Golden Glider

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Real Identity: Lisa Snart
Affiliations: Super Hero High School and CAD Academy
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Cold Manipulation and Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Golden Glider was a student at Super Hero High School and is the brother of Captain Cold. They both share ice blue eyes and an arrogant attitude. She also has a distant cousin who had discovered a previously unknown solar system. She wears ice skates that generate their own ice flow as well as a sparkly head band that read, "LIVE." Her family is all about Captain Cold. She came up with a plan to help his team from CAD Academy win the 100th Annual Super Triathlon so her family would be proud of her for once. With rumors spreading of Wonder Woman's enrollment and her being a favorite for the Triathlon team, Glider focused and trying to make her quit to give CAD an advantage. For months, she sent anonymous threats to Wonder Woman and committed acts of sabotage. Luckily, Principal Waller suspected a CAD spy and made Coach Wildcat privy. Glider and Star Sapphire were assigned by Crazy Quilt to assist Wonder Woman by giving input and creative criticism on her super suit project. For the 100th Super Triathlon, Star Sapphire was in charge of the Super Hero High team's uniforms and Glider was her assistant.

Waller and Wildcat approached Cheetah to be their eyes and ears during the Triathlon. After the deep sea challenge, Cheetah grabbed Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth from Glider before she could skate away then Bumblebee snatched it and returned it to Wonder Woman. She was upset with Cheetah but the final event started. After the final event, Katana found her sword hidden behind some towel bins. She blamed Cheetah and sliced the air in anger, barely missing Glider. In the sword's reflection, Wonder Woman noticed "LIVE" was "EVIL" backwards and "Live Evil" was CAD's unofficial motto. She realized Glider was the spy all along. Glider denied it and remarked she had no proof. Wonder Woman caught her wrist with the Lasso of Truth and made her confess then tell Waller and Wildcat everything as well. Golden Glider was expelled from Super Hero High and she silently skated toward CAD Academy.