Lexcorp Garden Supply

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

For his first big mission, Lex Luthor used a defunct Lexcorp Garden Supply store in a seedy section of downtown Metropolis as his base of operations. He took great care to sanitize the building of all plant life, even fungus, in preparation for a battle against Poison Ivy. He infiltrated Super Hero High School campus and left a pamphlet at the greenhouse advertising a mega sale of 50% off all radioactively enhanced fertilizer. Ivy fell for it. Luthor locked the door behind her. Ivy tried to improvise and threw a register at him but Luthor was too strong due to his super suit. He fired a rope and captured Ivy. She was placed in a Kryptonite-powered prison below the store. Batgirl's beta Batcave happened to be under the store. Instead of investigating the noise, Batgirl went back to campus for her other Batcave. After 8 pm, Luthor lured Wonder Woman to the exterior of the store with a recording of Steve Trevor. He used stealth technology to steal the Lasso of Truth then used it to ensnare her.

In search of her friends, Harley Quinn followed Ivy's trail to Lexcorp Garden Supply. She was surprised Ivy fell for such an obvious trap. She knocked on the door and demanded her friends. Luthor observed her through security cameras but didn't recognize her at first until Wonder Woman and Ivy mentioned she was Harley Quinn. Luthor admitted he underestimated her and opened the trap door beneath her. She landed in the prison. Starting at 11:52 pm, Luthor started streaming a video blog explaining his plans. Several hours later, the girls escaped their prison and defeated Luthor. They stored him in the prison, alerted the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and raced back to Super Hero High to take their final exams.