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Real Identity: Ted Grant
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Webisodes): All About Super Hero High, Techless Tuesday (Mrs. Clayface), Gorilla Warfare, Fight Flub, It's a Superful Life, Fish Out of Water Part 1, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Truth of the Lasso Part 3, Truth of the Lasso Part 4, Mood Ring, All Pets Are Off Part 1, All Pets Are Off Part 2, and The Wobble
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Supergirl at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Comics): Free Comic Book Day Edition 2016, Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 2, Egging On Part 1, Egging On Part 2, and Oa Snap
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis and Hits and Myths
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Boxing
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Coach Wildcat is currently a P.E. teacher at Super Hero High School. He is a born fighter and teaches the fine art of hand-to-hand combat and how to overcome any obstacle with their unique sets of superpowers. On Supergirl's first day, it also was Wildcat's strength test day in P.E. class. He remarked Wonder Woman was top of the class as always. Supergirl impressed everyone but lifting Beast Boy, in the form of a Brontosaurus, but he wobbled and lost balance. He changed into a bird and flew away rather than crush everyone. Wildcat admonished Supergirl for putting everyone in danger and advised her to learn to control her powers before someone did get hurt. About a week later, Supergirl made strides thanks to Barbara Gordon and Wonder Woman. When the Save the Day alarm rang, Wildcat told Supergirl she was ready. The day before finals, Wildcat congratulated Wonder Woman on her sparring match with Cheetah. He appeared to be settled on giving her an A for the semester.

The following semester, Wildcat attended Etrigan's surprise birthday party. In addition to his primary course, Wildcat also offered a Dinosaur Combat Elective. Mrs. Clayface posed as Wildcat and confiscated Batgirl's grapnel gun during P.E. class. Grodd demonstrated primate power for one of Wildcat's P.E. classes. Wildcat thanked Grodd and tried to start a drill but several gorillas from Gorilla City arrived and kidnapped Grodd. Frost thought it was another "teacher gets kidnapped" drill. Red Tornado, in a gorilla costume, peeked in and asked if he was prepared for his entrance yet. Wildcat realized it was a real kidnapping and told the supers to rescue Grodd. Flash thought it was a "pretend it's not a drill" drill. Wildcat didn't take well to Principal Waller changing her no pets policy. He was "terrorized" by Harley Quinn's pet monkey Calliope who constantly jumped on his head, ate his lunch, and left "presents" under his desk.

Wildcat performed first day evaluations on Mera. She displayed her ability of hydrokinesis and a turrent of water rose through the gym floor. She did a double spiral and got Wonder Woman and Wildcat wet. Wildcat clarified he meant how much she could bench press. Wildcat was in charge of a field trip consisting of Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Harley, Katana, Batgirl, and Supergirl. Once Wonder Woman arrived, Wildcat drove them in a bus. To their dismay, he announced they were going to the Gotham Dentistry Museum. They got stuck in traffic. Wildcat realized they would miss the curator's cavity course but Giganta found them. Harley punted Wildcat outside into a dumpster then drove off. After Cheetah was stopped, Wildcat continued with the field trip. Wildcat judged the Pet Show with Cheetah and Gorilla Grodd. He allowed Supergirl to substitute the missing Krypto for a rare emerald poodle. At the end of the contest, Wildcat gave medals to Ace, Jumpa, and Calliope then awarded Whatzit with best pet personality. Before he could announce the grand prize, Artemiz broke up the festivities and kidnapped the pets.

The pets broke free and turned the tables on Artemiz. For their teamwork, courage, and creativity, Wildcat announced the judges agreed the grand prize should be shared among the pets. Harley tried complimenting Wildcat but he refused to change her P.E. grade. He then gave Beast Boy the prize for most versatile.

(Novels only) Coach Wildcat is master of several fighting arts, including boxing, muay thai, capoeria, and Krav Maga. He attended Ranger Ridge State College. He earned the nickname "Crazy Legs" after he won a dance competition. He was known for being tough on his students and pouncing with deadly accuracy when confronted. He stressed strength and agility were important components of a superhero but mental strength and self control were just as important as physical strength. He even helped Beast Boy unleash his inner beast. Wildcat subjected his students to tasks that would help them achieve including tossing trucks running a 50 mile obstacle course while dodging lasers, swimming with hungry sea serpents, and bounding over a huge hill of angry termites. During a phys ed class he held another relay race. This time, Wildcat substituted batons with fully charged Shock Sticks as an added incentive to run fast.

Wonder Woman was distracted by the anonymous threats she was receiving and as a result Cheetah hurt one of her legs. Rumors of a rivalry over getting on the Super Triathlon team ran rampant. Wildcat took on the role of head athletic coach for the Triathlon. He reviewed statistics and analysis of each competitor from a computer program Barbara Gordon developed. Secretly, Wildcat's role had a second purpose. He was helping Principal Waller in trying to confirm her suspicions of a CAD Academy spy. They approached Cheetah to be their eyes and ears and monitor the team as well. Wildcat volunteered in a Save the Day drill as a victim. Star Sapphire and Miss Martian saved him from a crack in Earth's tectonic plates.