Captain Cold

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Real Identity: Leonard Snart
Affiliations: CAD Academy
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Her High
Powers/Skills: Cold Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Captain Cold is a student at CAD Academy, brother of Golden Glider, and is the star of his family. He uses a Cold Gun to emit freezing blasts. Cold is as arrogant as his eyes are ice blue. He also subscribes to the one sided belief CAD Academy and Super Hero High School are rivals. Cold and his cronies, Heat Wave and Ratcatcher, repeatedly chant their school's unofficial motto "Live Evil." After hassling Steve Trevor at Capes & Cowls Cafe in front of Wonder Woman then blasting him, she used her Lasso of Truth and made all three of them confess their biggest fears out loud. Cold admitted be was afraid of losing. Weeks later, Cold told Trevor 'no hard feelings' then shoved a tray of food he was carrying into his chest.

Cold served as the team captain on CAD's team for the 100th Annual Super Triathlon. He was more smug than usual after CAD took the early lead in the A/P Test. Naturally, during the fire challenge, things got heated between Cold and Frost. By accident, Frost sent an icicle missile at him. He countered with a blast and knocked her over. After Super Hero High won the Triathlon, Cold threatened CAD should have won. Wonder Woman congratulated him on second place and bid him luck next time. He recited "Live Evil" but Wonder Woman responded with a "No thanks." She learned Golden Glider was a spy for CAD and was the one sending her anonymous notes and threats. It was so she could help CAD win the Triathlon and make her family proud of her. Cold continued to mess with Trevor at Capes & Cowls. He made an ice slick on the floor. Trevor slipped and fell. He even froze Batgirl's chair once but Cyborg purposefully spilled his chocolate milk shake all over Cold's plate.

Captain Cold, Ratcatcher, and Magpie did break dancing for Harley's Dance-O-Rama then heavy metal for her Battle of the Bands. While wearing one of Mad Hatter's pirate "Krazy" Hats, Cold had an uncharacteristically warm and pleasant smile. He was particularly hard to separate from his hat but quickly returned to his ornery self. To help take down the barrier around the Krazy Karnival, Cold did a wailing guitar solo.