year, Ivy helped decorate campus, including summoning gilded roses from bushes. She also helped with guarding the reactivated Amethyst and campus. During Opal's attempt to steal Supergirl's Mnemosyne Cystal, the battle caused damage to the surrounding forest to Ivy's horror. Once Katana realized the Shadow Demons were vulnerable to light, Ivy had the trees move away to let sunlight in. The following semester, Ivy planned to go to Wonder Woman's slumber party on Themyscira. Chompy attacked Lobo for trying to break into the greenhouse. Unaware of the break in, Wonder Woman, Katana, and Harley forced Chompy to spit Lobo out. Ivy read them the riot act. Harley caught up to Lobo and tagged him with her mallet them Ivy caught him with some vines. He admitted he was looking for Etrigan to collect on a bounty. Ivy, Batgirl, Harley, Wonder Woman, Katana, Hawgirl, Flash, and Bumblebee went to the Portal Coffee Shop to help Supergirl, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy.

The Battle of the Bands! came to a swift end but Black Canary, Black Condor, and Magpie took off with the Batjet. Batgirl, Supergirl, Ivy, Hawkgirl, and Flash tracked it to Smallville. Harley got the drop on Condor with a party favor. Ivy wrangled him with several corn stalks. Once the Smallville Special Crimes Unit took the delinquents away, the girls went on to Themyscira for Wonder Woman's slumber party. Poison Ivy was voted as "Best Student I.D. Picture" in the Super Hero High School Yearbook. Wonder Woman invited Ivy to join her at Mount Olympus for the summer but Ivy couldn't bear to leave her garden. Later in the summer, Wonder Woman facetimed her from Demeter's garden. Ivy was amazed to see the Mythiosa Orchid was real after all. Halfway through the summer, Ivy met Demeter face to face but she was under Strife's spell. Demeter wrapped her up in vines and named her new plant Silent Ivy. Harley found Ivy and freed her.

They found Demeter and tied her up atop a tree. Ivy named it sugar because revenge was so sweet. She took part in the battle against Ares and tied up his left leg in vines but fell under Strife's spell. She attacked Harley while they argued about not calling each other. For one of Crazy Quilt's stealth suit assignments, Ivy was paired up with Batgirl. Ivy found her fashion sense too colorless and boring. Ivy rejected Batgirl's ideas and reiterated they had to make their suits together. She conceded one could use some green and pushed a button on Batgirl's computer. They were drenched in green gunk. Batgirl's one suit and Ivy's various attempts failed to avoid detection by Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, Trigon, Firefly, and Giganta. On the day before the due date, Ivy presented her latest try at a stealth suit and Batgirl approved. They set off in the Batjet to save Crazy Quilt from Killer Moth. Batgirl and Ivy sneaked into Moth's hideout.

Batgirl stressed staying under the radar but Ivy raised herself to the ceiling with a vine. Ivy blew out pollen into the hallway and it revealed Moth's infrared laser alarm system. They climbed across the ceiling on the vine. The girls sneaked onto the main stage. Batgirl stopped Ivy from touching the laser cannon then followed her lead and hid behind a potted plant. Once Ivy pulled Quilt to safety with vines, Batgirl announced herself by insulting Moth's costume. Moth tried to run for it but Batgirl cut him off. Moth rolled over and wrapped her up with his cocoon gun. As she struggled free, Ivy blocked off Moth's exit with a giant vine. Batgirl got free and activated the laser cannon with a Batarang. Moth was zapped. Batgirl had Oracle remotely summon the Batty Wagon and Moth was placed inside. Quilt was impressed with their suits and gave the partnership project an A+.

Ivy was dubious of a visit from Catwoman while she was working out a formula and told her she didn't have an catnip. As she suspected, Catwoman wanted something else. Catwoman reminded her Gotham girls should stick together. Ivy caved and gave her a Pollen Grenade. Catwoman used it to steal the Amulet of Harmonia off of Ares. As a result, Ares went on a rampage. Ivy tried using the plants outside Capes & Cowls to immobilize Ares. To her horror, he marched on and uprooted the plants. Ivy experimented with Sleeping Poppies in Super Hero High's greenhouse but the pollen was accidentally discharged all over campus, rendering all the students and faculty asleep. Ivy searched for anyone awake and found Harley in the shop. She tackled Harley before she removed her face mask and explained everything. Harley reckoned she was in a lot of trouble. Ivy rationalized if she woke everyone, it would be okay. Ivy had an idea and had Harley drive them to a swamp in search of the rare Rise and Shine Orchid to counteract the poppies.

They were targeted by Solomon Grundy for a meal. Harley was upset when Grundy jumped on the quad and warned him not to ruin her new paint job. She pushed a button and a spring loaded boxing glove punched Grundy off into a pond. Ivy saw the orchid but Grundy was angry. Harley wondered out loud if there was anywhere else they could look. Ivy summoned a vine to immobilize him but it wasn't enough. Several more vines finally stopped Grundy. A Rise and Shine Orchid trotted over onto Ivy's palm. Ivy was still unsure how to distribute the pollen. Harley suggested using her quad's stink bomb technology. It was a total success. They awakened Waller in her office. Ivy quickly stated it was just a dream and they left. Waller looked out her window and saw the greenhouse all wrecked. She yelled Ivy's name. Ivy manned a hose during Trigon's assault on Super Hero High. Ivy defeated Cheshire after she triggered a city-wide blackout and had a vine grab her mid-jump kick. Wonder Woman took photos for the yearbook.

During the tree lighting ceremony, Ivy used her ability to generate a giant wreath. Trigon misunderstood what a tree lighting was and lit Super Hero High's on fire. After Mera put out the flames, Ivy made the tree regenerate back to its former splendor. As part of her going green initiative, Ivy had Super Hero High install a bottle procurement mechanism in the trash compactor just in case. The next week, on Earth Day, Ivy gave a presentation about going green and handed out recyclable pamphlets about the benefits. Ivy's procurement mechanism saved the Bottled City of Kandor from certain doom. She returned the city to Supergirl. After several Green Kryptomites were dealt with in the Mechanics, Robotics, and Automotive Workshop, Ivy noticed one of the things they tried to steal from Supergirl's rocket ship was a plant. Mistaking it for a Kryptonian species, Ivy cultivated it in hopes of cheering Supergirl up after she had a bad week. In reality, it was a parasitic plant called the Black Mercy.

Ivy, Harley, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl attempted to pry it as far from Supergirl's chest as they could then Katana severed it with her blade. The remains tried to jump onto Supergirl but Chompy rose up from the floor and ate it.