Magic Paint

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): State of the Martial Art, Friends in High Places, One-Hit Wonder Woman, Every Trick in the Book, The Write Stuff, Paper Trail, and Final Draft
Powers/Skills: Animation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Harley Quinn searched for the right supplies in Ms. Moone's art supply closet to help her with completing her comics project they way she envisioned it. Despite Moone's warning her potions were off limits, Harley took a tube of Magic Paint out of the closet. While the girls looked at Wonder Woman's comic, they failed to notice one of Harley's drawings had come to life. It immediately had trouble on its mind. It soon squirted magic paint on all of the girls' comic book projects and their art came to life.

Batgirl got an idea to use the Magic Paint to put the art back on paper. While Harley worked on a new comic, Batgirl and Supergirl discovered there wasn't enough paint left over. Batgirl declared they had to make more and took the tube to the alpha Batcave for Oracle to analyze. Batgirl and Supergirl took the list of ingredients to Frost for her expertise in chemistry. Frost revealed she could only produce part of the solution with the chemicals she had on hand but to replicate it all, they needed organic materials. Batgirl sought out Poison Ivy in her greenhouse. Luckily, she grew the dangerous and forbidden plants on the list like wormwood and fleeceflower root. Supergirl, Batgirl, Frost, and Poison Ivy returned to the art room with a batch of Magic Paint but Enchantress stole them. She painted herself an army based on the likes of Doomsday, Starro, Animal Vegetable Mineral Man, the Creature Commandos, and Stanley's Monster. Harley squeezed out some Magic Paint to create a little red pen she named Li'l Red and set it loose to erase everything created before it.