Onna-bugeisha Yamashiro

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Real Identity: Sobo Yamashiro
Affiliations: Red Planet Prep
Appearances (Novels): Katana at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Swordsmanship, Martial Arts, and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sobo Yamashiro was born in Japan when Emperor Meiji abolished the samurai class in the 1870s. Descended from a long line of Samurai, she was also taught the skills, philosophies, and code of the Bushido. Some samurai went into business, others took up family trades like poetter and farming, and a handful became superheroes. Sobo went to a Red Planet Prep, a special high school with a reputation as one of the best super hero high schools in the universe, to supplement her samurai training. Sobo dreaming of becoming a great super hero and graduating Red Planet Prep was the first step in accomplishing her dream. Prep was a boys-only school for a long time and Sobo was going to change that. Sobo's roommate stressed her out because she had an annoying habit of flying in her sleep. As a result, Sobo had to keep the windows closed even though she liked the fresh air and sea scent. The roommate bounced against the walls and kept her up at night. Sobo quickly learned some of the other students didn't like her there.

Sobo was homesick but got letters from her father three times a week, each one saying he was proud of her for carrying on the legacy of the Yamashiro name and bringing honor to the family by becoming the first female Samurai super hero. Sobo's mother worried more than him about Sobo's being safe at school. He would also remind Sobo he met her mother in high school. Others aimed to dissuade her from her goal like a reporter who chronicled Red Planet's students' lives. He penned several editorials against a girl Samurai super hero. She realized she had to succeed or at the very least, make her dream a reality for someone else. Sobo became the fencing team co-captain with Dragon Prince. He made fun of her for loving her katana sword so much but routinely lost matches to her and was chided by his father, Dragon King. Sobo always told him they were friends and they get stronger with their losses. Dragon Prince always had an excuse to her amusement. Upon graduation, they agreed to meet years later.

Sobo hid her identity and became the famous female Samurai super hero she dreamed of becoming, an Onna-bugeisha. She soon had a daughter and she kept her maiden name and passed it onto her daughter Tatsu. All three were the only child of their parents. Onna's daughter found out about her heroic exploits at a young age and kept it a secret. Onna and her granddaughter Tatsu bonded. Onna would often disappear for days or weeks then returned home when there was news a disaster was averted or a village saved. Tatsu loved she could turn even a boring meal for two into a fabulous party by telling stories, singing, and smiling so brightly she lit up the room. She also loved Onna's stories, which were actually her exploits. Around third or fourth grade, Tatsu walked home from school with a couple friends down a winding road and saw a house on fire. A masked female Samurai in full grab appeared out of nowhere and saved the mother and children trapped inside. She used barrels of rainwater collected in the garden to put out the fire.

Tatsu raced home to tell Onna all about it. She found Onna drying her hair with a towel. She found it an odd time to take a bath then smelled something. She saw leaves and cinders in Onna's room and realized she was the Samurai. Tatsu wanted to be just like her. Eventually, Onna taught Tatsu the basics of swordsmanship and martial arts in secret. Dragon Prince, now the Dragon King, contacted Onna to meet as they promised. He lied and said he had a present for her. He was amused he was only one who figured out she was the mysterious female Samurai super hero. They met and went by the ocean. Dragon King demanded the Muteki Sword so he could take over the world. Onna objected and they fought. Dragon King was backed up by 100 accomplices. Onna-bugeisha never returned home and Dragon King continued his search for the Muteki Sword. Tatsu was accepted to Super Hero High School in Metropolis and became Katana. Years later, Katana fought Dragon King who thought the Muteki Sword was at Super Hero High. She spared his life instead of taking it.

One of the Ghost Crabs infesting the school turned into the spirit of Onna and told Katana she had the Muteki Sword all along. She stated while revenge was easy, to pardon takes even more courage. Onna bowed to Katana, who was overcome with pride, joy, and love. Onna held up her hand and told her a person and their potential makes a sword stronger, never the other way around. She turned back into a Ghost Crab then vanished.