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Real Identity: Kendra Munoz-Saunders
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Webisodes): Welcome to Super Hero High, All About Super Hero High, Fall Into Super Hero High, Weaponomics, Clubbing, Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman, New Beginnings, Batgirl vs. Supergirl, Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn, License to Fly, Hero of the Month: Katana, Dude, Where's My Invisible Jet?, Hero of the Month: Frost, The Blunder Games, Hawkgirl's Day Off, Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl, The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf, The Ultimate Accessory, Riddle of the Heart, Cold Blooded, Hero of the Month: Beast Boy, Seeing Red, A Fury Scorned, Body Electric, Fresh Ares Part 2, Fresh Ares Part 3, Gorilla Warfare, Dog Day After School, It's a Superful Life, Ring Me Maybe Part 4, Fish Out of Water Part 2, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2, Fly By Night, By the Yearbook, Spell-shocked Part 1, Spell-shocked Part 2, Mood Ring, Stage Fright, Hackgirl, My New Best Fiend, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 1, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 2, Haunted Harley, Missing Martian, Fortress of Solidarity Part 1, and Super Gift Swap
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Supergirl at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis, Hits and Myths, and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Appearances (Comics): Planet of the Bots, Zone In, Breaking Out, Moon Doggie, Fight and Space Flight, and The Final Frontier
Powers/Skills: Flight, Detection, Sleuthing, Knowledge of Multiple Fighting Styles, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Nika Futterman

As the hall monitor of Super Hero High School, Hawkgirl takes pride in making sure that the students are always following the rules. Her days are planned down to the last minute, but that doesn't mean she can't have fun...it just has to be scheduled!

Originally from St. Roch, when Hawkgirl was just a baby, her superhero parents were killed in the line of duty. Her Abuela Munoz put her heroing duties aside and raised Hawkgirl on her own in Venezuela. With her wingspan and warrior spirit, Hawkgirl developed an honorable sense of good and evil and stood up to fight for what's right. Every week, Abuela would send weekly care packages, that included her chocolate choclate chip cookies, to Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl's main weapon is the Mace of Justice. When prompted, the mace can also energize. She also wears a gravity defying Nth Metal belt and harness. It is a family heirloom passed down each generation. During a summer vacation, Hawkgirl flew past Mount Rushmore and noticed some boulders were placed on President Roosevelt's nose by CAD Academy students. She removed each one by herself. While Bumblebee gave Wonder Woman a tour of the school, Hawkgirl chased after Cheetah for violating the 25 mile per hour speed limit in hallways. She is also a member of the Metropolis Junior Detectives Society and developed a passion for history and a keen interest in ancient artifacts and weaponry. Hawkgirl later won Hero of the Month.

For a Weaponomics demonstration, Hawkgirl headed straight for the Fox's Fiends robots and maced them with direct hits, flew around the burning forest up to the mountain cave and scooped up the lethal gas cannister disguised as a stalagmite. She tossed it miles into the air to disperse, completing the objective. Wonder Woman brought Hawkgirl into her and Lois Lane's investigation of anonymous threats aimed at Wonder Woman. Hawkgirl was chosen as the alternate on the team going to the 100th Annual Super Triathlon. For the A/P Test, she was outfitted with a newly upgraded Nth Metal belt which granted her the power of flight and enhanced her strength and sight. Just before the finale of the Triathlon, Wonder Woman realized it was Hawkgirl's moment to show herself and her grandmother what she was made of. She faked a leg injury and requested Hawkgirl to go in her place. Participants had to carry an egg with a spoon in their mouth but if the egg cracked, a villainous bird would hatch out and attack. To compound matters, it was a free for all and anything was allowed to win. Captain Cold threw his egg at Hawkgirl but she was ready and grabbed the bird then flew skyward without dropping her own egg. Super Hero High won the Triathlon by one point.

Hawkgirl attended the party celebrating Wonder Woman's first supervillain defeat. As part of the junior detectives, Hawkgirl helped investigate suspicious attempts to break into the Boom Tube room. While Flash was quick to accuse Vice Principal Grodd, Hawkgirl urged him to gather enough hard evidence to make such an accusation. She also participated in a Save the Day alarm triggered by Giganta. In the finale of the battle, Hawkgirl flew Cheetah to safety after she wrapped Giganta's hair around her face then slapped on Harley Quinn's giant novelty handcuffs. She later single-handedly captured the super villain Lion Mane after finding a strand of his hair at a crime scene. Hawkgirl was chosen as Hero of the Month soon after. Hawkgirl, Flash and Batgirl spent a night rounding up cats, that happened to be released by Riddler as part of ploy to ask Batgirl out to the dance. Hawkgirl lamented there were real crimes to take care of. After following a clue on the last cat to the clock tower and rescuing a man, they followed the next clue to the Centennial Park Rose Garden but Hawkgirl and Flash were caught in a net.

The day before semster finals, Hawkgirl was tied with Wonder Woman and Lady Shiva for top of the class. At 8 pm, on night watch, the trio sighted Giganta at Capes & Cowls Cafe and went after her for extra credit. After the battle, Wonder Woman wanted to stay out. Hawkgirl recited Rule 37 Section 2B, only a group of two or more supers can stay out after-hours. Wonder Woman insisted she was only staying out for fun. Hawkgirl was a nominee for Hero of the Year. On the week leading up to Hero of the Year, Hawkgirl was paired up with Beast Boy during forensics. After he vented about being griped at, Hawkgirl advised him to stop being so wild. Beast Boy managed to convince Hawkgirl to teach him how to be a proper hero. Hawkgirl realized she could receive more points towards the big award by helping another hero succeed per Hero the Year Rule 10.1.234. She decided to train him to be a proper, rule-abiding hero like her. After class, she helped decorate the campus and moved statues with Cyborg. She flew to the Amethyst as soon as Lane published a new report about a top secret meeting and volunteered for the first shift guarding the giant gem.

Early into the next day, Hawkgirl practiced her acceptance speech and was attacked by Dark Opal. He knocked her out with a blast of magic then stole her Nth Metal belt. Big Barda went to relieve Hawkgirl and found her still unconscious. Hawkgirl recovered in the nurse's office but was soon back on her feet and went to the Detective Society meeting with Beast Boy. She shared her latest research with the others, the Amethyst was an old portal to Gemworld and her attacker was a citizen from there named Dark Opal. That evening, Hawkgirl's guarding shift completed. She was satisfied with Beast Boy's progress and informed him training would resume at the next day at sunrise. Beast Boy balked at getting up so early on a Saturday but relented. The Hero of the Year ceremony was broken up by Eclipso and Dark Opal. Hawkgirl instructed Beast Boy to get them while they were giving their super villain speech. Beast Boy politely asked them to leave and was blasted. Hawkgirl caught him. Later in the battle, Beast Boy grabbed the Nth Metal belt and tossed it back to Hawkgirl. She admitted to Beast Boy that his way was better and implored him to go wild against the Shadow Demons.

The following semester, Hawkgirl was set to go to Wonder Woman's slumber party on Themyscira. However, the Batjet was stolen. Batgirl summoned the Metropolis Junior Detective Society to help process the crime scene. They found a strand of pink hair and investigated the Theater Departent. Hawkgirl's wings got caught in the curtain and alerted Ravager to their presence. Once Batgirl claimed they were trying to help protect the sacred space of the theater, Ravager had them released. They checked the costume room and it was a mess. The junior detectives then found a mess in Etrigan's classroom. Ivy, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, Flash, Bumblebee, and Katana helped Supergirl, Beast Boy, and Miss Martian break up the Battle of the Bands! at the Portal Coffee Shop. Hawkgirl then split off on Batgirl's team to track the stolen Batjet. In Smallville, the thieves fled on foot through the Kent Farm. Beast Boy, Hawkgirl, and Miss Martian were blown away by Black Condor's wind power but Harley and Ivy wrangled him. The girls continued to Themyscira for the slumber party.

Hawkgirl was voted "Best Weapons Wielder" in the Super Hero High School Yearbook. For summer break, Hawkgirl went to Honduras and took part in the Casa Blanca dig. Halfway through summer, Batgirl contacted Hawkgirl for help looking into two stolen artifacts, the Golden Olive Branch and Shield of Ares. Hawkgirl informed Batgirl, Katana, and Beast Boy that the Shield granted its bearer invulnerability in battle according to Greek legend but the Golden Olive Branch and Amulet of Harmonia could counteract it and make it useless. Hawkgirl discovered the Amulet was unearthed by a Professor Minerva a few years ago and it ended up in a private collection on Themyscira. She continued her research and discovered the shield had a third weakness called philia. She flew back to Metropolis as quickly as she could but discovered the city was under Strife's thrall. She found Wonder Woman's half-sister demigod of wind, Siracca, and later Wonder Woman and Bumblebee. Hawkgirl shared her findings. They realized a friendship strong like the bond of sisterhood was the solution.

Batgirl and Hawkgirl captured the Cloaked Shadow and took her to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Once inside, the Shadow revealed herself as Lashina and poisoned Commissioner Gordon with a dart. Hawkgirl disarmed her then pinned her against a wall. Lashina presented them with the option of stopping her or saving Gordon then offered a clue about the antidote's location. Hawkgirl let Lashina go. Batgirl realized the place that would most remind Lashina of home was the Centennial Park Tarpits. Hawkgirl searched the east quadrant but heard Batgirl's pleas. She found Batgirl in the tarpit but was ordered to save Gordon first. Hawkgirl retrieved the antidote then blew back to the Batjet and poured the antidote down Gordon's throat. Hawkgirl pulled Batgirl out but as a result, both were drenched in tar. Hawkgirl and Miss Martian helped end a battle against Ares in the city by hitting him the back as he fell to the pavement. Hawkgirl helped Supergirl look for the Kryptoninan who triggered the Save the Day Alarm.

Hawkgirl admitted she would have suspected a Parademon. Eventually, they discovered the Kryptonian was Krypto, Supergirl's pet dog when they lived on Krypton. Hawkgirl mused they were getting another pet at Super Hero High. Hawkgirl found the Flash at the fountain in Centennial Park and asked what sort of criminal mischief was happening. Flash tried to lie and say nothing was wrong but she got the feeling that something bad happened. Flash broke down and confessed he lost Krypto then asked her to throw him in detention. Hawkgirl didn't think it was worth her superior detective skills but agreed to help him anyway. Hawkgirl, Flash, and Bumblebee happened upon a broken hydrant. Once they settled on Krypto as the one to kick it, Hawkgirl pondered where he went. Flash noticed they were headed right toward Super Hero High. Hawkgirl concluded he was going north. After finding Flash's theory he went to Oa to find Supergirl illogical, Hawkgirl took flight and saw Moxie with Krypto's collar. She landed and demanded it, scaring Moxie.

Bumblebee had her stand down and asked Moxie for help then offered it a sandwich. It took a bite. Moxie led them to the Metropolis Animal Control Center. Hawkgirl tried to stop the Flash but he insisted he get Krypto because it was his fault in the first place. Flash tried to use his charm but he was promptly shown out after he failed to produce proper identification. Hawkgirl went ahead with her plan and sent Bumblebee in. She shrunk and entered the air ducts then liberated Krypto. Hawkgirl filed a false stray report with the warden. The warden couldn't resist and checked on the commotion outside caused by Moxie and Flash. They met back at Super Hero High with the warden in hot pursuit. Hawkgirl moved to Phase Three and sought out the nearest adult for help. Vice Principal happened to be sitting on a bench reading. Luckily, he didn't like people from animal control and sent him packing. Hawkgirl reminded the others they were obligated to report their findings to the local authorities to ensure that Moxie and her puppies didn't have owners.

Krypto somehow heard Supergirl on Oa and took off. Hawkgirl called a Code 10-98 and flew after him with Bumblebee. She officially issued Krypto a demerit for runaway behavior but she reached the limits of her Nth Metal belt and couldn't go any further. Bumblebee called in Wonder Woman. They returned to campus and boarded Batgirl's new spaceship then launched into outer space after her and Krypto. Krypto was intent on going to Oa. When Supergirl wouldn't respond, they decided to chart a course to Oa. They landed on Oa with the Green Lanterns and battled the Kryptonian terraformer robots. Back on Earth, Hawkgirl adopted one of Moxie's puppies and named it Chica. After curfew, Hawkgirl caught Wonder Woman and Bumblebee in the halls. They told her they forgot their Physical Education partner project in the cafeteria. Hawkgirl knew it was her duty to give them detention but couldn't resist their need for someone who knew the halls. While she droned on and on, the girls continued. The trio narrowly avoided Fox and Grodd. Hawkgirl felt guilty and wanted to give herself detention.

Hawkgirl was cast as Theseus in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Batgirl tried helping Hawkgirl with ideas for her Weaponomics project. Hawkgirl thought one looked like a weaponized tomato. Batgirl got an idea to enhance the Mace of Justice instead of inventing a new weapon. Hawkgirl was presented with the Mace of Justice 2.0 in the gym, along with a thick and heavy user manual. She tried it and accidentally activated Wi-Fi and bug spray. Hawkgirl, Batgirl, and Harley responded to a save the day alarm triggered by Cheshire at the docks that night. Batgirl pinned her two henchmen to shipping containers with several Batarangs but Hawkgirl's Mace of Justice 2.0 hampered her in the field due to the large number of gadgets she was unaware of. One of Batgirl's wings was pinned to a container by a sword and Harley was netted. Hawkgirl took on Cheshire one-on-one. Hawkgirl gassed herself and took a selfie inadvertently. She eventually tore off the gadgets and knocked the water tower Cheshire perched on. She fell off, was doused in the water, and trapped under the tower. Hawkgirl apologized to Batgirl and turned down the enhancements then her ideas for lasers and grappling hooks.

Hawkgirl soon went into a drought of sorts during hall monitor duty. She didn't infract anyone. She speculated everyone learned their lesson or she was too good of a hall monitor. In reality, every student but her downloaded Batgirl's Anti-Hall Monitor app and were shown how to avoid Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl searched Capes & Cowls Cafe then the rest of Super Hero High but all the other supers were gone. She eventually ran into the Anti-Hall Monitor. She dodged its blast and dunked a recycling bin on its head. She gathered herself and attacked with her Mace of Justice and taunts about getting demerits for being in the hall without a pass and using an unauthorized weapon during school hours. She slammed it into some lockers then knocked its head off. The Monitor blew up then the kidnapped supers were teleported back. Batgirl apologized for taking Hawkgirl's job for granted. Hawkgirl stated she just wanted everyone to be safe then confirmed to Batgirl that she was still going to detention.