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Real Identity: Sinestro
Affiliations: Korugar Academy and Yellow Lantern Corps
Appearances (Novels): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Intergalactic Games
Appearances (Webisodes): Ring Me Maybe Part 1, Ring Me Maybe Part 2, Ring Me Maybe Part 3, and Ring Me Maybe Part 4
Powers/Skills: Flight, Force Field Generation, Hard Light Construct Generation, and Yellow Energy Blasts
Voiced By: Tom Kenny

Sinestro is the headmaster of Korugar Academy and leader of the Yellow Lantern Corps.

Sinestro resented Super Hero High for Korugar Academy's defeat at the Intergalactic Games. He chose to form himself a dream team to ensure victory and decided to forcibly recruit Starfire, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl. Sinestro waited in his cloaked ship in space near Earth and the Moon. Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Supergil, in her rocket ship, flew by him completely unaware. With Jordan on his way to Oa to complete his training, Earth was without a Green Lantern. Sinestro uncloaked and relished the moment then cloaked and flew his ship towards Earth. The ship appeared above Capes & Cowls Cafe then landed on a nearby roof. Starfire approached the ship first in the hope that Blackfire was onboard. Sinestro exited and captured her in a construct then sent a cheetah construct after the Flash. Wonder Woman demanded their release but Sinestro fired a bird construct that stole her Lasso of Truth then she was captured, too.

Sinestro stored them aboard the ship and told them to take a nap because he needed them well rested for training as soon as they landed on Korugar. He closed the ship and entered his password. Batgirl demanded their release. Sinestro dismissed her and stated he needed real super powers for his team. He formed a giant broom construct and swept her and the Batty Wagon away. All he needed was Supergirl. Batgirl attempted to warn Supergirl but reception near Neptune was terrible and she thought was needed back on Earth as soon as possible. As soon as she landed near Capes & Cowls, Sinestro greeted her as the captain of his new team. Supergirl refused to be on his team and charged. Sinestro formed a black portal with his ring as she charged right into it and was trapped. Batgirl convinced Jessica Cruz to accept her new duty as Junior Green Lantern and help her defeat Sinestro. Sinestro stored Supergirl into his ship and was about to leave but Cruz formed a giant hand and grabbed him then tossed him to the street.

Sinestro was shocked there was a Green Lantern. Cruz demanded the release of the supers or else. Sinestro wasn't intimidated. Cruz fired on him but only a swarm of friendly butterfly constructs flew around him. Sinestro was amused and offered her to learn how to wield the ring from him on Korugar. He created a giant bear construct. Cruz countered with a kitten construct. It dodged the bear, turned into a lion, and dissipated the bear. Sinestro felt the fear in her heart and created a giant dragon construct. The dragon dissipated the bear but Cruz admitted she was afraid but the ring could overcome it. She made three constructs of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl who took down the dragon. Cruz thought of something that would scare Sinestro: a rookie Green Lantern defeating him. She palmed him into a roof then sent a kitten construct to take off his ring. Sinestro was reduced to a tank top and heart boxers. Batgirl, meanwhile, sneaked into his ship and led Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Starfire out. Sinestro retreated to his ship and left Earth.