Mount Olympus

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Gimme a Summer Break and Summertime Madness
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mount Olympus is the home of the Greek gods. Wonder Woman visited her father Zeus at Olympus every so often during holidays and some weekends. After her first year at Super Hero High School came to a finish, Wonder Woman received an invitation from her Zeus to spend her summer at Mount Olympus. Hermes revealed her half-sister Siracca was also staying for the summer as well. Wonder Woman was curious about her goddess side but would miss her friends. Hermes appeared outside her window and informed her Zeus gave her permission to bring whatever friends she wished. Bumblebee accepted her invite. They proceeded to the Invisible Jet but Hermes informed them he was bound to the messages and could teleport them straight to Olympus. They grabbed hold of his scrolls and instantly found themselves in Olympus. They observed one of Siracca's temper tantrums about hating ambrosia. Wonder Woman hugged her but Siracca had no idea who she was and stormed off. Zeus hugged Wonder Woman and introduced himself to Bumblebee then showed off some dad tricks, like the coin behind the year.

With nine of his children present, Zeus officially started dinner. Ares made an unannounced return from one his raids. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee mistook him for a villain and attacked him. Zeus cleared things up and revealed he was his son and one of Wonder Woman's brothers. Wonder Woman reckoned she had a hard summer ahead of her.