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Real Identity: Komand'r
Affiliations: Korugar Academy
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Intergalactic Games
Appearances (Webisodes): Day of Fun-Ship
Appearances (Graphic Novel): Summer Olympus
Powers/Skills: Flight, Enhanced Strength, Nigh Invulnerability, and Energy Blasts
Voiced By: Hynden Walch

Blackfire is Starfire and Darkfire's sister and a student at Korugar Academy. There is a bit of a sibling rivalry between Starfire and Blackfire. During summer break, the sisters reunited on Tamaran. On a Thursday, Starfire posted a photo she took with Blackfire.

Blackfire visited Starfire on Earth for a planned day of fun-ship. They started off by flying a kite... literally. They got ice cream cones but Blackfire got a brain freeze. Starfire decided to celebrate it by dunking her like how teams did to their coaches. Blackfire was buried in ice and drinks. Starfire thought of the most funnest way to celebrate next. Blackfire guessed sitting quietly in peaceful reflection. Starfire took her to the Metropolis Zoo. Blackfire found the animals of Earth weird and pointed to a ridiculous looking shark. Starfire realized it was King Shark. They took turns blasting him with starbolts before he could steal some fish for dinner. Shark grabbed Blackfire out of mid-air and chose her for dinner instead. Starfire rammed him in the nose to save Blackfire. Tricking him to run into cardboard standee did little to stop him. Blackfire inquired what they should do. Starfire remembered an old nursery rhyme. They grabbed some vines, sang it in unison, and tied up Shark. They high-fived to a day of fun-ship.

At the day's end, they returned to the Boom Tube room at Super Hero High School. Before she returned to Korugar Academy, Blackfire asked Starfire if she was going to return home for Tamaran Sovereignty Day. Starfire confirmed she wouldn't miss it. Blackfire thanked her for all the fun. Starfire thanked and hugged her goodbye.