Gorilla Grodd

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Real Identity: Gorilla Grodd
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Webisodes): Welcome to Super Hero High, All About Super Hero High, Hero of the Month: Supergirl, Seeing Red, Body Electric, Fresh Ares Part 3, Gorilla Warfare, It's a Superful Life, Pets Peeved Part 1, Ha-Ha Horticulture, Truth of the Lasso Part 4, Fly By Night, Spell-shocked Part 1, Spell-shocked Part 2, Bottle Episode, Career Day, Mood Ring, Haunted Harley, All Pets Are Off Part 1, The Wobble, Rolling Blunder, For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 2 (Illusion), Missing Martian (Voice), Super Gift Swap, My So-Called Anti-Life Part 2, and My So-Called Anti-Life Part 3
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Comics): Free Comic Book Day Edition 2016, The Dino Egg Effect Part 1, Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 2, Egging On Part 1, State of the Martial Art (Comic only), Breaking Out, Moon Doggie, and The Final Frontier
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis, Hits and Myths, and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (LEGO Webisode): Wonder Waitress
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Mind Control, Above Average Strength, and Administration
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Gorilla Grodd is the gruff and short tempered vice principal of Super Hero High School. He can be rather brusque with students and often yells but only to keep them in line. That includes overseeing detention and handing out generous sentences to anyone who crosses him. According to "The Super-Villain Compendium," Gorilla Grodd was a super villain who led Gorilla City and commanded a gorilla army in an attempt to conquer Central City. It is rumored Principal Waller recruited a reformed Grodd out of prison through a work release program. He repeatedly denied Lois Lane's request for an interview. When Supergirl arrived for her first day, she crashed into the cafeteria. Waller initiated damage control protocol and left Grodd in charge. He quickly yelled at the students to get to work. Even Grodd struggled with lifting the super proof steel girders into place but turned down Beast Boy's offer to help.

Unable to master gorilla mind control, Granny Goodness still needed Grodd out of the way in order to complete her plans to use Super Hero High to pave the way for Darkseid's next invasion. She planted a piece of bamboo, Grodd's main meal, near the Boom Tube room. The Metropolis Junior Detective Society found the bamboo and suspected Grodd was the culprit trying to break into the Boom Tubes. The junior detectives presented their findings to Waller. Not taking any chances while she reviewed the case, Waller revoked Grodd's security clearance. Grodd was enraged and quit, citing insult after everything he did for the school. As he packed up his belongings, Grodd noticed Gordon, dressed as Batgirl, climbing up the side of the building. He looked outside and saw Artemiz and Stompa trying to hit Batgirl down. Artemiz locked on her and fired. Grodd leaped out the window and took the arrow in his shoulder and fell to the ground below. The student body turned the tide and defeated Granny and her Female Furies.

Grodd shed his sling and did the honor of tossing Granny and her Furies through the Boom Tube to the Belle Reve Penitentiary and Juvenile Detention Center. Lastly, he tossed the cage full of Perry the Parademon duplicates into the tube. Batgirl hugged Grodd and thanked him for saving her life. Grodd shrugged her off and gave her a pet on the head. Flash apologized for misjudging him. Grodd assigned the junior detectives detention then said it was just a joke. He advised them to lighten up and punched Flash in the shoulder.

The day before final exams, an announcement was made in the auditorium. Grodd yelled at the student body to shut their "teeth traps" and open their "ear holes" to hear Principal Waller's announcement about finals. In the afternoon, Grodd was annoyed to see Poison Ivy back in detention. He yelled at her for grinning and strongly advised her to get her plants under control or she would end up in detention every afternoon. During Hero of the Year, Lane re-introduced herself to Grodd. Grodd was suspicious she might be an imposter but Lane quickly proved her identity by asking a barrage of questions. Lane continued to follow Grodd into the hall and pressed about the work release squad he was recruited for. He attended the post-gala dinner at the Kent Farm. The next semester, Grodd was accosted in the hall way by the Flash. Flash thought Grodd was the one who stole the Batjet, jumped on Grodd's back and pulled on his head to reveal a toupee. Grodd was naturally infuriated and stated he did not wear one.

Towards the end of summer break, Waller and Grodd met in Centennial Park to start planning for the upcoming school year but fell prey to Strife's spell of discord. Grodd declared she wasn't strict enough and he should be principal. Waller retorted he wouldn't be anywhere without her. After the second Ares incident, Gorilla Grodd gave Catwoman six months of detention for her role in the catastrophe. Catwoman suggested seven as she put on Wonder Woman's stolen tiara. Growing concerned with Gorilla Grodd's absence from Gorilla City, a team was dispatched to Super Hero High School to rescue him. Grodd demonstrated primate power to Wildcat's P.E. class by letting out a roar that rocked the gym. The gorillas surrounded them and carried Grodd away. They rammed his head into a wall at first then rammed through a door. The supers thought it was another of Coach Wildcat's drills until Red Tornado, in a gorilla costume, asked if it was time yet for him to appear. Wildcat realized it was a real kidnapping but the supers thought it was a "pretend we're not doing a drill" drill.

The general told Grodd they came to rescue him and return him to Gorilla City as rightful ruler. He was surprised to learn Grodd was vice principal. Grodd tried to tell him he wasn't a super villain anymore. The general concluded he was brainwashed. While the fight raged on, the general tried to usher Grodd outside but he lost his temper and yelled at them to listen. It was so loud, all of Super Hero High could hear him. The gorillas kneeled before Grodd. Grodd explained he never returned to Gorilla City because he thought it'd be weird and they would want to take over Metropolis. The general insisted they didn't have to take anything over and they could just hang out. They simply missed Grodd. Grodd promised to attend the next Bamboo Festival. He noticed the supers were staring at him and gave them detention. He told the general he still knew how to have fun. They laughed at their expense. During Christmas, Wonder Woman and Supergirl brought Grodd's parents to his office as a special surprise since he couldn't make it home for the holidays. Grodd was speechless and hugged them.

Grodd headed the Super Pets class. He was not pleased with the pets' lack of progress: Krypto licking his opponent, Jumpa not distinguishing friend from foe and punching him in the face, Ace chasing Kitsune and ignoring Batgirl's commands, and Honey eating one of his fuzzy slippers. Grodd informed the supers he was going to fail them if their pets didn't learn teamwork. After Cheetah was caught for stealing the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman had a conference with Waller and Grodd. When Waller speculated keeping Cheetah at Super Hero High would influence her to take the right path, Grodd grunted. Waller assured him not to worry because she was keeping an eye on her. Grodd happened to be sitting on a bench outside reading when Flash, Hawkgirl, and Bumblebee returned to campus with Krypto and Moxie. Hawkgirl invoked phase three of her plan and sought the nearest adult for help in dealing with the Metropolis Animal Control Center warden. Grodd informed the warden he was trespassing on private property.

The warden insisted he was just doing his job. Grodd raised his voice and ordered him off his lawn. He obeyed. Grodd stated he never trusted animal control twerps. He sat back down and resumed his reading. A short time later, Batgirl's new space ship rose up from the lawn near him then Flash entrusted Moxie and her puppies to him. They were smitten with each other. He ended up adopting one of the puppies and naming it Bamboo. After hearing two of the other puppies had a playdate, Grodd wanted to add Bamboo under threat of detention. Flash quickly allowed Bamboo to join in. Grodd smelled students in the halls after curfew and on his patrol route. He chased them to the library but Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Hawkgirl slipped out without him seeing them. Bumblebee pushed up on the elevator then pushed a button for one of the top levels. Grodd took the bait and climbed up. Waller was in the cafeteria eating a sundae and decided to let the girls off the hook. She remarked Grodd was strict about curfew and people eating his bananas.

Grodd introduced Batgirl and Wonder Woman to Super Hero High's new math teacher, Dr. Seid but wasn't sure how to pronounce his last name. Harley started pounding her mallet in the hall, prompting Grodd to remind her of the rules. Soon after, he asked Raven, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl why the Book of Legends was running amok in the school. Batgirl confessed they just wanted to help Raven. They broke off to save Dr. Seid then neutralized the Book with a counterspell. Grodd thanked Raven then gave everyone cleaning supplies. After being alerted by Wonder Woman, Grodd locked the Bottled City of Kandor in the vault under the school for safe keeping. Grodd went to Weaponomics after lunch to pick up a top secret prototype bow. He caught Artemiz trying to steal it but she fired a trick arrow and he was stuck to the floor by a green substance. He tried throwing a trash can at her but she fired an exploding arrow at it. Luckily, Parasite and Wonder Woman were passing underneath the room in the school's maintanence hall. Wonder Woman stopped Artemiz' escape.

When Star Sapphire's Violet Lantern Ring was broken, the emotional electromagnetic spectrum was released. Waller and Grodd were hit by the love of violet light. Grodd professed his love for Waller and they danced in the halls. Sapphire paired them with Supergirl, who was hit with rage of red light, and they were restored to normal. Things became awkward between Waller and Grodd. Grodd finally declared it never happened. Grodd judged the Pet Show with Wildcat and Cheetah and a gymnastics competition with Red Tornado and Principal Waller. The latter was interrupted by Bleez, who was angry she got banned from the last meet. Grodd served as referree at a roller derby match between Super Hero High's Savage Supers and Apokolips Magnet's Female Furies. Grodd presided over the annual gift exchange during the Christmas season even though he found it an odd, primitive humanoid ritual.