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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Technokinesis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Harley Quinn approached Batgirl for a way to take her web channel Harley's Quinntessentials to the next level and achieve total world media domination. HarleyGrams was born. It would manifest as tiny 3D versions of Harley Quinn. Noah Kuttler helped Batgirl with finishing a piece of code she couldn't figure out. Kuttler secretly planted a transformative virus to serve his own plans to cause chaos on the entire planet. Batgirl finished HarleyGrams and uploaded them. When fans logged onto Harley's Quinntessentials' home page, they could click on Harley's face and instantly a HarleyGram would pop up on their keyboard. Batgirl demonstrated it to Harley. The hologram did flips and jumps as it ran back and forth across the keys, waving a mallet, and yelling "Harley's Quinntessentials." It soon became the latest trend. Lois Lane did a feature on it. In less than a week, half a million people downloaded the HarleyGram. Lane eventually figured out Batgirl was the inventor. Super Hero Hotline devoted a full segment to it.

Batgirl got job offers to major tech companies and became a full blown media star despite declining all interview offers. The next week, the HarleyGrams started to go rogue and change what people were typing. A tiny variation in code allowed a rogue to turn solid by transitioning from a photographic light field into an energy matrix approximating solid matter. Now calling themselves HarleyWhams, they began unlocking computer viruses with the shift key and hitting a certain sequence of keys to create duplicates. The autonomous electromagnetic figures ran rampant and Super Hero High School fell victim first. It soon spread to Metropolis and beyond. Batgirl was blamed and labeled a criminal. In a few days, the HarleyWhams affected international businesses, governments, the national economy, the space program, vending machines, automated parking meters, and even animatronic mice at kids' party restaurants. Harley was interviewed on the news. She absolved herself and reiterated Batgirl created the HarleyGrams.

Noah Kuttler, now calling himself the Calculator, revealed to Batgirl he was the one who planted code into the HarleyGrams. The other supers spread out across the nation like the Gotham City airport control tower redirecting airplanes, stopping criminals at Metropolis Bank after its security system went offline, and saving students trapping in the dinosaur room of the museum. Batgirl tried to isolate the infected areas and blasted anti-virus software through a series of geosynchronous satellites but it only got worse. Batgirl used her anonymous funding to purchase and download programs to cobble together and create a customized B.A.T. super program to battle the HarleyWhams. While Batgirl programmed the antivirus Anti-HarleyWham program, Flash went off to disable all of Central City's computers then Metropolis and Gotham City with Hawkgirl. Batgirl and Calculator battled in a TechTalkTV-style competition. All the while, she tried to plug in new code to reverse the HarleyWhams.

The HarleyWhams turned back into HarleyGrams then retraced their steps until each computer returned to the way it was before. Once every computer was restored to normal, the HarleyGrams all self-destructed. For extra measure, Harley Quinn used her mallet to destroy Calculator's laptop and assorted computers. Harley's Quinntessentials' subscribers returned and even more viewers came along.