Shadow Demons

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Webisodes): Hero of the Month: Beast Boy and Kid Napped
Powers/Skills: Elasticity, Regeneration, Infiltration, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Shadow Demons are the loyal servants of Eclipso. A Shadow stowed away on the underside of the Batjet and was accidentally smuggled to Themyscira when Wonder Woman went on an emergency visit to repair her Wonder Shield. When Hippolyta presented the Tiara of Triumph to Wonder Woman, the Shadow appeared between them and stole the Tiara. It shot up to the ceiling, removed the ruby, and dropped the Tiara. While trying to escape, it shoved Bumblebee and damaged her supersuit. It hid under the throne then shot out from the balcony and disappeared in the forest. The next night, several demons infiltrated Super Hero High School's dormitory. One stole a shuriken belonging to Katana, a second took Big Barda's Mega Rod, a third stole Star Sapphire's Violet Power Ring, and a fourth attempted to steal Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal but failed when its defenses kicked in. The four Shadows went into the Amethyst and teleported to Eclipso's Palace on the Moon. Dark Opal sensed they were ready and he sent out four blasts from which they emerged.

The next day, Opal attempted to trick Supergirl into handing her crystal over by disguising himself as her mother Alura but she saw through his ruse when he called her "Supergirl" instead of "Kara." Big Barda heard some crows and investigated, saving Supergirl in the process. Barda yelled and summoned the other supers standing guard outside the school. Opal summoned several Shadows to fight. The Shadows' elasticity and regenerative abilities proved difficult until a beam of sunlight accidentally reflected off Katana's sword and vaporized on of the Shadows. Poison Ivy moved the trees so more sunlight would pour in. Opal called for a retreat and teleported back to the Moon with the remaining Shadows. Eclipso and Dark Opal disrupted Super Hero High's Hero of the Year celebration once the Scepter was completed. She ordered the Shadows to attack. Several found the power room and knocked out the electricity. The faculty and student body battled the Shadows in vain until Batgirl restored power. Lois Lane helped and shone spotlights on them. Eventually, the Shadows were all dissipated.

Super Hero High encountered two Shadows and Wonder Woman called in Batgirl for back up but she was busy babysitting Robin. One of the creatures used a combination of radio waves and electrical energy to emerge from Batgirl's phone, hid in under the bed, and kidnapped Robin as soon as she left. A note was left demanding the Shadows be left alone and no harm would come to Robin. Robin awoke tied up in a warehouse. He deduced the creatures used magic to keep him asleep. As soon as they turned their backs, Robin untied himself. He suggested a bowline of half hitch instead of a basic knot. They tied him up again. Robin was pleased and wanted to discuss them changing their appearances. The creatures put him to sleep. Batgirl traced some dirt infused with electrical energy to a warehouse and found Robin. Robin was already free and dispatched the creatures. They were left tied up and hanging from the ceiling. She apologized to Robin and acknowledged him as a friend. Robin decided to allow her to tuck him in but wouldn't promise he would go to sleep.