Centennial Park Zoo

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (Webisodes): Wild Side Part 2, Day of Fun-Ship, Pets Peeved Part 1, and Pets Peeved Part 2
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Beast Boy helped restore the peace at the zoo. It was later broken into by Lion Mane. He assembled an army of animals to wreck havoc on the city but Beast Boy, Batgirl, and Starfire happened to be on a picnic across the street in Centennial Park. After Lion Mane was tranquilized, the supers went to work on returning the animals back to the zoo. They started with one of the elephants. Beast Boy took its form and led it back to its cage. One of the zoo's volunteers, Mari McCabe, returned soon after with the other elephant. She joined them in their efforts. Beast Boy turned into a pig and lured the tiger back to the zoo. At McCabe's signal, Beast Boy halted and the tiger pounced right over him into its cage. Starfire carried a bear in and Beast Boy walked a sloth back. Batgirl handed a banana to a gorilla but he was set off by Lion Mane's presence. Batgirl fired her Batrope at him but he sliced it up. McCabe landed between them. She grabbed a part of the rope and used it as a whip to corral Lion Mane into a chimpanzee cage. The three resident chimpanzees happily threw their fruit at him.

Starfire and Blackfire's day of fun-ship brought them to the Centennial Park Zoo. While Starfire enjoyed the aquarium section and suggested polar bears and giraffes next, Blackfire had enough of Earth's weird animals. She pointed out the ridiculous looking shark. In reality, it was King Shark. He punched a tank and tried to grab some fish to eat. Starfire and Blackfire intervened. King Shark opted to eat Blackfire for dinner instead. Recalling a childhood nursery rhyme, they grabbed some vines and flew around Shark while singing it. Shark fell over. The sisters high-fived to a day of fun-ship. The Animilitia broke into the zoo and modified a cage to hold supers. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Katana, and Harley responded to the Save the Day alarm. Killer Moth introduced the new super villain team then they battled. Killer Moth launched a robot red herring and the supers took the bait and pursued it into the cage. The Kryptonite bars activated and Supergil was neutralized.

Jumpa, Wonder Woman's pet kangaroo, disobeyed her orders and followed her to the zoo. She eavesdropped on them from the bushes. She returned to Super Hero High School and gathered the other Super Pets for a rescue operation. Katana tried using her sword but couldn't slice the prison force field. Batgirl addressed Moth and demanded to be let out. Moth offered to release her if she joined the Animilitia. She refused out of having standards. While Moth was distracted, Calliope stole his keys then tried to get away in the trees. Moth fired his net gun and captured her. Jumpa and Ace arrived then Honey, Kitsune, and Krypto. King Shark ran in but was tackled by Krypto and licked, to his disgust. Ace dodged Croc while Kitsune brought out a tennis ball cannon. Croc took multiple hits and fell to the ground. Kitsune cut Calliope out of the net. Lion-Mane and Jumpa fought. Lion-Mane tried to use his power to convince her to join the Animilitia as an equal. She resisted and kicked him to the ground then knocked him out with her tail. Calliope deactivated the prison and released the supers. Moth was captured with the Lasso of Truth. Katana congratulated the Super Pets on their teamwork.

(Novels only) The Centennial Park Zoo was affected by the rogue HarleyWhams.