Lexcorp Super Triathlon Arena

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Lexcorp Super Triathlon Arena is a state of the art sports arena in Metropolis and the site of the 100th Annual Super Triathlon. Superheroes in attendance sat in the Very Important Paragons (VIP) sky boxes that floated above the Lexcorp Arena. The elaborate opening ceremony involved a performance of the Triathlon's official song "Victors' Theme" by the All-Stars Symphony. The arena was so huge that spectators and superheroes who lacked super-vision could watch the proceedings on giant videos projected into the sky. The Triathlon was broadcast live by all major networks and streamed to more than two dozen planets. 50 teams competed, including Super Hero High School, and the academic portion cleared the field to 10 teams. While the academic portion was held in the Quiet Quiz Room, a karaoke contest was held in the arena. The finalists were Black Orchid and Firestor, Thunder and Lightning, and crowd favorites Green Arrow and Black Canary. Super Hero High, CAD Academy, and Interstellar Magnet made it to the finals.

Wheeler-Nicholson Prep threw down their weapons in protest and stomped on them. Unruly parents from Cavalier Community School started a fight in the stands and had to be forcibly removed from the stadium. The half time show featured a performance by the ultra famous superstar and singer, Enchantress. For the first A/P test, the teams had to move a molehill from point A to B without leacing a single speck of dirt behind. CAD Academy won with sheer intimidation. The second test was defending bunkers filled with fireworks from Fire Trolls. Intersellar Magnet won first place by default when the other bunkers were detonated. The third test was a deep sea challenge. Teams were flown to the ocean by Ferris Air. Back at the arena, the final test involved picnic games with a superhero test - burlap sack race through intense weather, dodgeball with ancient cannonballs, a three legged race against a tsunami, and an egg and spoon race. Super Hero High won the Triathlon by one point. In the end, Golden Glider was revealed to be a spy for CAD Academy and was the one sending anonymous threats to Wonder Woman throughout the semester leading up to the Triathlon.