Superpower Unpowering Machine

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (LEGO): Trading Places
Powers/Skills: Ability Nullification
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lena Luthor engineered a Superpower Unpowering Machine and planned to use it to take away all the powers of the supers at Super Hero High School. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Batgirl tried to storm Luthor's lab but the three of them lost their powers when they got close enough. Luthor admitted she was still workshopping it and the name would be temporary. The next day, Batgirl disguised herself as Supergirl and tried to sneak into the lab but she crashed outside and was quickly caught. Luthor, not knowing it was Batgirl, demanded to know the other supers' weaknesses or she'd use a Green Kryptomite on her. Batgirl confused them with useless information about Wonder Woman's ticklish left elbow and Bumblebee's allergy to otters. While they conferenced in private, Batgirl used her concealed rocket pack to burn through her bonds then removed a power cell from the machine. The real Supergirl arrived and smashed the machine to pieces.