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Real Identity: Stormy
Appearances (Webisodes): Fish Out of Water Part 1 and Fish Out of Water Part 2
Powers/Skills: Survival Underwater
Voiced By:

Stormy is a giant purple seahorse associated with Atlantis and is friends with Mera. Frustrated about not fitting in at Super Hero High School, Mera went to Metropolis Docks and sat at the pier. Stormy surfaced and tried to comfort her but Firefly chased after Miss Martian through the maze of cargo up above. Mera set off to help her. In the finale of the battle, Mera created a giant standing tidal wave and reappeared atop Stormy then blasted Firefly through several containers. As a thank you for saving her, Miss Martian approached Wonder Woman for any ideas. A pool party was held for Mera. Stormy rose from the pool and surprised her.