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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Wonder Woman Day (Summertime Madness)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Summer Olympus
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

London is the capital of England. Carl and Christine Ferris were called to London for a Ferris Air board meeting. However, their daughter could not wait and was born aboard their private jet as it flew over the Atlantic Ocean. She went on to become Star Sapphire. For summer vacation, London was the starting point of Katana, Batgirl, and Beast Boy's tour of Europe. While looking at the Parthenon Sculptures in the Greek Hall of the British Museum, they got a call from Wonder Woman but were interrupted when a code red alarm sounded off. They volunteered their assistance to security. After searching through the CCTV footage, the guard discovered the Golden Olive Branch was stolen by a girl at approximately 1:00. Katana, Batgirl, and Beast Boy started to canvas the area and pursued the thief across London past the London Eye, Sherlock Holmes Museum, and Buckingham Palace to Big Ben. Strife led Batgirl into an ambush on Big Ben's clock face but Beast Boy rescued her. They relocated to Cod Rest His Sole Fish & Cips to study a map left behind by Strife then headed to Paris. They later returned to London to deliver the Golden Olive Branch back to the British Museum.