Commissioner Gordon

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Real Identity: Commissioner Gordon
Affiliations: Super Hero High School
Appearances (Novels): Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, Supergirl at Super Hero High, and Batgirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Webisodes): Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn, Hero of the Month: Batgirl, Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds, A Fury Scorned, Body Electric, and Techless Tuesday (Mrs. Clayface)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis and Hits and Myths
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Comics): Deja Vu Part 1
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Tom Kenny

Commissioner Gordon is police commissioner at the Gotham City Police Department, a teacher at Super Hero High, and father of Barbara Gordon. Gordon teaches the "Forensics and Law Enforcement and You" course, where he teaches the fundamentals of good sleuthing and solid detective work. A doting father, Gordon always worries about Barbara's safety. He often stressed one could never be too careful and has no tolerance for rule-breaking. Hawkgirl once foiled a jewelry store heist and turned over the thieves to Gordon and his officers. Supergirl's arrival marked her last week as the school's tech support. He visited her office and expressed relief she wouldn't be working in 'the cave' anymore. Cheetah interrupted and presented her phone, wrecked by Killer Croc. Gordon admitted he felt lucky to have a non-super daughter and would never want her in all that danger. Barbara wanted to get to work. Gordon ruffled her hair and left. On her last day, Gordon was happy she could start a new safe career. He promised to make spaghetti for dinner to celebrate.

However, Granny Goodness revealed her true colors and took over the school by using the power of the Amethyst. Gordon, suited up as Batgirl, was instrumental in saving the day. Once Granny and her cronies were sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary and Juvenile Detention Center, Barbara called Gordon up to check on the spaghetti. The next day, a ceremony was held and Supergirl was recognized for her valor. Principal Waller revealed Batgirl was accepted on Wonder Woman's recommendation and the faculty's approval. Gordon admitted to Red Tornado he was very proud but very nervous. A few months later, Gordon walked past a group of students watching Waller's announcement that Harley Quinn was Hero of the Month. The day before semester finals, Gordon got a call about Killer Croc at the Capes & Cowls Cafe. He left Super Hero High in a hurry. Back at campus, he was concerned to see the Batjet lift off and called Batgirl. She assured him she was going to the perfect study spot.

After 8 pm, the night before final exams, he arrived at Centennial Park to arrest Giganta after she was taken down by Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Lady Shiva. Late into the night, Gordon graded papers in the faculty lounge. Batgirl went to the lounge to access her Batcave but was forced to hide from him. Luckily, he was alerted about Solomon Grundy downtown. The Thursday before the Hero of the Year gala, for third period forensics, Gordon lectured about the three aspects of a crime that must be established to determine guilt then handed out the day's assignment, requiring partners. Gordon became nervous when news of Dark Opal attacking Hawkgirl broke and flipped out when he heard Batgirl got an off-campus pass from Waller and took Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Bumblebee to Themyscira in the Batjet. He was one of the parents kidnapped and held hostage by Eclipso and Opal. Gordon tried to warn Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman the exchange for Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal was just a trap. With no other choice, the girls complied.

To Eclipso's surprise, the love that Gordon, the Kents, and Hippolyta had for their children allowed them to break free from the power of the Black Diamond. Gordon was unable to deactivate her Eclipso Explosive though. Luckily, Bumblebee came through and freed the girls from their prison. They returned to Super Hero High to join the battle against Eclipso and Opal. As Batgirl lowered the defeated Opal to the campus grounds, Gordon inadvertently told her to be careful or she'd pull a muscle. He stuttered she did some mighty fine police work then summoned the Special Crimes Unit. He attended the post-Hero of the Year gala dinner at the Kent Farm. The following semester, Gordon arranged for a route in Metropolis to be closed off for Wonder Woman and Supergirl's street race grudge match as long as Batgirl promised to never go over the speed limit herself. Gordon helped June Moone try to find out who Etrigan's friends for in anticipation of a surprise birthday party in his honor. After looking through his file, Gordon realized Etrigan kept his personal life personal.

After restoring the timeline by returning an infant pterodactyl to the Jurassic Era, Liberty Belle's class returned. Batgirl asked Gordon if he knew who Vandal Savage was. To her relief, he didn't. To their shock, he said he was going to notify Principal Fox of their return. Gordon happened to be at Belle Reve Penitentiary when Batgirl and Hawkgirl arrived with the Cloaked Shadow in custody. The criminal was Lashina in disguise and she fired a poison dart into Gordon's right arm. He felt the effects right away and lost consciousness. The girls found the antidote in the Centennial Park Tarpits. Batgirl fell in but she wanted Hawkgirl to save Gordon first. She flew back to the Batjet and poured the antidote into his mouth. Gordon awoke the next day in a hospital room. Batgirl apologized for letting the Female Furies escape but Gordon told her being a good hero means making the hard choices. He believed she made all the right ones. He noticed the room smelled like tar, unaware Batgirl and Hawkgirl were drenched in it.

Gordon wanted to get back to work but Batgirl insisted he follow doctor's orders and stay in bed until it was confirmed Lashina's poison completely left his body. Gordon later handed out medals to Thunder and Lightning for helping restore power to Metropolis. Mrs. Clayface impersonated Gordon and confiscated Batgirl's gauntlets for texting during Forensics class.