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Real Identity: Moxie
Appearances (Comics): Barry-Foot in the Bark, Crash Cabbies, Zone In, Breaking Out, Moon Doggie, and The Final Frontier
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Moxie is a beagle who lives on the streets of Metropolis with her puppies. Moxie stole a carne asada from a business in an attempt to find her family. Krypto chased after her, too, but realized what her intent was. Krypto chased the man away then flew off and found a sausage link for the dogs. Krypto had fun playing with the puppies but he missed Supergirl and decided to lead his new friends back to Super Hero High with him. A Metropolis Animal Control sighted them and misreported them as dangerous. Krypto smashed the hood of the van then kicked a fire hydrant. The gush of water soaked the worker. Krypto flew off with the other dogs from the intersection of Garbowska Street and Chiang Avenue. One pup got stuck at the curb as animal control closed in. To make matters worse, Krypto's collar was snagged by a hedge and fell off. He bit the net's handle in half but the Special Crimes K9 Unit slapped a super-proof collar on Krypto and he was hauled away in a van.

Moxie told her puppies to hide in the bushes as she approached Krypto's collar. She held it in her mouth, sniffed the air, then took off. Hawkgirl spotted Moxie while she and Bumblebee flew back to Super Hero High in search of Krypto. Hawkgirl spooked Moxie. Bumblebee tried a softer approach and asked for her help then offered a sandwich. Moxie took a bite and agreed to help. She followed Krypto's scent and led them to the Metropolis Animal Control Center. Moxie helped distract the warden by pretending to be a "stray wild dog." The warden couldn't resist Hawkgirl's report and left the center. Bumblebee liberated Krypto and they reunited at Super Hero High. Moxie presented her puppies to the supers. Hawkgirl reminded them they were obliged to report their findings to the local authorities to ensure that the dogs didn't have owners. Bumblebee was sure someone at Super Hero High would want to adopt them. Hawkgirl and Bumblebee handed off Moxie's puppies to Flash and chased after Krypto, who suddenly flew away.

Wonder Woman needed reinforcements in space so Batgirl launched her spaceship. Flash left the puppies with Vice Principal Grodd. They were smitten with each other. Moxie was adopted by Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. One puppy was adopted by Flash and named Zoomer, another by Hawkgirl and named Chica, and one by Grodd and named Bamboo. Cruz was recalled to Oa for a mission. She tried to ask Wonder Woman to watch Moxie but she suddenly took off. Star Sapphire volunteered to look after Moxie and remembered she knew of a spa that does "doggie-and-me" pedicures. Supergirl set up a playdate with Krypto, Zoomer, and Chica. Bamboo joined in.