Electromagnetic Generators

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Electromagnetic Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Eclipso and Lena Luthor teamed up for a global plot to use Earth's electromagnetic energies to generate kind of hyperspace wormhole. Once Eclipso returned to Gemworld, Luthor would be free to take over the decimated planet. Luthor stole several S.T.A.R. Labs generators then chose three of the greatest power spots of electromagnetic energy in the world, Egypt, the Aztec Jungle, and Stonehenge. She left one generator atop an Egyptian pyramid with Yellow Kryptomites, in the Aztec Jungle with Blue Kryptomites, and in the center of Stonehenge with Orange Kryptomites. As a failsafe, Luthor left a larger secondary generator on Themyscira on the island's most powerful spot - where the Amazons gathered for combat and/or movie night. The generator was programmed to automatically come online if the other three went offline. Eclipso secretly built a failsafe of the failsafe on her palace on the Moon and planned to actually use the energies to terraform Earth into a new Gemworld to rule.

Batgirl received a warning notification from one of her Batbunkers. She discovered the Earth's electromagnetic energy was building up in a few localized places on the planet at an exponential rate. Messing with the natural flow of energies would be catastrophic. She triangulated the source of the disruptions to Lexcorp at Metropolis Docks. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl split up to destroy them. Wonder Woman conquered the fears that came from contact with the Yellow Kryptomites then rode up the pyramid on her motorcycle, grabbed the generator and slammed it on top a nearby obelisk. She reached out to Supergirl and Batgirl with an emotional appeal. They broke through their Kryptomite-induced feelings. Batgirl used her jet to tow the Aztec generator into a live volcano while Supergirl destroyed the Stonehenge one with heat vision. Soon after, Batgirl detected a bigger electromagnetic disturbance but she couldn't look onto static coordinates and they kept pinging everywhere.

Wonder Woman realized the disturbance was at Themyscira. She deduced where the generator was then lifted it up in the air with her Lasso of Truth and slammed it to pieces. Luthor arrived and was upset with the generators' destruction. Eclipso suddenly appeared in her spaceship and admitted her true plans then left for the Moon. Batgirl realized she was using the generators to realign Earth's electromagnetic energy patterns with Gemworld's. Once they were connected, she would transfer the planet's organiz matrix and terraform Earth (or basically use magic to change Earth). Batgirl whipped up a computer virus to cripple the generator but Luthor was unable to find a backdoor into its generator. Supergirl flew the virus to the Moon and uploaded it while Eclipso gloated in her palace. The terraforming on Earth receded and the day was saved.