Krazy Karnival

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Novels): Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Krazy Karnival is billed as the world's greatest and grandest amusement park. It was owned for 50 years by the same person who then decided to "retire" and "sold" it to Jervis Tetch. He started rapid expansion under the decree of a new twist on an old favorite. New rides and hip and healthy foods were added. Tetch hired thugs and villains like Silver Swan and Cupid and insisted they wear his "Krazy" Hats. They fell under the sway of his mind control gadgets. In reality, the carnival was a lure for Harley Quinn. A fan of Harley's Quintessentials, Tetch wanted her audience of followers to get him started on a road to fame and fortune. He would mind control the masses as they tuned in. After Lion-Mane's heist at the Metropolis Museum of Art was foiled, fliers for Krazy Karnival were distributed in bubbles the size of baseballs and advertised it would be in Metropolis for only 24 hours. The new owner was listed as J.J. Tetch. Harley Quinn got an idea to hold her Battle of Bands rematch at the carnival without getting Tetch's permission first.

A giant bubble machine arose from the center of the carnival on the day of. It looked like a colossal jukebox with a rainbow of bubbles shooting out as music played. Carnival workers handed out Raspberry Sugar Bombs, Cotton Candy Clouds, free light-up necklaces, and "Krazy" Hats. Attractions like the Honeycomb Hideaway and Rock 'n' Rollercoaster looked retro yet daringly modern. Older attractions were expanded and improved. In the Game Zone, there was the classic strength test. Miss Martian fought a sudden headache but wanted to stay. Lois Lane and Harley found Tetch and interviewed him. He claimed his goal was to bring happiness to the world. Near the Magic Donut Maker, which shot free mini-donuts out, Miss Martian's "Krazy" Hat wilted. Once it was taken off, Miss Martian instantly felt better. The High-Tech Bubble Machine broke the world record for the biggest balloon but it was a ruse to encase the entire carnival in an impenetrable barrier. Workers like Silver Swan and Cupid abandoned their posts, the Tunnel of Love and Slings and Arrows, respectively.

Tetch proceeded and had the mind-controlled Green Team pillage Metropolis with clones created by Mirror Master's technology and sent out fake Harley's Quintessentials that claimed the supers didn't care about saving Metropolis. Miss Martian realized the "Krazy" Hats were affecting everyone's minds. Batgirl and Flash subdued Mirror Master while Harley went into the Amazing Maze alone. Tetch revealed himself to be Mad Hatter and sat on a red velvet throne in the middle of the maze. He revealed the carnival was all for Harley in a way and detailed his plans. Harley secretly broadcasted Mad Hatter's speech to the world through her QuinnCam then destroyed it to prevent him from using it. She pursued him through the carnival grounds to the Ferris Wheel. As Hatter clung to a cart, he begged for mercy. Harley demanded to know how to break the bubble barrier. Hatter stated she just had to get obstreperous to break it. Harley pulled him up but he pushed her off the cart.

Harley's gymnast skills saved her. He ran to Lost and Found to free his workers. Harley threw her body into the maddest tumble and landed on his shoulders. Hatter's hi-tech hat went flying. She smashed it with her mallet and all the rides went dark. The Battle of Bands went into overdrive. The noise from the music and the strength tester bell shattered the barrier. Harley made Hero of the Month. The Green Team took over Krazy Karnival and announced they would donate profits to charity.