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Real Identity: Mera
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Webisodes): Fish Out of Water Part 1, Fish Out of Water Part 2, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Missing Martian, Water Water Nowhere, Fortress of Solidarity Part 1, and Fortress of Solidarity Part 2
Powers/Skills: Hydrokinesis
Voiced By: Erica Lindbeck

Mera is a new student at Super Hero High School and is from the undersea kingdom Atlantis. Wonder Woman befriended Mera. She was present when Mera did her first day evaluation for Wildcat in the gym. Mera demonstrated her hydrokinesis by raising a wave of water through the floor. She did a double spiral and got everyone wet but Wildcat meant the bench press test. Mera took her time at the water fountain and discovered a long line of supers behind her after Beast Boy turned into a whale and yelled. That night, Mrs. Clayface stole three purses and was chased through Centennial Park by Mera, Katana, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn. She was surrounded by a fountain. Mrs. Clayface extended her arms and shoved Batgirl and Harley to the ground. Katana stomped her head and cut her right arm off but Mrs. Clayface quickly reconnected it. Mera wanted to help and directed the fountain's water into Mrs. Clayface but it only made her bigger. She knocked Katana into the bushes then escaped into the sewers.

Wonder Woman walked Mera to her dorm and reassured her it was hard starting out at first but she would figure it out. Mera thought of Stormy, her friend and a giant seahorse. She went to the Metropolis Docks and sat on the pier, telling Stormy she wasn't sure she would ever fit in. Stormy tried to comfort her but suddenly, she saw Miss Martian being chased by Firefly through the maze of cargo boxes. Mera searched for Miss Martian and was pulled aside. Miss Martian revealed herself and stated Firefly had some evil plan to use her mind control powers and her blood couldn't stand fire. Mera remembered an Atlantian saying "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the North Atlantic current." Miss Martian didn't get it but Mera affirmed she would help her escape. Firefly found them and opened fire. Mera played coy about who Miss Martian was. Firefly became irritated and ordered her out of his way then fired. Mera dodged the flames and countered with a turrent of water. Firefly got up and threw out several smoke bombs to flush out Miss Martian.

Mera jumped into the bay, got on Stormy, then rose up on a giant standing tidal wave. She ordered Firefly to back off. Before he could attack, she blasted him through containers and knocked him out. As a thanks, Miss Martian and Wonder Woman organized a pool party for Mera. She was happy to see Stormy and jumped in. She thanked Wonder Woman for helping her fit in then gave her the 'traditional Atlantean gift of gratitude' - a splash party. It was innocent enough until she made a giant wave. Trigon misunderstood the tree lighting ceremony and lit Super Hero High's tree on fire. Mera sent a chunk of ice over the tree and put out the flames then Poison Ivy regrew the tree. Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Frost, and Mera tracked Supergirl's communication bracelet to the North Pole after she abruptly left the tree lighting ceremony at Super Hero High. They arrived in time and intervened before Captain Cold could take Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal. Cold got free of Batgirl's Batjet snowploy and ordered Mera to stay back and fired icicles.

Mera was amused and chalked it up to her still being a new and unknown super then used her hydrokinesis to stop them and fired them back. Cold ducked then traded shots with Frost. Cold continued to resist and ran to the shore. With nowhere else to go, he aimed his Cold Gun at the head of a polar bear and ordered Mera and Frost not to take another step. Mera waived a finger behind her back and raised a wave of water onto Cold then Frost froze it. Cold was confined in a giant ice block. A Metropolis Special Crimes Unit helicopter arrived and airlifted him back to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Supergirl remembered what Cold said about her crystal and tried something. It glowed and generated a crystalline building. The supers congratulated her on creating a home away from home but Supergirl remembered her mother said the best gifts were the ones that were shared and proclaimed it their Fortress of Solidarity. Mera overslept and missed the bus for the amusement park field trip. She had no idea how to get there and realized the pool in her dorm room was drained of water.

Mera suspected the plumbing was not working and went looking for Parasite. Mera went outside and found a broken pipe and Killer Croc's tracks. Mera ran back inside and shoved him away from a lock key before he could steal an eagle sculpture on loan from the art museum then ran around checking everywhere for water, including a water fountain, the Justice statue fountain, and soda fountains in the cafeteria. Mera ran to the greenhouse and checked Poison Ivy's watering cans to no avail. Croc caught up and demanded the key. She grabbed a potted cactus and only got a laugh from him. He boasted his skin was impenetrable against a cactus. Mera drew out the stored water and knocked him through a wall onto the ground below. He ran off. Ivy, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn found her fixing things up in the greenhouse. Mera mentioned her new green friend. Wonder Woman thought she meant Croc. Mera presented the cactus. They all laughed.