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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis and Hits and Myths
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Appearances (Webisodes): Stealth 101 Part 1, Fresh Ares Part 2, Ring Me Maybe Part 2, Gone to the Dogs Part 1, Gone to the Dogs Part 2, and Anti-Hall Monitor Part 1
Appearances (Comics): The Write Stuff and Moon Doggie
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Batgirl constructed a series of underground bases known as Batcaves, or Batbunkers, around Metropolis and even at Super Hero High School. Unable to get any studying on campus done the day before semester finals, Batgirl flew to a mail bin in Centennial Park. The bin scanned and welcomed her. She dropped down a trap door and landed in the Batmobile which took her to the alpha Batcave. The giant dinosaur is a testament to her love of the prehistoric creatures. Surrounded by gadgets, suits, and a Captain Carrot poster, Batgirl settled in after 8 pm. However, she was interrupted when Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Lady Shiva defeated Giganta above her in the park. She took the Batmobile to the beta Batcave, her back up. She disturbed by more noise. It just so happened it was below the Lexcorp Garden Supply store where Lex Luthor ambushed Poison Ivy.

Batgirl returned to Super Hero High to access her last resort, the only completely soundproof Batcave. The downside was it was only accessible through one hidden passageway located in the faculty lounge. Once Commissioner Gordon left the lounge, Batgirl was all clear to access the retinal scan at the watercooler. A secret passage opened up but the power was out. Batgirl was ambushed by Lex Luthor. The day of the annual Hero of the Year ceremony, Batgirl took Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Bumblebee to the arcade area of Capes & Cowls Cafe. She pressed the lower right button on the middle arcade. A bat icon appeared on the screen and the section revolved. They found themselves in one of the Batcaves. They checked Batgirl's surveillance to see if they could pinpoint Dark Opal's location. They departed for Centennial Park to chase after who they thought was Dark Opal but actually turned out to be a steampunk cosplayer late for his cosplay group.

During the following semester, on a Friday afternoon, Batgirl took Hawkgirl, Bumblebee, and the Flash to the alpha Batcave. She ran a D.N.A. scan on a strand of pink hair Bumblebee discovered at the scene of the Batjet's theft. The scan determined the hair was synthetic. Batgirl realized it was a wig. Flash revealed he knew who the culprit was and they returned to Super Hero High. Batgirl and Poison Ivy worked on Crazy Quilt's stealth suit assignment in the Capes & Cowls bunker. Sensors picked up suspicious activity the night before the due date. Batgirl checked the feed and saw Killer Moth kidnap Crazy Quilt. Ivy debuted a suitable stealth suit and the pair departed in the Batjet. When the city was over run by artwork animated by June Moone's Magic Paint, Batgirl and Supergirl went to the alpha Batcave to analyze the paint's ingredients. Oracle ran an analysis then they took the list back to Super Hero High for Frost to look at.

Without the Amulet of Harmonia on, Ares went on a rampage in the city. Batgirl went to her bunker under Capes & Cowls to retrieve the Mobile HQ. The earthquakes generated by Ares caused a cave-in on the bunker. Flash gathered a laptop and books then fled in the Mobile HQ with Batgirl just in time. Batgirl went to the Capes & Cowls bunker after Sinestro kidnapped Starfire, Flash, and Wonder Woman to warn Supergirl he was after her as well. Reception near Neptune was poor so Supergirl thought Batgirl needed her to return to Earth quickly. Batgirl took Ace and Krypto to the Capes & Cowls bunker to wait while she and Supergirl investigated a break-in at Eclipso Jewels. While Krypto spun in the chair, Ace kicked him to the back while he checked the computer. Krypto noticed a cat wearing the stolen Sphinx Ruby in security camera footage from the store and barked. Ace noticed and they departed to save the day. Oracle didn't recognize Ace's pawprint and rejected him. He barked. Oracle didn't recognize his voice either. Krypto flew then charged and broke through the wall.

Batgirl and Ace put the finishing touches on a Bat vehicle designed for space travel in the Batcave under Super Hero High. Batgirl got a call from Wonder Woman asking for reinforcements for outer space. She pulled a lever and raised the ship up to the front lawn of campus then asked Ace to watch over the bunker while she was gone.