Wonder Cycle

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Webisodes): Batnapped, Tales From the Kryptomites Part 1, and Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds
Appearances (LEGO Webisode): Showdown
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Invisibility and Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Wonder Cycle is a customized motorcycle belonging to Wonder Woman that she uses for Vehicles Club and for her Mechanics, Robotics, and Automotive Workshop project. Like the Invisible Jet, the cycle can also turn invisible. Wonder Woman and Supergirl worked on their vehicles without pause prompting Doc Magnus to inform them he was calling it a night soon. Wonder Woman wanted a few more minutes. Frost decided to settle Wonder Woman and Supergirl's race with a no super power, all horse power street race. Wonder Woman used her motorcycle. They diverted from the race to capture Double Dare after they robbed a bank. Wonder Woman fired the Lasso of Truth out the cycle and nabbed one of the twins.

Wonder Woman used the Wonder Cycle in Egypt after tapping her bracelet then drove up the side up a pyramid, grabbed Lena Luthor's Electromagnetic Generator, and slammed it on top of an obelisk. After the Female Furies stole something from Principal Waller's office, Wonder Woman chased after them on her motorcycle. She was forced to jump off mid-pursuit it to hold up a fallen water tower.