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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Batnapped and Jetsetters
Appearances (Comics): Friends in High Places
Powers/Skills: Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Mothjet is a modified plane used by Killer Moth. Despite resembling a moth down to the wings and appendanges, it is surprisingly aerodynamic. Batgirl was chased by Killer Moth in his Mothjet above Metropolis. She used the Batjet's thrusters to try and escape him but he cut her off and opened fire. She fired defense blasters but the Mothjet had an upgraded shield. He continued firing on the Batjet. The Batjet computer soon reported an emergency system malfunction then a series of explosions rocked the jet and it nose dived. Batgirl was unharmed but kidnapped by Killer Moth and taken to his secret hideout.

Supergirl included Killer Moth as the villain in her comic project. In the story, Moth attacked Steve Trevor's Superfood Cake delivery with his Mothjet. He pursued Trevor to Themyscrica. Moth easily tied up Wonder Woman and Trevor then an arm from the jet carried them to a volcano. Supergirl and Batgirl arrived in search of their cake. Supergirl was hit by the jet's Kryptonite lasers but recovered and wrecked the jet with Batgirl using Comet's power of Rainbow Eye Lasers and Baticorn's Force of Supersonic Echolocation Horn. Killer Moth flew around in the Mothjet one morning in search of what flew past him. The jet's radars detected Wonder Woman's heat signature and he realized he had a chance to steal the Invisible Jet. He fired missiles at it then unleashed the turrents but the Invisible Jet went down in the harbor. Frost froze the Invisible Jet to prevent it from sinking then froze the Mothjet. It quickly fell into the harbor.