Eclipso's Palace

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After her banishment from Gemworld, Eclipso constructed a palace on the Moon and waited years for the crystal in a prophecy about ultimate power to appear. Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal was that very object. On the night before the annual Hero of the Year ceremony, Shadow Demons returned to the palace with one of Katana's shurikens, Big Barda's Mega Rod, and Star Sapphire's Violet Power Ring. They were unable to steal Supergirl's crystal since it was guarded by a powerful protection aura. Eclipso had the Amazonian known as the Master Alchemist brought forth and ordered her to use the stolen artifacts to build her the legendary Scepter. She refused so Eclipso enthralled with the Black Diamond. The next day, Dark Opal tried to trick Supergirl into handing over her crystal but failed. He was forced to withdraw back to the palace when the girls discovered the shadows' weakness against light. While the Master Alchemist finished constructing the Scepter, Eclipso reminded Opal of their deal then they teleported to Earth.

Eclipso's master plan ultimately failed and she was forced to retreat to her palace. Supergirl gave chase. Eclipso utilized the crystals in the palace's structure to attack Supergirl. After entangling Supergirl in tendrils, Eclipso was interrupted by the arrival of Wonder Woman. Eclipso cloned herself and flew away in opposite directions. Supergirl used her X-Ray vision and guided Wonder Woman to the throne room. Eclipso fired a beam from a crystal and Supergirl took the brunt of it. Wonder Woman deflected a second beam into the palace, causing to start caving in. Supergirl instructed Wonder Woman to throw out her Lasso of Truth 23 degrees to her left. The invisible Eclipso was captured. They flew back to Earth and the palace collapsed into a pile of rubble. However, a short time later, the palace began to rebuild itself.