Black Condor

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Real Identity: John Trujillo
Affiliations: Birds of Prey
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Hits and Myths
Powers/Skills: Flight and Aerokinesis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Black Condor is the drummer of the Birds of Prey band along with Black Canary and Magpie. During Portal Coffee Shop's Battle of the Bands!, Condor faced off against Bumblebee but was promptly hit with stinger blasts. The discovery of a portal to the Underworld provided Canary, Condor, and Magpie to steal the competition's grand prize, the stolen Batjet. However, they ran out of fuel over Smallville and nearly crashed into the Kent Farm if not for Supergirl's intervention. He used his Wind of Condor attack on Beast Boy, Miss Martian and Hawkgirl. Luckily, Harley Quinn got the drop on him with her party favor then Poison Ivy wrapped him up in corn stalks. Canary claimed half the reason she stole the Batjet was because Condor's Wind of Condor was stinking up their tour bus. Condor just wanted the time of them to be quiet. The Smallville Special Crimes Unit took them into custody.