Mandy Bowin

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Real Identity: Mandy "Virtuoso" Bowin
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mandy Bowin wanted to be a great musician and soothe the world with her music. She was fairly normal, didn't have a superior IQ, no strong personality, and had no superpowers. A rumor spread her acceptance to Super Hero High School as a transfer student was a mistake. The truth was Bowin never wanted to go but her father, the Fiddler, wanted her to be a superhero. He tried to be one when he was younger but he didn't quite make it and to make ends meet, he established himself as something of a villain. Fiddler only wanted a better life for his daughter and she wanted to make him proud. She took all the tests, aced the interview, and was accepted. She and Harley Quinn were roommates. Harley thought Bowin was really quiet and couldn't take a joke. Harley once hid her violin and Bowin went ballistic. Harley also thought it was weird Bowin never took on a superhero name. Bowin told the truth to Principal Waller.

It was decided if Bowin was expelled, then the Fiddler couldn't insist she stay. Waller didn't want it to get out that she did something overly nice and erode her reputation for being really tough. An argument between Waller and Bowin was staged. The third week into school, Bowin was expelled. Bowin wrote "Mandy Bowin out, Wonder Woman in. Someone's super happy" on her Our Space page but quickly deleted it. Cheetah theorized Principal Waller wanted Bowin out to make room for a certain someone else, Wonder Woman. Bowin ended up enrolling at an elite music conservatory and was finally happy. She never once mentioned she was from Super Hero High though. Barbara Gordon looked around online and found Bowin's address for Lois Lane. Lane passed it along to Wonder Woman. She got a cherry pie from the Metropolis Farmers Market and flew toward a remote area known as Hobb's Bay.

Wonder Woman continued over the huge suspension bridge, continued over a steep crooked road and then hovered over a purple victorian house with pink trim and gingerbread details on the eaves. She found Bowin in her bedroom. Bowin tripped on Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and told her everything. Wonder Woman was relieved she wasn't responsible for Bowin's expulsion nor that she was the person sending her anonymous notes and threats. Wonder Woman nicknamed her "Virtuoso." After Lois Lane's article about the 100th Annual Super Triathlon, Wonder Woman received an email from Bowin. She was proud of Wonder Woman competing with her heart, reiterated she loved meeting her, would follow her dream of becoming the best person and musician she could, and was honored to be her friend. On the way to Super Hero High, Supergirl heard Mandy's music and stopped to listen.