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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Drive Me Crazy
Powers/Skills: Transportation, Remote Control, and Energy Blast Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Cyborg built an impressive tank with his technology for a vehicle assignment and named it Cybeast. On the day of review, it had remote control capabilities, built-in defense systems, and upgraded rims. Magnus congratulated him. After Big Barda admitted she didn't know how to drive, she gravitated towards the tank but Cyborg refused to let her drive it. Beast Boy ignored Cyborg's restrictions and tried the remote control in Metropolis. He accidentally set it to Destruction Mode. To make matters worse, Cyborg neglected to build a remote override. The Cybeast terrorized citizens and came upon an elderly woman outside Capes & Cowls Cafe. Batgirl swung from a light pole and saved her. Barda got the tank's attention and jumped down the hatch. She remembered to be aware of her surroundings, use the turn signal and be gentle on the brake -- and saved the day. Cyborg refused to give her the Cybeast but promised to help her build her own tank. She forgot to put the Cybeast in park and it rolled into a vehicle.