Jessica Cruz

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Real Identity: Jessica Cruz
Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps and Super Hero High School
Appearances (Comics): Oa Snap, Stay Calm, Krypton, Barry-foot in the Bark, Space Walk With Me, Planet of the Bots, Crash Cabbies, Zone In, Breaking Out, Light The Way Home, Fight and Space Flight, and The Final Frontier
Appearances (Webisodes): Ring Me Maybe Part 1, Ring Me Maybe Part 2, Ring Me Maybe Part 3, Ring Me Maybe Part 4, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1, By the Yearbook, and Fortress of Solidarity Part 1
Powers/Skills: Hard Light Construct Generation, Force Field Generation, Green Energy Blasts and Flight
Voiced By: Cristina Milizia

Jessica Cruz worked with Lois Lane as her cameragirl. They covered Green Lantern Hal Jordan's going away party at Capes & Cowls Cafe. While Jordan was explaining another power ring was going to be sent to Earth to find a new Green Lantern to protect Earth, Cruz was startled by a balloon popping. Batgirl checked if she was okay. Solomon Grundy burst in and wanted revenge on Green Lantern. Cruz ran under a table. Lois Lane checked to see if she was still recording. She managed to get the fight. Once Grundy was defeated, Jordan pointed out Earth would be safe then helped up Cruz. Lane cleared her throat. Cruz put the camera back on Lois and she signed off telling the audience Earth had nothing to fear. They started rolling again when Batgirl walked Grundy into her Batty Wagon. Lane told her to keep recording after Sinestro suddenly arrived. Cruz was scared and visibly shaking. Lane, oblivious of Cruz, wanted to get a better view of the action and led her to an alley.

After Sinestro swept the Batty Wagon away, Lane wanted to get an even closer look. She turned and saw Cruz run away. Cruz hid in the Capes & Cowls' kitchen. The Green Lantern Ring found her and revealed she was chosen to be the next Junior Green Lantern of Earth. She was horrified and backed away from the ring. The ring declared she was chosen to be the new Junior Green Lantern. Cruz grabbed a pot and knocked it outside then closed the window shutter. She heard something and peered through the door to the front and saw the ring. She ran out the back into the alley but it followed. She didn't believe she could protect Earth with all things on it to be scared of. It repeated she was chosen. Cruz slammed it into a trash can and ran out of the alley into Batgirl. Batgirl hoped she recorded footage of Sinestro entering the passcode for his ship. The ring followed and hovered behind Batgirl. Cruz snatched it before she noticed and led her back to Capes & Cowls.

Cruz went in first and tried throwing it into a cabinet in the middle island of the kitchen. Batgirl connected her camera to her gauntlet and went over the footage. Cruz asked if she was scared of Sinestro. Batgirl denied it and noted he didn't think she was a threat which was to her advantage. Cruz kept closing cabinet doors on the ring and tried to play it cool. Batgirl finally saw the ring and realized Cruz was chosen. Cruz thought it was broken and should be choosing someone fearless. Batgirl believed she now had a chance against Sinestro but Cruz admitted she was too scared. Batgirl told her being fearless isn't what makes a hero but being able to overcome their fear and do what's right. She told Cruz the ring knew she had the power and she just had to believe in her super self. Cruz put the ring on, suddenly recited the Green Lantern Corps' oath, and transformed into a Green Lantern. She wondered where the costume came from but Batgirl told her it didn't matter and it was time to go.

Cruz made a giant hand construct, grabbed Sinestro before he could get in his ship, and slung him into the streets. He was surprised there was a Green Lantern. She demanded he release the Supers or else. He was not intimidated. Cruz fired upon him but only made several butterflies. Sinestro was amused and offered to teach her how to wield the ring on Korugar. He declared she would fear him then created a giant bear construct. Cruz, remembering looking at cat pics made her feel better when she was scared, generated a kitten construct. It dodged the bear, leaped onto a light pole, then countered... as a lion. Sinestro was unimpressed and revealed he could sense the fear in her heart then made a giant dragon construct. Cruz admitted she was afraid but her ring knew she could overcome it. She made constructs of her heroes, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl. After the dragon swiped them with its tail, they recovered and defeated it together with a Batarang to the face, toss, and uppercut.

Cruz thought of something scary for Sinestro: being defeated by a rookie Green Lantern. She palmed him into the roof where his ship was parked then made a kitten construct that took his ring off. Batgirl left the ship with Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Starfire. Sinestro retreated to his ship and left Earth. Lois Lane called up Cruz to meet her at the battle because there was a new Green Lantern. Lane was shocked to see the Lantern was Cruz and dropped her phone. The next day, Waller offered Cruz the chance to enroll at Super Hero High and she'd be a one-of-a-kind catch. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl gave her the thumbs up outside. Cruz shook Waller's hand and asked to be called "Green Lantern." Cruz became the newest student at Super Hero High School. However, she still found it terrifying to have superpowers. With Hal Jordan still on Oa, the planetary headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps, finishing his training, Cruz was remained the sole Green Lantern on Earth.

After two weeks at Super Hero High, Cruz was still having issues controlling her fears. During her first simulation in Coach Wildcat's P.E. class, she froze in battle against Harley Quinn's pet monkey Calliope after it slapped her sword construct. She tried to request an end to the exercise but Wildcat instead sent in Star Sapphire as backup. Sapphire easily defeated Calliope by slamming a barrel construct on it. Cruz apologized to Wildcat but he admitted it wasn't the worst first try he ever saw. Beast Boy was proud he still retained that title. Cruz was suddenly jumped by Krypto and licked. Supergirl apologized and explained he was still learning how strong he was. Cruz could relate. Cruz was summoned to the principal's office. She thought she was being suspended and stated she was really trying. Waller explained she was going to Oa for her official induction ceremony as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. She freaked out and asked to be suspended instead.

Cruz wondered how she would remember and pronounce the names of all the other Lanterns or how she was supposed to get to Oa. Waller revealed she was sending her most well-space-traveled students with Cruz, Supergirl and Big Barda. Star Sapphire barged in and declared she was coming, too. She just wanted to see Hal Jordan but Waller got an idea and assigned her to help Cruz prepare for the ceremony. Sapphire asserted being a Lantern was super easy to Cruz' chagrin. As they launched in Supergirl's rocket ship, Cruz wondered why the ring had to choose her and mused she could have been safely at home watching cartoons and eating Firecracker Chips. Cruz tried to practice her greeting but kept slipping up on her own name. Sapphire tried to get some beauty sleep but Cruz kept talking and revealed it was her first time on a space ship. She admitted she had never been on an airplane yet. Sapphire told her not to fear and shared the story of her birth on a private jet in the middle of a flight over the Atlantic Ocean to London for a Ferris Air board meeting.

Supergirl reassured her it was natural to be nervous. Big Barda told Cruz about the first time she went into space and had a near-death experience after a missile pierced the hull of the Female Furies' ship during a raid. Supergirl got upset. Barda insisted Cruz had nothing to worry about with Supergirl's ship. Cruz asked Supergirl if she built the ship. Supergirl told her about the events that led to her parents building it on Krypton. Cruz instead freaked out about exploding planets and disappearing space ships. Sapphire corrected her and stated the Phantom Zone was in another dimension. That did little to ease her fears. With one hyper-jump to go, they discovered the ship had a hitch hiker. Beast Boy was discovered. He revealed he wanted to come on the trip but he failed six tests in a row. Cruz was the only one who could relate. Supergirl forgot to add Beast Boy's weight to her calculations once he turned back to his regular form and they jumped to the middle of an asteroid belt. While Beast Boy gloated about the mistake, Cruz pulled him away from Supergirl and Barda.

Since the ship lacked enough firepower, Barda sent Sapphire and Cruz outside to clear a path to Oa. Naturally, Cruz freaked out and began listing how the mission combined three things that terrifying her. Cruz disagreed with Sapphire's belief it would be easy. They were dumped into space. Cruz stressed out and held her breath. Sapphire advised her to trust her ring and take a deep breath. She tried it and formed an energy field around herself but was still too scared to fire at the asteroids. Sapphire admitted she got a little frazzled sometimes but learned how to center her soul with a mantra. Cruz tried using the Green Lantern oath and destroyed several asteroids with constructs. Cruz found Oa beautiful but she was concerned there weren't any Green Lanterns around in the Welcome Center. They conducted an initial search but found no one. Cruz was eager to get back to Supergirl's ship and leave but Supergirl overheard Kryptonian Terraformer Robots at work nearby.

The robots concluded all but Supergirl were hostile aliens and attacked. Cruz went into a panic because she didn't train for robot fights yet. Sapphire reminded her to think of her mantra. Cruz recited the oath in her head and formed a golf club construct then fired lasers. She took a laser blast in the back from one of the robots and lost consciousness. General Zod introduced himself and believed they were Supergirl's captors. She found them and cleared things up. Non escorted them to the New Krypton Visitors' Center while Zod and Faora spoke with Supergirl. The center was oddly pitch black. Cruz remembered she had nyctophobia, fear of the dark, then Non launched the center into space. Cruz screamed in vain for Supergirl. Sapphire told her to take it down a notch but Barda reported they were set on a thousand year trip to Earth. The pod crashed into a Space Cab then Sapphire brokered a deal with the cabbie for a ride back to Earth.

However, during the drive, the cabbie mentioned he heard all the Green Lanterns went to the Phantom Zone, the inescapable prison dimension. He also mentioned a customer left a Phantom Zone Projector behind. Sapphire and Cruz set off to the zone and rescue the Green Lanterns. Cruz was terrified but as a Green Lantern, she felt it was her responsibility to go into the Phantom Zone first. The others admitted they had fears, too. After three minutes in the Zone, they realized there were no guards. Prisoner #24602 found them and wanted to "welcome" them. Cruz yelled out for them to run. Barda eventually neutralized it but they only found more prisoners and were surrounded. Cruz ordered everyone to fight back. She recited the oath and a blast of energy took out the prisoners. Beast Boy gave her a high five. She tracked down the Lanterns but they were surprised to meet a new Lantern from Sector 2814. Gallius Zed and Tomar-Re didn't think it was time for her to be summoned for an induction so early into her tenure.

K'ryssma mentioned "ruffians" banishing them to the Phantom Zone. Cruz realized the Kryptonians lied to them and Supergirl was in danger. Space Cabbie transported them back to space as arranged. The Green Lanterns flew back to Oa while Sapphire, Barda, and Beast Boy followed them in the Space Cab. Batgirl's space ship caught up to them as they approached Oa. Cruz greeted them. She fashioned a blade construct and battled the robots, sharing a high five with Hawkgirl. After Cruz took out a robot with a rabbit construct, Zod activated the Groundbreaker. Cruz created a giant dinosaur construct and went after them. It snatched Zod in its mouth. He demanded his release. Cruz complied then threw him. Faora lied and claimed it was all Zod's idea. Cruz chucked her, too. Supergirl inserted a crystal designed to destroy the Groundbreaker into it and it blew up. Tomar-Re and K'ryssma commended Cruz. Cruz ended up adopting Krypto's new friend Moxie.

A short time later, back on Earth, Cruz got a summons to come to Oa for a new mission. Cruz asked Wonder Woman if she could watch Moxie while she was off world but Wonder Woman vanished. Star Sapphire volunteered and remembered a spa that offered a "doggie-and-me" pedicure. Cruz thanked her for everything as she took off. Sapphire cheered her on. Cruz repeated her mantra. Cruz rescued a construction worker stuck hanging from a girder by creating a slide construct. Wonder Woman snapped some photos for the upcoming yearbook. During the tree lighting ceremony for Christmas, Cruz shared tamales with everyone.