Moth Mansion

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Batnapped and Stealth 101 Part 2
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Killer Moth kidnapped Batgirl and took her back to his hideout, an old theaterhouse, and kept her sealed up in a cocoon. He revealed he wanted Batgirl to be his new partner and crime. Supergirl followed Batgirl's homing tech and blasted a hole in the side of the hideout then freed Batgirl with her heat vision. Batgirl wrapped up Moth and left him for the Special Crimes Unit to pick up. Moth later kidnapped Crazy Quilt and forced him to make a new suit. Poison Ivy and Batgirl infiltrated the theater. Ivy summoned vines and from the ceiling, she blew pollen into the hall and revealed Moth's infrared laser alarm. They climbed the vine across the ceiling. They avoided Moth's detection and extracted Quilt while Moth gloated about his new suit. Moth tried to run away but Batgirl cut off his escape and nailed him in the head with a Batarang. Moth blasted her with his cocoon gun and ran off but Ivy blocked the door with a giant vine. She grabbed his ankles then Batgirl activated his cannon and it zapped Moth.