Gardner Grayle

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Real Identity: Gardner Grayle
Affiliations: Atomic Knights
Appearances (Comics): Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 1
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gardner Grayle is a member of the Atomic Knights. While on patrol with Marlene Herald and another, Grayle encountered Batgirl and Harley Quinn, who teleported 134 years into the future. Back at base Grayle reported they were in an unauthorized zone with no Holo-Permits or I.D. cards. He concluded they had to assume they were spies for Vandal Savage. Harley took offense to the accusation, inadvertently revealing her handcuffs were picked. Grayle sent the knights' Giant Dalmatians after them. Instead of attacking, the dogs enjoyed a good chin and belly rub from her. Grayle realized their story was true after all as the dogs were considered a fine judge of character.