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Real Identity: Tatsu Yamashiro
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Webisodes): Welcome to Super Hero High, All About Super Hero High, Crazy Quiltin', Fall Into Super Hero High, Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy, Designing Disaster, Clubbing, Hero of the Month: Bumblebee, Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman, New Beginnings, Batgirl vs. Supergirl, Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn, Hero of the Month: Batgirl, Doubles Trouble, Franken-Ivy, Hero of the Month: Katana, Hero of the Month: Frost, The Blunder Games, Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl, Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire, The Ultimate Accessory, Roomies Return: Frost's Bite, Surprise!, Spring Prison Break, For Art's Sake, Stealth 101 Part 1, Body Electric, Fight Flub, It's a Superful Life, Fish Out of Water Part 1, Fish Out of Water Part 2, Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Pets Peeved Part 1, Pets Peeved Part 2, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Truth of the Lasso Part 3, Truth of the Lasso Part 4, and Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2, Spell-shocked Part 2, Mood Ring, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 2, Haunted Harley, For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 2, Missing Martian, My So-Called Anti-Life Part 1, My So-Called Anti-Life Part 2, and My So-Called Anti-Life Part 3
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Supergirl at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Comics): Free Comic Book Day 2016 Edition, Intro to Prehistory Part 1, Intro to Prehistory Part 2, Halloween ComicFest 2016 Edition, Intro to Prehistory Part 3, The Dino Egg Effect Part 1, Savage High Part 1, Savage High Part 2, Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 2, Egging On Part 1, Egging On Part 2, Deja Vu Part 1, Deja Vu Part 2, State of the Martial Art, Friends in High Places, Gimme a Summer Break, One-Hit Wonder Woman, A Punch of Color, Summertime Madness, Every Trick in the Book, Painting the Town Red, Paper Trail, The Switcheroo-Witcheroo, On the Same Page, Final Draft, Two Sides to Every Story, Stay Calm, Krypton, Barry-foot in the Bark, and Teenage Crisis
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis, Hits and Myths, and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO Webisodes): Trading Places and Showdown
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Swordsmanship, Above Average Agility, and Stealth
Voiced By: Stephanie Sheh

Katana wields her sword with art and grace! Always on the cutting edge (get it?) of art and fashion, she's totes fearless and uber funky. When her skills aren't being put to the test fighting crime, you'll find her chatting with her sword...it's like her pet! The artist with an edge's top three traits are being creative, fearless, and an expert with the sword. Her style packs some serious punch! Katana blends her love of art and fashion to create a look as unique as she is. Katana's sword is an extension of herself and in her hands it becomes an instrument of living precision. Maybe that's why she often talks to it like it's so much more than a sword to her. When she's not kickin' it with her friends, she's kicking things in the gym, sharpening her martial arts skills. By the time she started at Super Hero High, Katana had traveled around the world and stayed on the cutting edge of fashion. Katana prefers dark colors so she can be stealthy. Katana is a member of the Band Club and Speech and Debate Club.

As Bumblebee gave Wonder Woman a tour of the school, Katana was in a science lab with her sword drawn against a Cactus Monster but Poison Ivy stood in front of it and convinced her to spare the beast. During a Weaponomics demonstration, Katana used her samurai sword, a katana blade and a sai. Katana is also known to be able to make a weapon out of anything. As a farewell gift for Barbara Gordon, Supergirl enlisted Katana to design and construct a super suit. It was ultimately the suit she used as Batgirl. She nicknamed Supergirl "Supes."

Katana later teamed up with Supergirl for a tennis doubles match against Cyborg. She believed the match was theirs because of Supergirl's super strength, super speed and mad reflexes. Katana encouraged Supergirl to shake off the beginners nerves and the game went on but suddenly Supergirl flew off to apprehend Double Dare nearby. Katana admitted she was a pretty amazing superhero and handed her the trophy they were playing for. Not one to back down from a chance to practice her sword skills, Katana helped Ivy and "trimmed" her monster-sized pet Frankie back to a little potted plant. Katana was soon announced to be the next Hero of the Month.

The day before semester finals, Katana practiced her combat skills with Beast Boy in the gym. She won 642 of 645 matches. She wanted to practice stealth next so they played Super Hide-and-Seek throughout campus from the greenhouse to Crazy Quilt's classroom. Katana came out of a vent in Waller's office and found Beast Boy on her desk as a chameleon but her sword fell out of her hilt and sliced Waller's bowling trophy in half. They took it to Quilt's classroom and repaired the trophy with hot glue. While Beast Boy distracted Waller, Katana sneaked into her office and returned the trophy. Lex Luthor, in stealth mode, stole Katana's sword and overpowered her. The next morning, Luthor was defeated after Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, Katana, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Harley escaped. They returned to school for finals and were late but managed to convince Waller to pass them after showing video of them fighting Luthor as a team.

As part of their Task Force X course, Katana and Frost were assigned to guard Belle Reve Penitentiary during Spring Break after Lashina's plan to break out the Furies was intercepted. With little choice, Katana took her sword and sliced up the keypad to Big Barda's cell. Barda used her expertise to disable an Agony Matrix planted on a guard named Brian. Katana stood watch while Frost took on Lashina, Stompa, and Mad Harriet on her own. Katana was one of the nominees for Hero of the Year. Katana made use of her swordsmanship and agility to help decorate campus. She later helped with guarding the Amethyst. On Friday night, a Shadow Demon stole on of her shuriken as she slept. It was used as a component for Eclipso and Dark Opal's Scepter of ultimate power. On Saturday, the day of Hero of the Year, Katana helped with guarding campus. Supergirl searched for her in the nearby forest to relieve her but was targeted by Dark Opal for her Mnemosyne Crystal.

Katana heard Big Barda's alert and converged on her along with Harley and Ivy. Katana took on Opal, sword vs. sword. While their swords were locked, a ray of sunlight bounced off Katana's and vaporized one of the Shadow Demons. Katana elbowed Opal then alerted everyone about the shadows' weakness. The following semester, on a Thursday, Katana went to a Heroball scrimmage. The next day, she planned to go to Wonder Woman's slumber party on Themyscira but wanted to finish her painting project before the weekend. She stayed late in June Moone's classroom to work on it. Wonder Woman and Harley arrived to ask Moone about the stolen Batjet. They all heard a noise from the greenhouse. Wonder Woman, Harley, and Katana forced Chompy to spit out Lobo. They found out he was pretending to be interested in transferring to Super Hero High in order to track down Etrigan to collect on a bounty. Ivy, Batgirl, Harley, Wonder Woman, Katana, Flash, Hawkgirl and Bumblebee raced to the Portal Coffee Shop to help Supergirl's team stop the Battle of the Bands.

Katana took on Silver Banshee, who used a mic stand to fight back with. Once the battle was over, Katana went to the Underworld on Wonder Woman's team. They discovered Trigon, lord of the Underworld, had Etrigan but they ended up trapped themselves. Luckily, Miss Martian turned invisible from fright and she proceeded to let everyone out. They made their way back to the portal but were chased by demons. Katana elected to go last and held off the demons until everyone was clear. Wonder Woman and Katana returned to the Portal just in time as the portal closed. After Waller sent Etrigan to a safe location via Boom Tube, Wonder Woman's team went to Smallville to assist Batgirl's team in retrieving the stolen Batjet. Katana and Harley took the Invisible Jet there since they couldn't fly. Once the Batjet was secured and the culprits Black Canary, Black Condor, and Magpie in the Smallville Special Crimes Unit's custody, the girls went to Themyscira for their slumber party.

June Moone took a look at Katana's comic book project and believed it was one of the best comics projects she saw in all her years teaching art at Super Hero High. Katana took the longest to complete her painting for Super Hero High's Student Art Show Fundraiser. Hours after the others finished, Katana was still working. She told Moone she wanted her artistic debut to be uber-tastic. Meanwhile, the Double Dare twins stole Silver St. Cloud's masterpiece from the art show and attempted to get away after neutralizing Supergirl with Kryptonite. Katana heard the commotion and tried climbing drapes to the second floor but Aliki cut it with her knife. Katana jammed her sword into the wall and swung up. The twins went to plan D and dropped over the edge, swung from her sword, hit an emergency door button, and ran for it. Katana managed to swing down on drapes and slide under the superproof door as it came down. The twins ran into Moone's room and held Katana's painting at swordpoint with her own sword.

Katana accepted their dare and improvised. She threw several brushes at Aliki and pinned her to a wall then squirted ink at Margot. Margot shielded herself with the painting and ran for it. Katana threw a painter's pallet under her feet. Margot slided right into Aliki and they were knocked unconscious. Katana recovered the stolen artwork. St. Cloud walked in and saw Katana's finished painting. She proclaimed it was a masterpiece and found it so lively, unique, and unexpected. She asked Katana how she found her inspiration. Katana replied it found her. The painting later won an award at the fundraiser. Katana was voted as "Most Fashionable" in the Super Hero High School Yearbook. For the summer break, Katana went on a tour of Europe with Beast Boy and Batgirl. They set off for London first. While they visited the British Museum, they got involved in solving a museum heist. Katana spotted the thief in a crowd from the CCTV footage the guard showed them. Katana led the chase and kept Batgirl on task but she and Beast Boy were knocked out with a sleep grenade at Big Ben.

While Beast Boy picked up Batgirl, Katana searched around Big Ben and found a map leftover by the thief. They retired to a Cod Rest His Sole Fish & Chips cafe to try and figure out the thief's next move. After Katana and Batgirl talked it out, they discovered the map was one of the Louvre. Katana was excited since she always wanted to go. They headed to Paris and staked out the Greek exhibits but didn't find anything missing. Katana remembered most of a museum's collection was kept in storage. Batgirl the bypassed security keypad and got them in but they were arrested by the French police for the theft of the Shield of Ares. Commissioner Gordon bailed them out but wasn't pleased at all. Hawkgirl returned Batgirl's call and shared her research on the Golden Olive Branch and the Shield of Ares. There was a third artifact tied to them, the Amulet of Harmonia, that turned out to be on Themsycira. Unable to contact Wonder Woman, they drove their rental mopeds to the Charles De Gaulle Airport and took a flight to Greece.

They then made their way to Mount Olympus and learned the thief was Strife, a goddess of chaos, who was in league with her brother Ares, god of war. She stole the Golden Olive Branch, Amulet of Harmonia, and Shield of Ares to ensure he would be unstoppable when they invaded Metropolis. To save time, Bumblebee got an idea to trick Hermes into delivering a message to Supergirl. They grabbed hold of him and were taken to Smallville. Once Supergirl, Barda, and Shiva were briefed on the situation, they headed for Metropolis and battled the invading gods. Katana fell under Strife's spell of discord and fought Frost. Frost made a sword of ice and froze Katana's. Wonder Woman learned of a third weakness to the Shield of Ares and Strife's spell, philia which she interpreted as the bond of sisterhood. She wrapped her wrist with the Lasso of Truth and vowed to do anything for her friends to ensure they survived then listed off what she loved about everyone. For Katana, Wonder Woman pointed out she made her super suit. The spell was broken. Katana helped return the Golden Olive Branch to the British Museum.

Katana pursued several drawings of supers animated with Magic Paint into a Super-Buy. Black Canary happened to be in the midst of a signing for her new solo album. Katana accused her of collusion but Canary explained her recent reformation after contemplating her life. After a fan helped liberate stolen albums from a drawing of Bumblebee with a drone, Katana accepted Canary's help. They went to the video games section and found drawings of Batgirl and Supergirl racing each other. On Katana's cue, Canary took them out with her Canary Cry. The Batgirl was tied up in AV cables. Katana made Supergirl listen to a recording on Canary Cry on repeat. Katana wasn't pleased to see Canary more concerned with protecting her CDs as well as her super hero declaration. Katana tried to free her animated counterpart from the grasp of the animated Starro but it wouldn't let go. The severed tentacle struck Katana then Starro grew another.

Wildcat assigned Katana to help Big Barda understand the concept of Advanced Martial Arts class. Barda believed her muscles and Mega Rod were enough but Katana contended the ancient martial arts were superior. The Double Dare twins dropped out of vent with the Weaponomics Cross Blaster Prototype. Katana launched a jump kick into Margot then shoved Aliki but Margot tripped her with the prototype and took aim. Barda rushed over and batted the prototype away. Katana threw a throwing star at the climbing rope and Aliki fell on her back. After the Batty Wagon took the twins away, Katana admitted she didn't need martial arts. Barda admitted she was good fighter despite being scrawny then asked her to teach her leg sweep. Katana quickly demonstrated and swept Barda. She helped Barda up but Barda tossed her. They continued sparring. Katana worked with Mera, Harley, and Batgirl in going after Mrs. Clayface after she stole three purses one evening. They surrounded her at a fountain in Centennial Park. Katana stomped her head and sliced her right arm off after she shoved Batgirl and Harley to the ground. Mera tried to help but only made Mrs. Clayface bigger with water. She knocked Katana into the bushes then escaped into the sewers.

After Principal Waller relaxed the No Pets policy, Katana got a pet fox she named Kitsune. Katana and Kitsune took part in Grodd's Super Pets class. Several supers responded to the Save the Day alarm. Katana hitched a ride on Harley's quad. Katana fought King Shark. She jumped atop the gate he ripped out and disarmed him then kicked him onto his back. The supers chased Killer Moth's red herring robot into a cage and were trapped. Katana's sword was no match for the cage's force field. The Super Pets banded together and freed them. During a field trip, Katana was suddenly forced to take the wheel of the bus when Harley split the cab off as another vehicle. Cheetah was later found out to be the thief. Katana helped capture Margot but Starfire sadly declared they stopped the twins from stealing Lena Luthor's property. Katana decided to organize a dance for her but Supergirl and Wonder Woman had never been to a dance before.

Katana made them dresses and Crazy Quilt taught them how to dance. During the first lesson, Beast Boy got cold feet and turned away from Katana after Supergirl spun Flash into the stage and Wonder Woman spun Cyborg into the ceiling. They presented Starfire with the good news and Katana presented a dress she made for her. During the dance, Lobo invited Katana to show him her skills. She brandished her nunchuku and nailed him then kicked him into a wall and pinned him with several throwing stars. She drew her sword and pointed the tip at his face and asked if that answered his question. On Wonder Woman's cue, Katana kicked Lobo then uppercutted him into his classmates and they were bound with the Lasso of Truth. Starfire, Supergirl, Katana, and Wonder Woman ate at Capes & Cowls. After Steve asked Wonder Woman to dance, she happily put up her dukes. Katana explained he meant the other kind. Katana used her blade to sever the Black Mercy from Supergirl once Wonder Woman, Harley, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy were in position, holding a limb each.

Katana was one of Dr. Seid's top students chosen for a Tri-Matholon. During a mock trial of the multiple choice segment, Harley's test helped Seid solve the Anti-Life Equation. He revealed himself to be Darkseid all along. Katana tried throwing stars but they bounced off Darkseid. She was forced to dodge his Omega Effect beams. Katana was one of many to be transformed into a Darkseid by the Anti-Life Equation. She was restored to normal after Raven placed her sword back in her hands.

(Novels only) Katana comes a long line of Samurai warriors. Onna-bugeisha Yamashiro, her maternal grandmother Sobo, because the first female Samurai super hero after she graduated from Red Planet Prep. Onna hid her identity and also later had a daughter who kept her maiden name and passed it onto her daughter Tatsu. All three were the only child of their parents. Onna's daughter found out about her heroic exploits at a young age and kept it a secret. Onna and her granddaughter Tatsu bonded. Onna would often disappear for days or weeks then returned home when there was news a disaster was averted or a village saved. Tatsu loved she could turn even a boring meal for two into a fabulous party by telling stories, singing, and smiling so brightly she lit up the room. She also loved Onna's stories, which were actually her exploits. Around third or fourth grade, Tatsu walked home from school with a couple friends down a winding road and saw a house on fire. A masked female Samurai in full grab appeared out of nowhere and saved the mother and children trapped inside. She used barrels of rainwater collected in the garden to put out the fire.

Tatsu raced home to tell Onna all about it. She found Onna drying her hair with a towel. She found it an odd time to take a bath then smelled something. She saw leaves and cinders in Onna's room and realized she was the Samurai. Tatsu wanted to be just like her. Eventually, Onna taught Tatsu the basics of swordsmanship and martial arts in secret. Onna told her to always trust her instincts. Dragon Prince, now the Dragon King, contacted Onna to meet as they promised when they graduated high school. He lied and said he had a present for her. Dragon King demanded the Muteki Sword so he could take over the world. Onna objected and they fought. Dragon King was backed up by 100 accomplices. Onna-bugeisha never returned home and Dragon King continued his search for the Muteki Sword. Tatsu was accepted to Super Hero High School in Metropolis and became Katana. She defeated the Fox's Fiends robots with the samurai sword and chopped the burning trees with such speed the fires were extinguished then took hold of one of the smoldering logs and catapulted herself into the mountain cave.

Katana attached the hilt of her sword to the hook on the gas cannister and whirled it over her head. She completed the trial by heaving it into the Poison Lake where the other toxins consumed it. Oddly, a tip on her sai was missing. It later showed up on Wonder Woman's door with a threatening note. Poison Ivy confirmed Katana could not have done it because she didn't leave her room the morning of the threatening note. Katana was chosen for the 100th Annual Super Triathlon team. During the fire challenge of the A/P Test, she discovered her sword was sabotaged after it caught on fire. Frost put the fire out. In the locker room, Katana was irate and began accusing everyone but quickly apologized and admitted she wanted to win. In the water challenge, Katana dropped her sword to distract the Eclectic Electric Eels and allow her team to move on to the objective and find the treasure chest filled with gold. During the burlap sack race, Frost froze the twister then Katana shattered it with a couple of swift two-legged kicks.

After the conclusion of the Triathlon, Katana found her real sword behind some of the towel bins and thought it was Cheetah who did it. She brandished her sword and sliced the air, barely missing Golden Glider. In that instant, Wonder Woman saw the reflection of Glider's "LIVE" headband and realized she was the spy all along. She attended the party celebrating Wonder Woman's first supervillain defeat. Katana kick started the festivities by lobbing a three layer cake in the air and slicing into perfect portions that landed on the plates below. To evade the Dragon King, the Ghost Crabs took their 100 swords from the Temple of Sacred Swords to the aqueducts under Super Hero High School and led Katana to them after she returned with a cake for Batgirl.

For Liberty Belle's legacy project, Katana decided to focus on Onna and asked her parents. They decided it was time to tell the truth and revealed what they knew. Katana continued to be bothered by the mystery of the swords. Mrs. Yamashiro called Waller out of concern. Katana was assigned to Dr. Arkham's weekly "Family Business" meetings to help her cope with the pressures and fears of living up to her legacy. Some time later, during Weaponomics, Miss Martian got a telepathic message that "they" were coming. Outside in the hallway, Parasite sighted the Ghost Crabs tried to swat them away with his mop. He was annoyed they ruined the newly cleaned floor. The little scratches left by them lit up red under the ultraviolet light of Batgirl's magnifying glass. After making fencing team captain, Katana followed them through campus to Harmony Garden but they vanished. The Ghost Crabs continued to be always present yet seldom seen.

During Save the Day drills, Katana dove underwater after Parasite. A conch shell floated past and she heard another haiku telling her to prepare for battle then several Ghost Crabs sat on the reef and waived to her. Katana wondered if she really saw the crabs and dreamed about them. The crabs continued to be an annoyance around campus, running around and causing Supers to trip. It was determined they sometimes hanged out at the Harmony Garden but lived underground and came out when the Sun was out. To Miss Martian's surprise, she could read their minds. They warned danger was coming to Super Hero High then disappeared again. Batgirl checked her geographical scanner and confirmed something off the charts created a tsunami in the Chugoku region of Japan near Tottori. She and Supergirl verified the source of the disturbance was Dragon King and his army of 83 genetically enhanced criminals. The 100 swords appeared out of nowhere. Batgirl believed each sword represented each crab. The crabs prepared for the Dragon King's arrival mentally and physically in the aqueducts under Super Hero High.

Dragon King thought the Muteki Sword was at Super Hero High. He was impressed with Katana's skill and challenger her. He gloated that Onna's fatal flaw was trusting him then he told Katana about the day she died. Dragon King gained the upper hand and cast her sword aside. A crab apppeared and ran circles around him then turned into a giant dragon, revealing himself to be Beast Boy. Parasite decided to violate the terms of his parole and used his power stealing ability on Dragon King. He grabbed the King's tail and drained him. Katana regained her sword then saw a Ghost Crab in the corner of her eye. It reminded her of a line from one of the haikus, "Tranquil be the mind." Katana gathered herself, knocked the Dragon King's sword away then sent him into the ground with a flying kick. King thought he saw Onna-bugeisha instead of Katana and begged for forgiveness. She knicked him with her sword and he "deflated" into his true form of a tiny lizard. The King's army shriveled then the Ghost Crabs chased them away.

The crabs lined up and turned into ethereal versions of human Samurai and bowed to Katana. They stated they no longer sought to avenge and only ask for peace and tranquility in their next life. They wanted assurance their swords would be safe from evil and harm and asked Katana for a favor, to accompany the swords back to the Temple to reside in peace for all eternity. They bowed to Katana then turned back into the Ghost Crabs. The battered swords were bent back into shape by Wonder Woman, soldered by Supergirl's heat vision, hammered by Harley's mallet, and Star Sapphire replaced the lost gems. Katana returned to the spot where she defeated the Dragon King and found a lone crab waiting. It turned into the spirit of Onna and told Katana she had the Muteki Sword all along. She stated while revenge was easy, to pardon takes even more courage. Onna bowed to Katana, who was overcome with pride, joy, and love. Onna held up her hand and told her a person and their potential makes a sword stronger, never the other way around. She turned back into a Ghost Crab then vanished.

Katana was declared Hero of the Month and was given an A+ for her legacy project. At the ceremony, Katana called up Miss Martian and Parasite to the stage to share in the credit for saving Super Hero High. Katana thought of Onna and thanked her again then her sword glowed once more. Miss Martian discovered a conch shell carving in the wooden puzzle box Katana made during one of Ms. Moone's classes earlier. They were both surprised they weren't aware of it at the time. Miss Martian decided to keep the box and returned the shell to Katana.