Dr. Arkham

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Real Identity: Dr. Jeremiah Arkham
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Batgirl at Super Hero High, Katana at Super Hero High, and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (Comics): Two Sides to Every Story
Powers/Skills: Expert in Psychology and Counseling
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dr. Arkham is the resident school counselor at Super Hero High School. He racked up a sizeable file on Harley Quinn, who often held sessions with him. She remembered his poster about a self-fulfilling prophecy in the battle against Enchantress and told her she didn't think the comic was completely truthful. Harley insisted Moone kept telling herself she couldn't fight Enchantress and that's why Enchantress eventually took over. The girls cheered on Moone to fight and told her they knew she was strong, talented, and wouldn't let a monster take over her life. Moone believed and returned to normal. Later that day, Arkham had another session with Harley that ran long. She told him about a green haired kid who was always pulling on her pigtails. Arkham stopped her and asked to clarify this was indeed all before kindergarten. Harley confirmed and told him she was a precocious child then continued with her story. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Moone, and later Batgirl waited outside his office.

(Novels only) Dr. Arkham is infamous for repeating himself as much in print as he did in person. He also isn't inclined to technology and often needs help with turning on his computer, shutting off his phone, opening his door, and fixing his calculator. Arkham's office is dark and dusty but filled with several photos of him shaking hands with famous super heroes, a life-sized suit of armor, and towering piles of books everywhere. On his desk were a collection of globes, a dusty old typewriter, and a partially finished jigsaw puzzle of the human brain. In addition to counseling, Arkham also writes self-help books for teenage superheroes like the series "The Mind and Manners of the Adolescent Super Hero." He is currently writing volume five. As part of Wonder Woman continuing to attend Super Hero High, Hippolyta required an assurance she would behave in accordance with her upbringing. Principal Waller assigned Wonder Woman to weekly sessions with Dr. Arkham.

After their first meeting, Arkham recognized Wonder Woman was a classic over achiever and gave her volumes one to four of "The Mind and Manners..." to read before their next session. He also advised her to learn how to relax and recommended joining a club or trying yoga. The first time Wonder Woman fell asleep while he was talking was taken as an insult but the second time, he fell asleep. The third time, they both did. Arkham mused he would write a book titled "Superpower Naps: The Arkham Method." He credited his books and their weekly sessions to Wonder Woman's overall improvement at Super Hero High. Weeks later, he talked to Wonder Woman how a young superhero's life could be divided into four categories: school, social life, sports, and sleep then advised her to pick three. Upon her arrival, Waller set Supergirl up with several sessions with Arkham.

Wonder Woman advocated for Arkham but Supergirl couldn't bring herself to talk to a stranger about her deepest, darkest fears and worries. Dr. Arkham had sessions with Batgirl when she started out. She noticed he nodded, sometimes with his eyes closed. He was so inspired by her words, Arkham admitted he secretly wanted to be an opera singer. He demonstrated by belting out strains from the Marriage of Figaro. While Batgirl helped supervise the digitization of the cross-reference index, books, and other media, she came across some of Arkham's books. She noticed he autographed his books with a large, flashy signature punctuated with a happy face. After getting a call from Katana's worried mother, Principal Waller assigned Katana to Arkham's "Family Business," weekly meetings where supers were encouraged to talk about the pressures and fears of living up to their legacies. The meetings made her feel better but they didn't help with solving the mystery of the swords or sounds that appeared on campus. Arkham urged her to identify and address that which caused her stress.

Harley went to see Dr. Arkham and told him how she couldn't sleep from being so busy and couldn't hang out with her friends because of work on her web channel Harley's Quinntessentials. At some point he fell asleep then blinked and told Harley she understood laughter made people happy. Harley cut the session short and was about to leave. Arkham asked her why he was holding his magnifying glass.