Nth Metal

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Welcome to Super Hero High, All About Super Hero High, Fall Into Super Hero High, Weaponomics, Clubbing, Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman, New Beginnings, Batgirl vs. Supergirl, Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn, License to Fly, Hero of the Month: Katana, Dude, Where's My Invisible Jet?, Hero of the Month: Frost, The Blunder Games, Hawkgirl's Day Off, Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl, The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf, The Ultimate Accessory, Riddle of the Heart, Hero of the Month: Beast Boy, Seeing Red, A Fury Scorned, Fresh Ares Part 2, Fresh Ares Part 3, Gorilla Warfare, Dog Day After School, It's a Superful Life, Ring Me Maybe Part 4, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Fly By Night, By the Yearbook, Spell-shocked Part 1, Spell-shocked Part 2, Mood Ring, Stage Fright, Hackgirl, My New Best Fiend, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 1, Anti-Hall Monitor Part 2, Missing Martian, Fortress of Solidarity Part 1, and Super Gift Swap
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis, Hits and Myths, and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Comics): Planet of the Bots, Zone In, Breaking Out, Moon Doggie, Fight and Space Flight, and The Final Frontier
Powers/Skills: Gravity Negation and Physical Augmentation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Nth Metal is a special metal native to the planet Thanagar. It has special properties like negating gravity, allowing users to fly. Hawkgirl wears a belt made of Nth Metal, family heirloom, passed down from her parents. For the 100th Annual Super Triathlon, Hawkgirl wore her newly upgraded Nth Metal belt that granted her power of flight and enhanced her strength and sight. On the Friday before the Hero of the Year gala, Dark Opal knocked out Hawkgirl and stole her Nth Metal belt. It served as a component for the legendary Scepter of ultimate power. After Supergirl destroyed the Scepter, Beast Boy grabbed the belt off a branch and threw it to Hawkgirl.