Pied Piper

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Real Identity: Hartley Rathaway
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Novels): Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude, Lip Reading, and Knowledge of Foreign Languages
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Pied Pier is Super Hero High School's new music teacher. While he is deaf, Piper can feel music in a much more powerful way and read lips. It is rumored the government used him as a spy since he also understood several languages. Super Hero High lost its previous music teacher during Thunder and Lightning's Dueling Duets demonstration. Thunder's powerful shockwaves hit all acoustic instruments and caused them to reverberate cacophanously. Lightning countered with electric synthesizers and drum machines but they overloaded. Amid Harley Quinn's plans to expand her Harley's Quinntessentials web channel, Star Sapphire heard the school was getting a new music teacher and it was a "he." Pied Piper heard about the Battle of the Bands and offered his services to coach anyone from Super Hero High competing in it. For an assignment, Piper told students to do a two minute performance piece either singing solo, in a group, or with an instrument.