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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Oa Snap, Space Walk With Me, Planet of the Bots, Zone In, Breaking Out, Light The Way Home, Moon Doggie, Fight and Space Flight, and The Final Frontier
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Oa is the planet headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps and is located light years from Earth in Space Sector 0. Hal Jordan left Super Hero High School to finish his training on Oa. Zod, Faora, and Non arrived and banished the Green Lantern Corps to the Phantom Zone. About two weeks into her enrollment at Super Hero High, Jessica Cruz was due for her official induction ceremony as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Principal Waller decided to send Supergirl and Big Barda with Cruz since they had the most experience in space travel. Star Sapphire was added to help Cruz prepare for the ceremony. They departed for Oa in Supergirl's Rocket Ship. After Star Sapphire and Green Lantern cleared an asteroid belt, Supergirl and Barda landed the rocket ship in Oa's Welcome Center but it was deserted. Supergirl was the first to hear a noise and saw a lot of Kryptonian Terraformer Robots. The robots perceived Beast Boy, Big Barda, Green Lantern, and Star Sapphire as hostile aliens then attacked them. When they came to, they met two Kryptonians named General Zod and Non while Supergiril was reunited with Faora.

Once Supergirl cleared up the confusion they were her captors, Zod explained the Green Lantern Corps let him settle on Oa and use it to establish New Krypton. Non escorted Beast Boy, Big Barda, Star Sapphire, and Green Lantern to Visitors' Quarters while Zod and Faora stayed with Supergirl. They were launched into space. Zod presented the Groundbreaker as their salvation. Supergirl recognized it as a terraforming device built by her parents during the last days of Krypton but she didn't know anything about the key required to power it. Faora suggested a Kryptonian feast to jog her memories. Non brought in a cart with several dishes, including Mashed Horkensnorks and Slurp-O-Swap Ice Cream. Supergirl wanted to invite her friends to dinner but Zod forbid it. They ordered her to believe in their creed of "Krypton First" but she refused. Supergirl was imprisoned with Kryptonite. Krypto could somehow hear Supergirl's pleas and tried to fly into outer space from Earth.

Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Bumblebee caught up to him and gathered aboard Batgirl's space ship. While setting coordinates for Earth, Batgirl noticed their course seemed to point towards Oa. Krypto became frantic and put his paw on Batgirl's hand. She believed he was trying to tell her something. Unable to hail Supergirl on the comm link, they set course for Oa. Supergirl realized her Mnemosyne Crystal was the key to her Groundbreaker but had a brief struggle with Non. Non put her back in the Kryptonite prison and took the crystal away. The Green Lantern Corps and Batgirl's spaceship converged on Oa, triggering an alert on the Kryptonians' sensors. Zod deduced Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal was the key to the Groundbreaker and decided to test it on the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. He commanded Non to relay an order to stop the intruders at all costs. Upon landing, Krypto caught Supergirl's scent and rammed through several walls. He fired a heat vision blast into the lock and freed her.

Everyone else battled the terraforming robots. Star Sapphire took on Non. He called her a spoiled brat and got her with a leg sweep. She elbowed his left knee then bound him in a construct of a thorny vine. Zod and Faora planted the Groundbreaker atop the Central Power Battery. Supergirl and Krypto flew to them. Krypto tackled Faora and she dropped the crystal. Supergirl declared her friends were not inferior but was drop kicked. She and Zod ran for the Groundbreaker. He fired his heat vision but Krypto flew in front of Supergirl and deflected the blast. He fell off the edge of the battery. Supergirl comforted Krypto and found another Mnemosyne Crystal hidden on his dog tag. She realized her parents thought of a way to destroy the Groundbreaker in case Zod tried to use it. Faora found Supergirl's crystal and Zod inserted it into the Groundbreaker. Cruz created an impressive dinosaur construct and heaved Zod and Faora from the top of the Central Power Battery. Supergirl switched the crystals and the Groundbreaker blew up.

Batgirl offered to rebuild the device but Supergirl turned her down and stated her new home was wherever her friends were. Star Sapphire borrowed Space Cabbie's Phantom Zone Projector and Galius Zed passed on a lifetime sentence to Zod, Faora, and Non then teleported them to the Phantom Zone. Some time after the supers returned to Earth, Cruz was summoned to Oa for a new mission.